A Bootstrap column with vertical text

I would like to put "VERTICAL_TEXT" (third bootstrap column) with 90ยบ rotation. I have tried the following code: <div class="row"> <div class="col-xs-2" style="background-color: yellow;"> <span>FOO

How to pass value to the JQUery callback method?

I came across the below example for setting css style to a div tag. my doubt is, what value does the 'index'value in the funtion param holds. or if the user hass to pass index value, then how to pass the value(ie usage) for index param for callback f

How to move an image upwards in html / css

I'm quite new to HTML and I wanted to have an image in my page, but when I use <hr> to separate it from other stuff they cross each other. So I want to move my image up a little. Here's the code I've been using: <html dir="rtl"> <

Corrected background image for a div

I have created a image tile for which i have set a background image. But when i re-size the tile image on the background also gets re-sized, is there a way to make the background image stay to full image regardless of the tile size. The ratio doesn't

: n-child recipe for alternating colors

I have a bunch of div tags that are 50% in width, which allows them to sit in a grid 2 tags wide. I am really struggling to define alternating background colours to give an effect similar to a chequerboard. As you can see in the Fiddle, all colours s

fullScreenJS moveTo incorrect method Display

I am using FullscreenJS on a side project and I am having trouble using the moveTo method provided. The moveTo is firing off, the anchor shows the correct slide, but the view doesn't change, it remains on the first section. $.fn.fullpage.moveTo('firs

Bootstrap Glyphicon as button

Say I wanted to use a glyphicon as a submit button for a form. How would I go about doing this? To elaborate, I want no 'visible' elements of a traditional button. Just a glyphicon, as it would appear normally in text. I have tried using <button> an

How to Automatically Search Jquery by clicking

i am working with jquery atocomplete and want to search the suggestion on click like google youtube. but it's not working. here is html code <ul class="ui-autocomplete ui-front ui-menu ui-widget ui-widget-content ui-corner-all" id="ui-id

how to move the image to the right side of the li manu?

I have image (orange flower) , I want to move it to right side in the li. The image embedded in the <a> tag and I write float:right; but it is not working. I donwt know why, I need help, many thanks. Demo jsFiddle <ul id="menu"> <

Do not want the DIVs in the header to overlap

in the I'm painfully new to CSS (and stackoverflow!) and can't seem to get the divs in my header to line up and not overlap. I have a logo image with align="absmiddle" so that the h1 text is to the right of it, which is the way I want it. I want

Hover over text without images

I have a phone number link at the top of my website, the number is 1300 GO POOPIES. (for example purposes :P) <h1 class="phone-text"> <a href="tel:+6113007667437">1300 GO POOPIES</a> </h1> So basically, when a p

Set the white font color for a dark background and V.S. in php

while changing to dark background , I need to set the font color to white and exactly in opposite , when the background is bright so the font color should be black i don't the range to divide the dark and light colors in php my color codes are in hex

Why are not the divs side by side?

Check it out my actual code Why the divs with text Links and Content are not side by side? With normal flux it should be. Again, the margin top is not take in consideration. And how can I fix this trouble?Easy Fix, change your CSS to this: .container

Defining a div at the random position on a grid

I am trying to make a grid that takes up 100% of the width of the browser window, firstly i am not sure on how to go about this grid and secondly I am wanting a div to have a random position within that grid, but will only fill the position if it is

Intelligent clipping text that exceeds a case boundary

I need to display some text in a box with an explicit width/height. If the text content exceeds the height of the box, I'd like to be truncated, preferably with an ellipsis. I tried using overflow: hidden, like so: <div style="width: 500px; height

Is there a way to target an item based on what's in it?

On my page, I have custom styled hyperlinks, and I also have alot of hyperlinked images. I don't want these custom styles to appear on the hyperlinks that only contain images. Instead of adding a separate class (i.e "nostyle") to each hyperlinke