HTML / CSS scroll bar problem on hovering mouse

Any type of Help is appreciate for resolving this issue:- In this initially overflow is hidden, and on mouse hover of table overflow is visible. But in chrome browser cursor over scrollbar is flickering/ blinking. .one-scroll { max-height: 160px; max

Force IE 11 & ldquo; User Agent String & rdquo; using tags

My website is broken in IE11. We all know that HTML tags allow developer to force IE compatibility mode; in example <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=8, IE=9" /> worked great and solved the visualization problems for

Which versions of IE support PNG favicons?

In this old StackOverflow post, it was said that only IE6 had issues with PNG favicons, but on channel9, it said that IE7 also does not support PNG favicons either. But, unfortunately, the channel9 link has been deleted - so does anyone know the offi

Disable Undo and Restore in Browsers

I would like to disable undo and redo in all browsers using JavaScript. I want to do this as our app has it's own undo and redo history built in. I can already handle key presses to disable undo and redo via a keyboard entry but I would like to disab

What are the current best practices for browser detection

I have a php routine that takes HTML, does some processing on it, and presents it back out. The problem is that depending on the browser there may or may not be an extra added to the output. If I can get the browser I can code for this issue. However

compatibility problem is IE10

I have an website that looks good, as it should, on IE8,IE9 as well as the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome. the server click is working fine in all web browsers.. in IE10 it's not working..when Clicking IE10's "Compatibility button"

When & lt; P & gt; tag considered empty? states: We discourage authors from using empty P elements. User agents should ignore empty P elements. How do we define empty? Does a space character between the <p> </p> tags count? What about a new-line character between <p> <

The jQuery function does not work in Chrome

i have following Jquery Script to hide and show a button, depending upon the class of the li tag it is in $('li#test').each(function() { if($(this).hasClass('active')) { //Active class is applied $(this).children().children().closest("img").attr

Style sheet does not load in Mozilla Firefox

I'm stumped. Working on a site that isn't loading properly in FireFox. It loads great in Chrome and even IE, but for some reason the stylesheet isn't loading in FireFox. The site: I'm using html5 code and have used the ba

HTML5 video only works in IE. Other browsers show black screen

I have to develop an html5 application that runs on all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE9, Safari and Opera) and one of the things requested was for it to be able to play videos as well. I'm using the video tag and 2 different formats of the video

CSS browser compatibility issue - & lt; hr / & gt;

In my HTML I have this table setup which is composed of separated images for each table cell. I have a < hr /> break at the bottom of the div, separating the table from the rest of the content. When I test on Chrome it shows correctly, however in Fi

I have to put a text on an image without CSS or JS

Is there a way I can place the text <p> on top of the image? without using css or javascript. just plain html. The reason being is this technique or approach will be use on older phones that do not support css or javascript. It also does not support

Should I use nav or ul

I'm making a navigation menu, should I be using the <nav> element or <ul> element for that? If I use a nav I'll prob need to use a shiv so that it works across browsers. If that's so, what the advantage of using a nav over a ul? EDIT: I know y

Two divs are not displayed in IE / Chrome, only in Firefox

The website: If you open it in Firefox and then in Internet Explorer/Chrome you should see what I mean, and this is in regards to the two areas below the content (View Our Projects and News) I've been trying to fig

Why does this fail in Firefox and Chrome?

This is a common piece of JavaScript used to show a customer splash screen in Silverlight: function onSourceDownloadProgressChanged(sender, eventArgs) { var myHost = document.getElementById("Xaml1"); var rectBar = myHost.content.findName("r

Development of inter-browser extensions in C ++

I am starting to work on a browser extension and because of the nature of the extension I need to develop it in C++. I am currently working with Firefox but would like my code to be portable across browsers. First of all is there a library or an inte

javascript help with cross browser script

I have a tiny function I use to only allow numeric input. It works great in IE, but I cannot get it to work in FireFox or Chrome. I have this js file loaded in my script tag of my HTML page. var numberOnly = function(evt) { var theEvent = evt || wind

IE 6 dropdown selection area too narrow

I have a dropdown menu with the width set to 142px however the selection area when you drop down the menu needs to be larger as it has text that exceeds this width. Firefox (and most modern browsers) is clever and extends the selection area to fit in

Javascript disabled best practices?

I would like to know if anyone optimizes their web pages to have some friendly behavior if the user has Javascript disabled. Are there any tricks to provide some pseudo-scripting behavior in such instances? I'm talking basic things like opening links

Save me from IE6

I'm getting ready to start work on a new web project for a fairly large corporation. For all their users, something like 17,000 people, they are all stuck with IE6. They plan to have everyone transitioned to IE7 by the end of the year, however the IT