Scroll down a div with dynamic content

I have a fixed height div with dynamic content. I want auto scroll to the bottom when some content is added to the div. I found scrollTop = scrollHeight solution on SO but it is not working in my condition. $(document).ready(function(){ var text = '<

Javascript - Load the new cache on the deployment

I want to load a new version of my javascript,css,html etc.. every time i deploy my page. I saw that i could add ?<version> to the script's src link, Is there any other new/more reliable way of doing this? UPDATE I'm looking for something like a var

CSS GWT styles ignored are not applied after deployment

I'm currently developing a web application using GWT. For a specific view, I had to use the GWT DataGrid widget. Since I had trouble applying CSS styles to it, I decided to override the default style by re-inserting the specific style applied to its

PHP + HTML - If anything else, hide the button

This is my php code: if ($value = $rec['ip'] <= $cphigh_ip && $cplow_ip <= $value = $rec['ip']) { $cpyes="on "; $realString = $value = $rec['ip']; $whmLink=$realString[strlen($realString)-1]; } else { $cpno="not on cPanel"

How to make a gallery

I've made a photo gallery by HTML and CSS. I want, when I'll click on in, my image will display in full size slowly in a box. But I don't know how can I make it. Can you help me to solve this? If possible, please give me full code. My code is: <!DOCT

CSS display block online: remove blank space

This question already has an answer here: How to Create Grid/Tile View? 7 answers I have a container with lot of div displayed inline block. But when one of these divs is taller than the others, all the divs in the same line has some blank space on t

How do I add an icon to the font used by materialize.css?

I'm using this framework : I see a lot of icons but I don't find anything for the € symbol. Although there is this one $. I'm wondering how to add a new icon, cause it is a font and I have no idea how to do it.

Do not see the options and can not select

I have a little box, where I can change language, but its not working. I dont see any mistake. If I click on this box its not opening, I cant choose the option. But why? What I want to do? I want to do something like this: If u choose option->EST the

Set the background color for any interior td inside div jquery

I need to set background color for all inner td inside div. I was used $('#'+div_id).find('table').find('tbody').find('tr').find('td').css('background-color','color'); But this was not working for me.You need to specify a color. 'color' is not a vali

Center items in the header menu - CSS

I am a novice in CSS and I have not yet solved what I am trying to achieve. I want the items of a horizontal menu to be centered regardless of the monitor resolution. Here is my code: The HTML semantic: <body> <div class="inicio_m">&

Styling bootstrap carousel navigation

Ok so I am trying to do something a little out of my league and im pretty close! I want the prev/next buttons to be like this when you get to the page: And like this when you hover (spread out and be ready to use) I am at the first stage I am just ha

Add style to randomly loaded divs

It is a bit hard to explain my problem, so if I am not making my self clear, just ask. With this script I randomly load 6 divs. <script> $(document).ready(function(){ var divs = $("div.item").get().sort(function(){ return Math.round(Math.r

Create a custom layout with KendoUI

I'm getting started on a Kendo UI Mobile project and have absolutely no idea how to create the layout I'm looking for. Heck, I have basically no idea how to do anything in Kendo UI. I'd like to have 3 images in a view. An example of the layout is bel

Hide all divs but one (Qt Webkit)

I want to set the style of every element in my HTML document to be "display: none;", except one. I can't edit the HTML source file. I'm using Qt Webkit to try and do this, and this is my code so far: QWebFrame *frame = webView->page()->mai

Last TD and Second TD in TR (CSS / MINUS)

After Google-ing and stackoverflow-ing, I still haven't been able to solve this one: I have a table with about a dozen rows. One of the rows looks like this: <tr class="rvw-product-total"> <td colspan="2"></td> <td

Problems with toggle, hide and show (Jquery)

I've been looking all over for a script that will take care of the following issues: Close the div when clicking outside of it. Close one div when the other one is clicked. Close the div when "More info" is clicked a

Dropdown has no content (startup frame)

Hi I have the following code for a dropdown using the bootstrap-sass gem: <div class="nav-collapse collapse" style="height:0px;"> <nav> <ul class= "nav pull-right"> <% if signed_in? %> <li><%=

Crystal report with HTML content formatting

Is anybody of you worked on HTML data populating into crystal reports? Am using Visual studio 2010. I had an XML data coming from DB. Which am able to convert into HTML using XSL. Now my next task is to get it into crystal report. Any hint will be gr

Styling dl and dt with CSS to mimic a table-like presentation

I have the following issues using CSS to style some dl and dt elements. I prefer always to use very basic CSS that is compatible with IE6/IE7 and modern browsers. I am trying to get an effect, that to me should be rather simple to achieve. Here's a s

CSS image hover changes text color

I'd like to be able to hover over an image and the text below the image change color. An example of what I mean can be seen on this site, by hovering over any of the products the text below changes to white: This is the code for my lis

how to know when css3 animation ends

How do I change or remove a css class from a html object, when the animation ends? I would like to remove a div when the animation ends... .loginAnimado { width:100px; height:100px; background:#F2F2F2; position:relative; -webkit-animation:mymove 1s 1

CSS at the horizontal list position

I'm trying to do a horizontal list using the style type below but when using display: inline the square wont show. Any suggestions? .vertical li {display: inline; list-style-type: square; padding-right: 5px;} You need to style both the list and the l

Flash video playing on everything else in IE7

I've been spending hours now reading up on IE7's issue with rendering Flash content on top of other elements, particularly navigation menus (this is often a problem with dropdown menus and Flash ad banners, for example). I've tried a few of the sugge