How to make data available for anonymous function

I know this is probably a very stupid question, but I want to make this piece of code work: I load some json data I create a crossfilter I make a dimension (based on the type of the data) I filter so I only get the data of type file But in this filte

How to apply tooltips for the dc.js graph after rendering

I have multiple row charts (crossfilter + dc) and I want to customize the tooltip using d3-tip. So basically the relevant code is: rowtip = d3.tip() .attr('class', 'd3-tip') .offset([-10, 0]) .html(function (d) { return d.key + ": " + d.value; }

React import dc.js does not work

I am working on react app and using babel as compiler. I need to import dc.js and crossfilter Added this code import React, { Component } from 'react'; import dc from 'dc/dc'; import crossfilter from 'crossfilter/crossfilter'; but getting this error

Increase margins for axis labels with Crossfilter

I need to increase the space for axis tick labels that have been rotated. The code below illustrates, and here's a working jsfiddle. Is this possible with crossfilter or do we have to get into the d3? HTML <script src="

How can I create a dynamic table - Crossfilter - dc.js

How can i create a dynamic Table like in the Airline on-time performance Example at the Crossfilter Homepage's not full-featured but you can use the dc.js dataTable for this:

Add percentages to the pie chart label in dc.js

I have a pie chart for which I want to add percentages to the label. Here is a jsfiddle of the pie chart and the code is below. Right now the chart shows the actual values. I looked at the dc.js Getting Started and How-To Guide which is an example of

dc.js - How to Create a Line Graph from Multiple Columns

I need to create a rowchart in dc.js with inputs from multiple columns in a csv. So i need to map a column to each row and each columns total number to the row value. There may be an obvious solution to this but i cant seem to find any examples. many

Crossfilter filters do not filter (dc.js)

I'm trying to use filters in crossfilter, but nope. Here's the JSBin Here's the most relevant code: var userDimension = data.dimension(function(d) {return d.user;}).filter(['John', 'Paul']); var totalSalesByUser =; var pieChartU

Load a large dataset into crossfilter / dc.js

I built a crossfilter with several dimensions and groups to display the data visually using dc.js. The data visualized is bike trip data, and each trip will be loaded in. Right now, there's over 750,000 pieces of data. The JSON file I'm using is 70 m

Retrieving values ​​in crossfilter.dimension

Hi I'm a newbie in JS and Crossfilter. I'm using crossfilter with my data (.csv file) and retrieved distinct values in a column using var scoreDim = ppr.dimension(function (d) { return d.score; }); Also I could get the counts for each value using var

Define tart chart colors using dc.js

I'm having issues setting pie slice colors using a dc.pieChart. Documentation and examples I've seen use the colors method in combination with an array of hex colors. However, setting this results in my pie chart being colored white (invisible) and e

dc.js pieChart defines a specific x-axis value

I am working on dc.js, i have draw pieChart pieChart.width(300) .height(200) .transitionDuration(1500) .dimension(startValue) .group(startValueGroup, "StartValue") .radius(100) .minAngleForLabel(0.5) .legend(dc.legend().x(230).y(0)) .title(funct

Working with filters in Crossfilter

I have just started working with crossfilter and d3.js ... I'm trying some snippets given in the API reference... I Have the following data var payments = crossfilter([ {date: "2011-11-14T16:17:54Z", quantity: 2, total: 190, tip: 100, type: &quo

The Crossfilter example does not work

I have downloaded the CrossFilter example from the following link: and it seems not to work. The page loads, but the charts and the table does not. Is there some library I have to install first, or

Crossfilter Query

Is it possible to filter a crossfilter dataset which has an array as the value? For example, say I have the following dataset: var data = [ { bookname: "the joy of clojure", authors: ["Michael Fogus", "Chris Houser"], tags: [

Dynamically Add Dimensions to Cross Filter

I have a very high dimensional dataset and would like the users to choose the dimensions to filter (add them to the crossfilter). I understand that dimensions can not be removed. Are there any recommendations as to how adding dimensions/filters could