Linear-gradient () on inline & lt; img & gt; Keywords

I want to create this effects oflinear-gradient over the images: I tried this code: html, body { width: 100%; height: 100%; margin: 0; } .bg-img { width: 100%; height: 100%; background: url('

OnMouseScroll increments a JS variable

I want to make a JS function. It will work like this : If I use my Mouse Wheel to Scroll Down so my variable will decrement. And if I use my Mouse Wheel to Scroll Up my variable will increment I want to put that in a Condition with a max and min numb

Exchange the split button diagonally in the other direction

I have a codepen ( that features a diagonal button. I have tried flipping it so that the split goes the opposite direction (starts top left goes to bottom right), but I just keep ending with a jumbled mess. I am tr

The website covers the whole page, I do not want it

I am developing a website and I want to put it in a wrapper or container so I can limit to let's say 1000px and not the entire webpage. HTML <!DOCTYPE html> <div class="wrap"> <html> <head> <meta name="viewport&qu

Detecting a collision in a multi-layered div

I want for my project, detect collision into multiple div. Please see picture below: Red box and black border is a div Red box is movable How detect if the red box touch one border around it? I tried solution with canvas but is not a good way for me.

Media query for a single pixel size

Is there a way to create a media query for one size only? @media(min-width: 484px) { img { display: none; } } The example above shows the image will disappear starting at 484px on. Is there a way to write a media query where the image will only disap

How to add an identification tag in the php output?

I have to add an html id tag to give some css properties inside this php code and I don't know how to do that? <?php //Start your session session_start(); //Read your session (if it is set) if (isset($_SESSION['user_login'])){ echo $_SESSION['user_lo

The drop-down menu will not close properly

I have two drop menus that I need to close when a user clicks outside of them, or on the other drop menu. I have tried several methods without success and only one works slightly. Currently, the "state" menu will open and close properly (the fir

Change the font size to fit a variable width container

I'm trying to fluidly scale the font size to fill its variable-width container using jQuery TextFill. Trouble is, I think this only works with fixed-width containers. I want to use this on a site with a responsive grid. Here's my test, which confirms

Simple if other onclick then do?

How do I make it so if yes button clicked change colour? Is using .onclick the best option for this? Am I doing it the optimal way? Thanks. html: <body> <div id="box"></div> <button id="yes">yes</button> &

Why use the role attribute in html5

This question already has an answer here: What is XHTML role attribute? What do you use it for? 3 answers I have created a web page using html5. I used source code from bootstrap. For example: role="main", role ="navigation", role = &q

JQuery mobile scrolling / page cut on a multi-page template

Having this strange issue where page/screen is being cut off. Seems to happen when you click into this screen below (which is shorter) then click back and go into another longer screen. The scrollbar doesn't appear so the page is cut off. Testing in

webkit css rotation-endless animation does not work. Why?

I am trying to spin a null set image but my code is not working. If I ran on my own computer, the picture goes black and spin. What is the problem? @-webkit-keyframes rotate { from{ -webkit-transform: rotate(0deg); } to{ -webkit-transform: rotate(360

How to set auto as min-height using jQuery for div?

I have following div element which receives min-height at the time of page load. <div id="main_div" style="min-height: 2000px"> </div> But I do have one select box on same page and onChange event of it I am loading other co

overflow of text in td html

the p doesn't wrap within td, see the demo below: <td align="left" style="padding:0px; width:200px;"> <img src="" /> </td> <td style="paddin

JPanelMenu Does Not Create the JPanelMenu-Menu Class

The JpanelMenu will not create the additional class and I can't figure out why. I placed linked to the site with this HEAD <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Footer misplaced because of important content

This is the problem I'm having: (cant directly post due to no rep) I've managed to get my wrapper (the overall border) to expand with the large amount of words on this page, but now my footer has gone all weird. Here is

Use jQuery to create a numbered list with styled numbers?

I need to create what looks like an ordered list with colored numbers in a Wordpress site. I know how to make this by hand in html. There are several ways, but let's say I create a numbered item via an unordered list such as <li><span>1. </

Dom Loading Hierarchy

Iv'd been looking for this for a while found it once but cant find it agian, in which order does the different things get loaded in the DOM?? like css, html, scripts and so on?The same order they appear in the page Deferred loading like : document.on

How to remove spaces between items in a list?

I would like to remove the spaces between the elements in the list. I can do this if I put the entire list in-line, but that makes things extremely hard to read. This is what I have, I would like them flush against eachother. a

Freeze the header until it is irrelevant (HTML, CSS and JS)

I have a few different tables that I want to display vertically down a page. The trouble is, the different tables have different column headings. In the picture, the dark border represents the viewport. The dotted red border is where the red header b

Check if the scroll bars are present with Javascript?

I'm building a little sticky notes app for fun, and sometimes this happens: (It's because the first word is wider than the width of the note.) Is there a way to check whether the scrollbar is present with Javascript? If I can do that, I can resize th

Set element height via CSS or JavaScript / JQuery

This should be simple but nothing's working: Question How do you set the height of a webpage to be, lets say, exactly 4000 pixels-in such a way that scroll bars exist even when the page is blank? Background I'm new to JavaScript/JQuery but very exper

Display the input label under the input element

I've been trying to display a label underneath an input element like this form: I have been able to get the labels underneath, but using my current method I cant have multiple inputs on the same line like th

Can I stop .NET eating IDs?

I'm an Information Architect and JavaScript developer by trade nowadays, but recently I've been getting back into back-end coding again. And, whilst trying to get an HTML prototype integrated and working with our C#-based CMS, I've come to blows with