positioning images around the text using the bootstrap

Doing a website recreation and trying to use bootstrap to do it. I ran into a problem of trying to position an image to the right of some text near the right edge of the web page. Using margin-top and margin-right moves the picture how I want but usi

the background image does not appear in full screen on mobile

I am trying to set an image as a background, but it doesn't fit at mobiles: Is there another way to make it without changing wallpapers with a @media attribute? My HTML and CSS: body { /* Location of the image */ background-image: url(../img/backgrou

Implementing a cancellation change in Angular

I have an ng-repeat within a gridController as gc that I use to populate a Bootstrap table: <div ng-repeat="(id, task) in gc.modelFilter(model.getModelAsDict())"> <div ng-show="model.getTask(id).edit_active" class="row&qu

using the text of the wysiwyg editor with angular2

I'm trying to use wysiwyg in my project angular2 when I add my code in index.html page (on the root page, it works) but when I try to use it in a child view html it doesn't get the css or (and) javascript code to get my wysiwyg correctly <!doctype>

DIV with 100% of parents view

I can't figure out how to set the hight of a div to 100% of it's parents viewport. The goal is to have a scrollable div with an other div ("welcome-screen") + text inside. "Welcome-screen" should fill the complete viewport, so that you

Add a drop-down menu in the navigation bar

How do i add a dropdown menu for both of the icon classes? E.g of drop down menu would be like register, login, track order, wishlist etc. This is my nav bar menu with no dropdown/sublist. Can i see an example for both CSS and HTML? <ul id="nav-ma

Add a CSS class in Angular

I have two places need to add a css class called myClass dynamically. I only want to add this class when $root.myBool is true. I got one of them work using this: <ion-side-menu-content class="ng-class: $root.myBool ? 'myClass' : ''"> But I

IE11 adds beveled borders to the object with ng-attr-data

I have a problem with objects, caused by using Angular.js to populate the data url of the object with ng-attr-data. My objects are svgs (necessary for animation, and have worked fine in IE until changing to angular.js). Internet Explorer is rendering

Trying to get Bootstrap columns to reduce the way I want

I am struggling with getting the bootstrap layout that I want. Here is what I am hoping to achieve. What it should look like on large screens (I know how to do this): ------------------------------------------------------- | Column 1 | Column 2 | Col

CSS border-radius The property does not work

This question already has an answer here: Border-radius and padding not playing nice 3 answers I run my website on Tumblr. I just added the CSS Border-Radius property and set it to 20px for all images with a specific ID. However, as you can see, the

Replace two forms sharing the same CSS sheet in HTML5

I've checked other topics here on overriding, and can't seem to find a way to fix this one. I have two .html files sharing the same .css. One has a text form for emailing questions. The other is just a basic radio button list. The problem is, they're

Align left in the online node

So I've got a row of text with a leading icon. I need the text to multi-line align left while the icon remains centered vertically with relation to the text. <div> <span class="icon"></span> <span>My block of long text th

Why does the site look different if it is printed with php?

I have strange problem, I make for example 3 files main.html style.css index.php, then when I open index.php which read main.html and print to output I get different appearance than when I opening main.html, do you know what I making wrong ? HTML: <!

Mobile: Hiding Specific Options in a Selection Box Using CSS

@media (max-width: 767px){ #nav-container option:nth-child(3), option:nth-child(9), option:nth-child(13) {display: none !important;} } Above are my css codes in attempt to hide 3 particular options from showing in mobile view. However, only Chrome di

CSS loading screen problem

I'm trying to show a loading area after a certain action from the user. I want to show the loading animation in the center of the screen while showing the rest of the page greyed out, in the background. At this point, my problem is that the loading a

bootstrap 3 button hover / focus status

Bootstrap 3's buttons' hover state looks exactly the same with its focus state. Is there a way to change this? I know it's just a cosmetic issue, but I want the hover state to go away when the mouse hovers away, yet still have another distinct featur

How to create a font selection bar in html

I want to create a drop-down menu in which we can see all the available fonts and we can select any font of our choice. Also I want to create a font-color selection widget. There exists a large no of font-styles. I want to know how do i get all these

margin: 0 auto does not work in IE only

I am trying to center a div #logo_alt containing an image using margin: 40px auto 0px auto;. Problem:: On Chrome, it looks perfect, but in IE, this img-containing div is aligned to the left of its parent container #header_organizer. I just cant figur

Range of HTML5 input types for vertical firefox orientation?

Was wondering if anyone out there knows if vertical orientation on a input type range is possible in FireFox. I know in Chrome and Safari you can do: -webkit-appearance: slider-vertical; And I tried something like this in FireFox: HTML <input type=&quo

Some of my pages seem messed up in IE

I have been building this site and I am getting close to finishing. So I decided to check it in IE and Firefox (I use Chrome) The site looks great in Chrome and FireFox but some of the pages are messed up in Internet Explorer! What would cause this??

a simple css problem on the overflow: hidden

This is my css content :- <style type = "text/css"> li { display:inline; } .carousel { position:absolute; white-space:nowrap; } .sliderGallery { width:800px; overflow:hidden; height:100px; } </style> This is my html content :- <di

IE8: Disable cleartype?

For IE7, it's possible to add filter: none; to the body css to disable cleartype on fonts through CSS. I don't like the fuzzy look it gives, and it isn't really consistent across browsers. IE; Firefox and IE6 show it differently. IE8 however, seems t

How can I solve this simple floating CSS problem in IE?

I've got four div elements floated to the left. The third div is cleared. In Firefox and Chrome the elements are positioned as expected: The first and second divs are adjacent to each other and are above the third and fourth divs which are also adjac