What is the difference between height = 2px and height = 2

What is the difference between height = 2px and height = 2? When we don't specify units like px or em what unit does it take?If you are referring to HTML then it will always be pixels. If it is CSS it will be browser dependent and dependent on the el

Boost effect range too high

Hey I made a small hover effect but there is a bug in it which I seem not to be able to remove by myself, so hopefully someone can help me :( [here]https://jsfiddle.net/5a4jh4pc/ this is the hover effect. The hover width is not arranged to 100% of th

CSS modules: best practice combining class names?

I'm using css-modules in a ReactJS app I'm developing. <div> <div className={styles.homeLink}>home</div> <div className={styles.aboutLink}>about</div> </div> if I need to have a class for all menu divs (home, about) and

Remove br tags from html files

I need to remove br tags from html files. Currently I have more than 120 html files and each file has more than 30 br tags and I am removing 1 by 1... Is it possible to remove all br tags at once.Use br {display:none} to remove the breakspaces CSS is

Non-named transition image for object adjustment: coverage;

'Ello Stackoverflow! I'm wondering if anyone could help me figuring this out. I found this Before/After image viewer by Jason Mayes and I was working on getting it to be responsively centered. So I found "object-fit: cover;" and "object-pos

Strange CSS3 button

My CSS3 buttons aren't displaying correctly in certain use cases. In FF & Safari they display fine but in Chrome the left hand border is thicker and when you hover over them, the fill colour doesn't fill 100% of the area. See a working example: http:

Bootstrap container width to match the size of a web page

I have a container for carousel and I wanted its length and width to be according to the webpage size. I tried using "container row" it only aligned to the left of the webpage but the width is not extended. How can I go about doing it? This is a

iOS app images scaled on the container

How to make photos that are loaded from the site in containers scaled in height and width in my IOS app? In my application some of the photos are stretched (second one from the start), how to fix it? instead of using width:100% and height:100% on the

Class Css edit in jQuery

I have this CSS class: .tooltip:hover > b { opacity: 1; visibility: visible; display: inline; margin-top:30px; } Now, I need to change the display to none using jQuery. I tried $('.tooltip').find('b').css('display', 'none'); and $('.tooltip').hover(f

Align Textarea vertically

Hi I have a text box inside a page and I need it horizontally AND vertically aligned middle. I have been trying the "display table" method with not avail. The problem is when I set the table-row my text box looses all formatting I have set on it

Automatically fadeOut Div when it is visible

I have a Div which will appear when there is a session, else it will remain hidden. What I want is to Automatically and Slowly fadeout that Div after some seconds when it becomes visible. Here is my Code and what I have tried so far: <?php if(isset($

The third level of the CSS drop-down menu does not work

I have a 2-level CSS dropmenu menu working nicely - taken from the web. I'm pretty new to CSS and tried to mod it to work with 3-levels but unfortunately I failed... Screen shot of my 3rd level menu fail: http://i1280.photobucket.com/albums/a498/paul

nth-child css exclusive to document

So when you use .class:nth-child(2) it will affect all the second instances of that class in the document...I want it to only affect the first instance. Let me explain: .content:nth-child(2) will affect the contents with the attribute affected <div c

Word-break: the password does not work in Firefox 21

I've added word-break:break-word to the comments on my site to start breaking up the words when they overflow the comment box, but it doesn't appear to be working in Firefox. I've done a JS fiddle of the setup and it does work. So something must be c

Styling with nth-child

What I'm trying to accomplish is, the first two sections are white, followed by two grey sections, then that pattern continues. I made a jsfiddle to show what I have so far: jsfiddle CSS: section{ float:left; width:40%; background:#ccc; padding:20px

How to make a & ldquo; Fixed & rdquo; Scrollable element

I know this sounds somewhat counterintuitive, but let me explain what I am trying to do. I have a large element that serves as the background. It does not resize. It is often larger than the screen it is viewed on. Most of the content of this element

Correction of the header and content

I'm running into trouble with this. I have a sticky header with a text box that when clicked slides down a results box and pushes the content down. It works ok when the header is positioned on top. The problem is when I scroll down the content and I

How do you keep the relative positioning out of the box?

I am trying to use relative positioning for other reasons, and data in my div is popuping out of the container div in ie7. Can you guys give me some idea what is going? Also, I can just remove position: relative;. That is need for my line highlightin

html object tag border question

I have added an html object tag in my page, it displays the content ok in ff but in IE it also shows up a border. How do I remove it.I think you're describing a need for the following: <object style="border:0px;"> It would be better to put

scaling the background and minimum size

Hi I have big background images 1200 by 1200, what i would like to do is expand the images when the user resizes the browser but constrain it so they never scale any smaller than the original size. There all lots of scalable bg images out there but n

compressor for javascript and css

What compressor is the best for javascript and css minified ? I am using YUI compressor , now. Any other best than YUI compressor ?For JavaScript you could check for your self via the CompressorRater. Another JavaScript compressor to note is the one

CSS stop element has more height than parent

I approximatley this structure <div> <div id='1'> </div> <div id='2'> </div> </div> I want to make it so that when div 1's content becomes too large for it and div 2 to fit in the main div, it will get a scrollbar and n

Text running outside of its box in IE / Opera

Page: http://www.visitherefordshire.net/news In Internet Explorer 7 and Opera 9.6, the text is running outside the box. It appears to be due to the tables being 100% width: if I set a pixel width (e.g. 700px) then they fit. As far as I can see all th