Transition width on: front element

I facing a CSS issue on a "toogle" element to switch from two differents forms. As you can see here the ::before element (who content text) on the left side of the switch, the transition don't go on the right side.

Dynamically resize an image

So I've got a large image 3000x2000 roughly and I want to span it across my website so it fills 100% width but stays the same proportions, but if I were to shrink the screen the image would resize automatically keeping the same proportions and no ove

A good aspect of the site as a link on social networks

This question already has an answer here: How does Facebook Sharer select Images and other metadata when sharing my URL? 12 answers How to make website look nice when it's embedded as link on social networks pages(at least at Facebook). Can' find any

Apply and remove a large CSS style section

I would like to change the page style based on user preferences. The page will load with a given style, but if the user clicks a button, the page layout should change. If he clicks again, the style should change back to the original style. The change

Reactive background problem

What I need is responsive full background image via CSS, say like there. I've read lots of cases here and saw also one of the "best answers" to the topic Responsive css background images But I still can't find an appropriate solution to me. Here

refer to parent when you set the css element

I have this CSS shared between pages and I want to only do some padding change on one page of them an the rest will still be the same . I can do that through creating a special class for the page I am using , but I want to ask if there is a neat way

HTML / CSS positioning of an image / description

I'm building a website layout and I'm trying to have a list of images with descriptions centered next to them, but I can't figure out how to get the paragraphs to move next to the images without the entire layout messing up. I've messed around with t

How to position the label text with css

So I'm making a simple login form and I want position these two label texts on top their respective inputs instead of having this big space gap. Fairly new sorry. HTML <form> <fieldset> <label>Username <input type="username"

jquery mobile color-to-white configuration check

I'm using jquery mobile and i just want to set the background of an unchecked checkbox to white. I tried to do this with themeroller but couldn't find the option. In addition playing around with css didn't solve the problem as well. So what is the ri

JavaFX loads CSS images into Webstart

I currently have a major problem with loading of CSS and images in JavaFX. The goal is to make JavaFX load the images that are defined in the CSS file. I get this to work easily in the IDE and in the standalone execution. But once I try the the appli

Center a span12 div in a container in Bootstrap

I have been through a number of similar questions, and tried to adapt the solutions to my case, but haven't had success in doing so. I am trying to implement something of a reader, so I have a reading pane which I want to center on my page. I want to

Change visibility between two divs

I want to switch/toggle visibility between div id1 and div id2. I want div id2 to display by default when the page loads and when I click on a link I want div id1 to replace div id2. I have tried a few different methods, even played around with it on

Replace Parental CSS Display Property

I understand how to override parent styles, and I know this example is contrived, but is there a way (with inline CSS) to cause the child span to show, even though its parent is set to no display? <span style="display:none"> <span style

Creating a complex button in CSS

I am trying to make buttons using CSS, instead of using image sprites. These are going to be across the site with different text, so making a large image sprite does not make sense, especially since the size of the buttons vary according to the text.

Is this multi-flyby effect possible using only CSS?

Could someone please tell me if the hover effect depicted here is possible with just CSS? Really would like to use this for my website if I can figure it out (so far no luck). I'm not a programmer but have used simple techniques like sprites, changin

Changing the Text and Cursor Color in the Input Box

When a user clicks in the box below, the cursor and typed text are black. How could I make them the color of #DE2A00 ? <div class="usernameformfield"><input tabindex="1" accesskey="u" name="username" type=&

CSS Floating Div?

This isn't that big of an issue but its been bugging me I wanted the div in the center of the top of the page, but the code I have won't let it stay there when the user scrolls. Any ideas on how to fix this? background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #2B88C2

Designing a professional website

I want to make a tech news website. I started learning PHP, and since I already know how to program, I learned big amount of it yesterday. Now I want to focus more on the design first (HTML, CSS, JS, etc...) I already know these two, I have to revise

How to reuse a html head section?

I am using zend and not using AJAX in my site. Therefore I have to include all my CSS and JS files in head section of every phtml page. <html> <head> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="mycssfile.css"

Selecting an item with a specific class and identifier

I tried this and it worked in all browsers (IE, FF, Chrome, Opera and Safari): .classname#id Still, I can't find this mentioned anywhere on, can you point me to where this is mentioned? I mean if this is supported by all those browsers then i