Padding left in Bootstrap Option Select

I am trying to create a drop down option list. The user will choose a paper format but I want to show the size of the name next to the name but I want it tabbed for readability. Is it poosible? <select class="selectpicker"> <option>A

Quickly change the values ​​of the css attributes?

I have sample code: <div></div> <button> Go </button> div { width: 50px; height: 50px; border: 1px solid #ccc; } var bgs = ['red', 'blue', 'yellow', 'green', 'black']; $('button').click(function() { for (var i = 0; i < bgs.lengt

Text that disappears in the HTML page

I just started using jsFiddle to make this ( body .main .leftAd { border: 4px red dashed; width: 160px; } <a href="#main">Skip Links</a> <div class="header"> <ul> <

Stretch a part of the background image

I have an image which holds multiple flag images: I have a div which has the dimensions: width:100px; height:50px. I want to stretch each flag to fit into it: .flag{ width:100px; height:50px; background-image: url('

how can we style string we have from the table join?

I have a scenario where once user select multiple owners from modal window and i am displaying all selected owners on the screen with ; separator, So my question is can i add some background color to each of these item instead of using separator so u

Tooltip Bootstrap only on the first image

How can I make to show up bootstrap tooltip to every image ? Why is it showing up only on first image like this: This is my code: <ul class="row list-unstyled"> @foreach($facilities as $facility) <div class='col-md-3 text-center'> &l

CSS - Setting the width and height of the element to zero

Have a div with padding of 30px, and width and height of 100px. Box sizing is set to border box. When trying to set the width and height to zero, it does not work. Element stays at 60px X 60px dimensions. (Even with the overflow set to hidden). Any i

a href tag does not work in Internet Explorer

I am creating a button using a href tag in my page which is working fine in chrome. but it is not at all working in internet explorer the code for the button is <td class='swMntTopMenu' style="text-align:right"> <button style="back

Bootstrap: similar behavior to possible float?

I built a website with bootstrap 3, it has a news section where each news article should look like the following: mobile-first: ------------ | Title | ------------ ------------ | Img | ------------ ------------ | Content | | Content | ------------ on

Can not get replacement icons to display

On this page (Login: admin | admin123), I am trying to replace the current images with custom icons. I have opened the relevant CSS file and updated the file path for the new image but it doesn't display. I have also noticed something weird with the

Floating items in the catalog do not appear as I wanted

I have a catalog of products. All elements are floated left. However different elements can be of different height, because of the picture inside can be of different size. When middle element is longer than others in the same row, than second line el

Make the background image div sensitive with bootstrap 3

How make div with background image responsive with bootstrap 3 ?? Is it possible with img-responsive class in bootstrap 3 ?? My div is empty like below: <div class="row"> <div class="col-xs-12 col-sm-12 col-md-12 col-lg-12">

IE8: get DIVs to float left

In IE8, I am trying to display 4 child div's side by side withing a parent div. I would like the parent div to overflow and scroll horizontally and for the child div's to be next to each other horizontally as well. Thanks HTML: <div id="a">

How can I position this div?

i got 5 divs and 4 of them got: 4divs{width:150px; height:100px; float:left;} and the mid div: midDiv{width:200px; height:200px; float:left;} and the container: container{width:500px; height:200px;} what i want is: Give your #container{position:relat

Why my DIVs do not meet my Javascript opacity function?

I've created a very simple javascript function where as I hover over certain words, elements with a certain id become transparent. This is working fine with my img tags, but divs with the same id are not changing? Here is my javascript: function reve

How to have a text box to keep scrolling down when updating

My problem is a bit off the cuff here, so I'll try to explain this best I can. I have a text area, having css of #object{overflow:hidden;resize:none;}. I am trying to prevent it from spawning scroll bar while also resizing itself. This textarea is sy

How to add * .less to IIS 7.0?

I have set up a virtual application on my localmachine and it is running but it's not loading the CSS file. And I am using the lessCSS for styling my application and I think the reason here for not loading the css here is that LESSCSS style sheet use

How to code a drop-down menu in css?

I have coded a horizontal navigation as shown below. But I am having a hard time trying to code a drop down menu for it. If someone can help me with coding a plain simple drop down menu below Rentals (highlight in the navigation bar in sea blue), I c

CSS block for the employee registration form

Hello I am creating a simple form to enter employee information. An employee has the following characteristics: First Name Last Name Age SSN Gender Race etc... There are about 20 properties I want to display a label and textbox for (some have dropdow

How does this print style sheet work?

I really like how looks printed (to pdf). I've looked through the source to try to figure out how they did it (my navigation always turns into ugly bullet lists on print...) -- and I'm at a loss. Anyone know? Any help woul