How to cut text in a flexible display when the text is long?

I need to make a responsive web, so that the width of parent is dynamic. There are two flex items, one is long (dynamic) and another one is short (static). I hope the result can look like the second line, that the long text is broken (or hidden when

Fixed div height as a percentage of the page height

I am going through this example to make my div consistent to the page / screen resolution. Even this looks very simple but I dont know why its not working with me. I did the same in my page but not working. It shows me div.container 1066.39 x 18 in p

width: 100%; height: the auto does not work properly

I am using Wordpress to build a website. I have set images as slider with bootstrap. My css codes are: min-width: 100%; height: auto; object-fit: contain; overflow: hidden; But it stretches itself unexpectedly. It shows it's height much more bigger t

Can not move content to the center

I'am trying to center this: [![enter image description here][1]][1] Here is the HTML: <section class="page-section parallax directions" id="location" style="padding-top:10%"> <div class="container div-table"

CSS Alternate color lines in the dynamic table

I'm using Dreamweaver and I want to color the rows of a dynamic table alternately. I can't seem to find any answers that work for me or that I understand. Could you give a sample CSS on how to do it? Explanations would help because I'm not confident

jQuery on the hover menu items

On this site we have the main menu. 'On hover' the menu-items i want to change the 'Main-image' in the third column. The owner is using a plugin to built the menu. I am stuck to this structure. But i can give a CSS class name: links1, links2 etc (to

bootstrap twitter box-sizing ruined my layout

my layout broken when I implement bootstrap during the half way of my project, fixed that with some css modification, and I had commented out this /**, *:before, *:after { -webkit-box-sizing: border-box; -moz-box-sizing: border-box; box-sizing: borde

Change image with a fade

I'm working on a site here: They've now decided they want the pictures to fade in when you click a thumbnail rather than just have the image switch. The current code is: <div id="mainimage"> <

Show logo and navigation on the same CSS bar

Sorry, proper newb here. I can't figure out how to display my title/logo and navigation on the same line in my css code. I want the title/logo to be on the left and the nav to be on the right. Please help me! A link to the work in progress http://sai

highlight the current menu problems

I'm not understanding why I'm not able to highlight the current menu page on a navigation bar (except the fact I'm a total beginner :-) I'm using a JQuery function, one among many I've found on the net, none of them working. Function is: <script type

Horizontal center a div with a dynamic width using css

I've seen a million blog posts about this subject but I cannot find a solution for my specific problem. My set up is the following: <div id="wrapper" style="position:absolute; max-width:500px; min-width:300px; width:100%"> </d

Add a class to an element with ONLY a child element

I would liek to use jquery to find every single instance of a strong tag within a p tag, and add a class to the p tag like so: <p><strong>Bold Text</strong></p> will become <p class="hasStrong"><strong>Bold Te

Center a layout on higher resolutions

I'm working on a site which has some big images etc to show. On my screen, at 1024 x 768 resolution, it fits the screen completely, going from left to right. However on my client's screen, who has a bigger resolution, he sees the right part of the sc

Show div on the image

I am trying to make a small store map with a pointer on it showing the location in the store. I have created this using jQuery and it works perfect in Chrome. Yet, in Firefox and internet explorer, the pointer is positioned behind the map and it is i

Divide the content into 2 CSS columns

I am trying to split the content into 2 columns using the below CSS .container2 {width: 320px; height: 100px; display: block;} .image2 {border: 1px solid #F2F3F4; float: left; height: 50px; margin-right: 6px; padding: 1px; width: 50px;} .image2 img {

gaps in the menu tabs?

Why do I have gaps between my tabs? my css for each tab is: .tab1 { color: white; display: inline-block; height: 110px; width: 234px; background-image: url("../images/first-tab.png"); background-repeat:no-repeat; } .tab2 { color: white; display:

A question about nth CSS

I have 12 divs. I need to select the ones marked THIS. I was thinking some sort of nth child magic? Thanks! ie. <div class="feature"></div> <div class="feature"></div> -> THIS <div class="feature"