Importing the Java class into a python project

I've been trying to find a method to importing Java-ml into my python project. I have the jar file in the same path as my project. I want to use it for kmeans clustering, since it allows me to change the distance metric. I am wondering though whether

TideSDK and Symfony2

my plan is to using PHP in Tide. I read the guides and I didn't figured out if its possible to use it with a big application written in Symfony2 (or other framework). I just saw this tag but I've no clue how to startup my Symfony2 app. Is this possib

Language of the classical interpreter

I have a question that I'm unsure about for my HW. Here it goes: Suppose you are assigned to write a program in some "classic interpreted PL" that has hardware/OS dependencies and is ultimately designed to run in three different hardware/OS envi

Get the paths of the system folder in Go?

Is it possible to get the path of system folders in Go, in a cross-platform way? eg. temp folders, "document" folders, etc. I found ioutil.TempFolder/File but they do something different. Any idea?A built-in option doesn't exist yet. Your best b

Steps to activate and use iconv on Windows with Indy 10.5.9

For cross-platform development with Internet Direct (Indy), it can be useful to enable iconv support instead of the OS-specific Windows character conversions. This would allow to continue developing and testing code on Windows in the Delphi IDE, but

Is the enum type multiplatform in C ++?

Possible Duplicate: what is the size of an enum type data in C++? How is enum data type stored internally (I'd imagine as 8/16/32-bit int?) and can it be safely serialized or should I use something like quint8 to store the value? In other words is si

How to create an executable file with OpenCOBOL?

Upon finishing a COBOL program, how do I compile it into an executable file that may be run on other PCs? I'm using OpenCOBOL via cygwin.Check out this getting started page from the user manual for OpenCOBOL: But in case the link is broken, just do t

Mac compiler on windows

Is it possible to develop cross-platform application on Windows and can also compile for Mac OS X from Windows? I have checked Qt but that requires one to compile from Mac using Xcode.If this is your priority then one option would be Java as at least

Does anyone know browser emulators?

Over 2 years I tested web application with help Selenium framework. I know the best design is testing on VM. The only one downside of this - it's very slow testing. Why? browser only gets so much memory, if you will run several instances. site coud b

Detect different operating systems and platforms

I am working on a Cross-Platform open-source project. My application is going to support Android, iOS, MAC OS X, Windows and Linux. The first idea is to use the following code: Environment.OSVersion.Platform But it is not enough since I cannot cover

Mobile conversation on multiple platforms

I want to develop simple chat application on android as well as IOS, I am using native languages to develop the app. The same application will be launched on both platforms and I want to make sure the android guy can chat with ios and vice versa.You

How do you do an installer for your python program

Im new to python, but I was thinking about making a program with python to give to my friends. They don't know much about computers so if I asked them to install python by them selves they couldn't do it, but what if I could make an installer that do

Is RSA encoded data exchangeable?

Up to now, I thought that if I have RSA-encrypted data, this data would be easily exchangable between most platforms (.net, java, pc, unix..), because of the commonly used algorithm. Through investigating for another questions I had, I'm now confused

Plugin system for text editor written in C ++

I am creating a cross platform text editor in C++. I would like to have a very basic base, then implement all the features through plug-ins. But, unfortunately I'm getting nowhere in designing the plug-in system. How is this normally done? Can someon

What is the best cross-platform language?

If you wanted to distribute a program to as many OS as much as possible what's the best language to use? I'm considering user's convenience here. For example, they don't need to download java run time, flash or .net framework if they don't have it. A

Is Java cross platform?

I want to develop a cross platform application. Is Java cross platform? I mean, can I develop a Java application in Windows and use it in Mac OS X and Linux? If yes, how? I find application written in Java, has two setup file one for Windows and othe

Platform independent way of locating fonts

I'm working on a multi-platform application in C where I need to load fonts from disk and render messages with FreeType. However, I currently use full paths for locating fonts, and it's somewhat awkward to ask users for the full path of fonts since t

Is there a system version of the Preferences API?

In a previous question, I learned about the preferences API. Unfortunately, it only appears to be user-specific preferences. I also have preferences that need to be able to be set across users. What is the platform-independent way to do that in Java?

Presentation of text on Mac and PC

Can someone help me out on this one. I have a website which was developed on a Mac. When viewing certain text in "verdana" on the Mac all looks great, but on the PC the text is very fine and thin on all browsers. Other text with bold and larger

Cross-platform alternative to COM

I've been enamoured with component based programming (be it with COM, another system, or just using the paradigm in plain C++). It requires a bit of getting used to, if one is usually used to the "traditional" OOP model, but it's definetely wort

PGP signatures of Python?

What is the easiest way to create and verify PGP/GPG signatures from within a Python application? I can call pgp or gpg using subprocess and parse the output, but I was looking for a way that didn't require an external program to be installed (my app