Background / background image does not work?

I'm practicing building a Harley Davidson website and I've encountered a strange issue regarding 'background' and 'background-image'. A 404 type error keeps appearing in the console: (anonymous) @ jquery.min.js:2 i @ jquery.min.js:2 fireWith @ jquery

#services div has content but appears as empty div

My #services div has content wrapped inside, but when I wanna give display it's borders or give it a background, it appears as an empty div. What's the trick here? Looks like it works well in the snippet, but here is the way it appears: http://laszlo

fade effect h1 using Jquery

I've googled various examples but I cant seem to get the desired effect to work On my home page I have a h1 heading. I'm trying to create a fade effect with JQuery . When the page loads, I would like the h1 heading to fade in slowly (maybe even go fr

view of the table appears different in Chrome and IE, Firefox

I have created a simple HTML/CSS table for a menu on this page: The problem is that it works perfectly in Firefox. But in Chrome and IE, it doesn't work well. Here is from one menu table code and the C

Stop LESS compiling a part of css

As a fix to Firefox 30 removing the ability to style a select menu's dropdown arrows, I've implemented this workaround, but LESS won't compile it (unless I use --force, which I can't in this instance). Using e or ~ syntax doesn't work. Is there any w

Using page breaks on a masked div

How can I get page-break-after to work on a div that I am showing as display:none with @media screen? I want the image to only show when I print but also page break after it so the rest of the divs print onto the second page. EXAMPLE this is the resu

Disable / Non-Clickable HTML HTML Button

I have following HTML scippet for a button: HTML: <div class="Clear" title="Clear"> <div class="ClearButton"> <button id="reset" type="reset" title="Clear Photos"> </button&g

Button inside div that was done inside jquery no shot

I have jquery code: $("#forcedcancel").on("click", function(e){ e.preventDefault(); $("#forceDialog").remove(); // get the screen height and width var maskHeight = $(document).height(); var maskWidth = $(window).width(); // c

Align icons and text in a list of links (css)

everyone. Been searching for this for some time, but i cant find an answer.. What i want is, have a header with links, that can have image, text and image with text after it, and align them horizontaly.. The problem is, that the text is allways fushe

Avoid defining a global class for html

I am trying to use Fuel UX. I copied its example to my own web page and found that the css could not be loaded. After comparing my HTML with the sample HTML, I find that the sample HTML sets a global class: <html lang="en" class="fuelux&

Animate the centering of a div

How do I animate this movement so when I call the function later the item will animate? I usually use $(this).animate but not sure how to wrap this in it, since I'm calculating its position. Thanks. = function () { this.css("position

Having a problem with my div alignments

Hi all I seem to be having serious trouble getting my div to go exactly where I need it to. Here is a link to the website. As you can see my slideshow is supposed to be in the frame, but in now way shape or form am I able to make it do so. here is th

how to animate a bar chart from bottom to top?

I am trying to make a bar chart and the bar animates from top to bottom right now, but I want it to animate from bottom to top. How do I get it go from bottom to top? CSS .bar { width:50px; height:250px; list-style-type:none; } .bar p { background-co

Left, center, right in the header

I'm trying to create a left, center, right alignment in a header ... with objectives being: Top level DIV that holds the toolbar should size to it's content. The Left and Right div have fixed sizes but the middle should take up the remaining space. M

Why does jQuery ignore the content of my div?

I have a simple toggle for a div attached to a chekbox. $('#step2').hide(); $('#toggle-check').click(function(){ $('#step2').fadeToggle(); }) Why won't .hide(); select my contents of #step2 ? It's currently a list of table data, and it isnt hiding it

Horizontal alignment with CSS

I have the following code: <div class="one"> <p>Test<p><span style="color: Green">▼</span> </div> This is a really easy question I think but I don't know CSS. How can I make the paragraph appear alig

Set the max-height element in the html table

I realise that this question has probably been asked to death, but none of the answers I have found seem to work. I have an ASP repeater control, in which I have set the ItemTemplate to have a simple table with two rows. When populating the rows, I w

Can not run CSSCount

I was trying to use this blog post. To get count of CSS locators. But of not avail, method is - public static int getCSSCount(String cssLocator) { String jsScript = "var cssMatches = eval_css(\"%s\", window.document);cssMatches.length;"

divide PHP mysql result left and right

$flag=0; if($q->num_rows > 0) : echo '<div id="testimonial">'; while($r = $q->fetch_array(MYSQLI_ASSOC)) : if($flag=0) : $class=test1; $flag=1; else : $class=test2; $flag=0; endif; echo '<div class="'.$class.'">';

jQuery equivalent of YUI StyleSheet Utility?

Does jQuery - or one of it's plugins - have equivalent functionality to the YUI StyleSheet Utility? "The StyleSheet Utility is capable of creating new stylesheets from scratch as well as modifying the existing stylesheets held as properties of elemen

What is the best practice for managing javascript and css files

How do You manage all of Your .js and .css files in project. Especially when they have a lot of dependency between each other? I've combined all script in one. But it's become weighty, and 90% of them were not used on particular pages. What I