Can not delete the borders of the table

Hey dear people of stack, I tried to remove the borders of my table but it didn't work. In the attached code you see that it is all done inline, this is because this is a wordpress php file where I want the css in the rest of the page to remain the w

Columns in RWD grid view (CSS Responsive)

I am learning CSS and have come across to this lesson in W3school. I am struggling to understand what are the purposes of having so many column classes in grid view: .... .col-1 {width: 8.33%;} .col-2 {width: 16.66%;} .col-3 {width: 25%;} ...... And

CSS half circle coloring page

I made a half-circle, and I want to color it according to the percentage I need. The position of the text doesn't matter for now. What I want is to have 50% of the border colored. Later I will need 70% and 80%. How do I do that? .info__radius__outlin

What are the correct font files to load?

I'm currently hosting Material Icons fonts locally and in my fonts folder I have the following files. MaterialIcons-Regular.svg MaterialIcons-Regular.ttf MaterialIcons-Regular.woff MaterialIcons-Regular.woff2 If I am only supporting new browsers and

Iframe between the header and the footer

I was wondering how can I add an iframe between the header and the footer of my webpage, I mean in the blank between the header and footer. I tried height 100% but it overrides the header! I am using the template from

Why are my items not online?

This is mysite: This is code HTML: <div class="container"> <h1>Hello World!</h1> <p>Resize the browser window to see the effect.</p> <div class="row"> <div class=&qu

Add 1 / 4th to a Twitter Bootstrap Column

I have three columns like this in a row: <div class="col-lg-.5 side-nav"></div> <div class="col-lg-8.25 canvas"></div> <div class="col-lg-3.25 persistent"></div>' .5 + 8.25 + 3.25 = 12, but

CSS hover flips the image below

My website has a problem. When I hover to a the fourth image, the images below falls apart, only on Mozilla but works perfectly fine with Chrome. I know its a CSS problem, I tried the -moz-border-radius but does not work. Here is the link to the webs

Use JQuery Ajax to load the static html page into a div tag

I got this working but I need a default page showing before you choose one, how do I do this? Also is it possible to hide the page files? So it will not show when you View Source. <script src="" type=&q

How to get the current year using css?

I was appending copyright message to web page while printing, i have used following code @media print { .page:after { content: "© 2013 Copyright message"; font-size: 14px; position: absolute; } } Is there any default way to get the current year

icon on the left with spacing but border according to the text

If I use like this : a{ background: url('path') no-repeat left center; padding-left: 50px; border-bottom: 2px dashed; } this will produce like ths: but if I use margin-left: 50px; this will produce like this: How can I make like this: Your HTML have

why the media request will not work on mobile and tablet

my media query works as per expected on my desktop however not in the mobile phone or the tablet.Please check out the live code here if the screen is bigger than 1024px it should be green my tablet screen is but the backgro

CSS Root Path for different Windows with Mac?

I just started learning Compass by watching tutorial video. But my question is for general CSS. Here's how the directory looks like: /root /images /mySprites.png /javascript /stylesheets /myStyle.css index.html When auto-generating sprites, Compass o

3 divs changing location depending on the size of the screen

I would like to have 3 divs that normally are shown in the page like below -------------- | | | | 1 | | | | 2 | |-----| | | | | | 3 | | | | | -------------- so html will be something like EDIT: I do think there is a better solution but to keep 1 and

How to give the color of the reserved space?

Hi below text is a placeholder that is from js ,its color is #ccc .I need the textarea color as black ,right now it is taking placeholder color . <textarea id="txt1" class="txt1 required" name="comment1"></textarea&g

line height problem with & lt; li & gt; child elements

I am having an issue with line-height on a list item. In a nutshell, we have a line-height assigned to the body, which the <li> obviously inherits. If I put a <span> inside the list item and specify a font-size that's smaller than the standard

Placeholder attribute on the input tags for IE?

I know that Internet Explorer doesn't support the placeholder attribute for input tags, but surely in 2012 there must be another solution for IE?I wrote a jQuery plugin a while back that will add placeholder support to any browser that does not suppo

CSS positioning - Firefox

I have a problem with the Firefox browser. You can see it here. Unminified version of css (using LESS): here. All browsers display it very well, but Firefox moved the form in the pink lane to the top of the page. Do you know what the problem might be

How to resize an image depends on the resolution?

I have an img of 200px by 200px. I have a container for the img. The container size is 100%x100%. Basically the size of the container is depends on the window size. What I would like to achieve is if the screen size is gets smaller than 200px it shou

Possible to move the position of the scroll bar?

Is it possible to move the position of a scrollbar to diffrent part of the page? Or is there any other solution for this? <div style="overflow: scroll; overflow-y: hidden"> </div> i want the scrollbar to be in another component inste

Firefox webfonts do not load

I'm having an issue with webfonts only in Firefox, all other browsers (including IE) work perfectly. My issues is that the webfonts won't load at all. I've looked at this possible solution, editing the htaccess file (

Refreshing html height, body after adding content

i am appending content to the page on document load, after this I am using a light-box type overlay, the problem is that although the overlay is set to 100% height it only displays as high as the visible content, when you scroll down the overlay is n