Display the image above the text on the hover

I have shop at http://prestashop.suszek.info/3-women. On the left side there is a colour. Each colour has a "podglÄ…d" string next to it. Currently when you hover over the text, the image displays below. How can I display image next to it without

Overwriting the main Bootstrap button with external CSS

Have the following CSS code and would like to get the bootstrap button to change from its default 'blue' color when the button is 'active' (meaning pressed down on) to value #954900; but it is staying blue and not changing. Copied code from a tutoria

Add a custom font in CSS / HTML?

trying to add a custom font into my wordpress website but it's just not working. I tried using one of the plugins but I only see the change in font in 'edit mode' but when i actually go on the public webaddress the font does not load. I've converted

Vertical-align text

I need to set the vertical-align of the list to make it centered with the picture next to it. HTML <div class="row"> <div class="box"> <div class="col-lg-12"> <hr> <h2 class="intro-text text-ce

Vertical scrolling does not work in Ionic

I have two ion-scroll elements on my page, the top one scrolls horizontally, below it is a list that should scroll vertically. The problem is it doesn't. It just bounces back to the top of the list. Example: http://codepen.io/CaffGeek/pen/LEVdVY I ha

CSS perspective does not work in Firefox

This is probably the simplest question anyone has ever asked on SO but my mind is drawing a blank this morning. Maybe I need more coffee. Basically I'm trying to add some CSS3 transform effects to an element and for whatever reason Firefox isn't play

display: none does not work for option

Demo here HTML: display:none <b>not works</b>,the hidden can <b>not select</b>.<br> <select size="5"> <option value="A">A</option> <option value="B">B</option> <o

Why does not my CSS remove the left and right margins?

I'm trying to remove all white space on the left and right side of my blog in mobile view, and only have white space between posts. I'm trying to remove it with this code, but somehow I'm not selecting the right thing. #collection-51ca14b1e4b014f2c6e

Show sub-category instead of Root in the menu

before domain transfer My menu looked like I cant understand what happened during the domain transfer and now menu looks like My Category structure is I am trying to restore the menu as it was before domain transfer, I have tried all the options on m

The compatibility mode in IE 9

I am looking for solution that will help me to make my web page compatible with IE 7, 8, 9. I have inherited page, which if rendered in IE 7 there are no issues. However if I do render it in IE 8,9 the page is not rendered correctly. I have fixed the

CSS frameworks based on SMACSS

The SMACSS framework introduces a consistent way to manage your CSS code so that it is reusable and maintainable, but it is more of a guideline of how to organize your CSS rather than an actual framework. It would be nice if there were any other fram

Reactive: How to float: left li with centered align ul?

This is my first attempt at responsive design, so I'm keeping it simple. I have a <ul> which is centrally aligned, with rows of 3 images. However, if the last row has only 1 or 2 images, the entire row is centrally aligned, and I wish to align the i

Loop through the Json object

I have following JSON object var s = { "TenantGroupName": "Fun Holidays", "queue_details": [{ "queue_key": "1", "channelId": "1", "queue_name": "North India Travel",

How can I download a html5 theme on my site

i had asked my friend to make me a theme for my website and he said he created it using html5 and css and now he is on vacation for 2 months and i really need to update the site i have access to my ftp and i have all the files can some guide me on ho

Make a div with no content scrolls horizontally

<div id="dummyHorizontalDiv" style="height:16px !important;width: 550px;overflow-x:auto;overflow-y:hidden;"> <div id="dummyScrollArea" style="width: 750px;"> </div> </div> I want to get a hor

Tooltip not working in all places

Ok, I am searching for over 2 hours now what the problem is but i simply cannot find it. I want to create a tooltip once you hover the "vacatures". Here it works: http://www.horecavacaturebank.nl/vacature-type/full-time/ And here it does not: ht

What CSS can I use to make an HTML file field transparent?

I want to have an <input type='file'> that overlaps on an image, so that when the user clicks on it, the file upload dialog opens, and the image uploads via AJAX. So I want CSS to style the field in such a way that either only the browse button is v

Looking for a flip book library / plugin

I'm looking for a "flip book" effect that works on Ipad, without Flash. Thank you!This website here gives a nice solution using jQuery. The code is shown in detail. Page flip jQuery Plugin Examples would be here This as an alternative to the alr

maintain font size with different screen resolutions

what is the best practice/solution to maintain fonts size with different screen resolutionsYou can't do that without access to information about the clients system, DPI and resolution. The best you can do in CSS is probably to use the em unit when de