Crontab throws an error

I've below command in crontab, when I run this command in terminal it works fine but when I run this in crontab am getting the following error * * * * * cd /home/path/application && RAILS_ENV=development ./bundle exec rake namespacefolder:rake_fil

Crontab and Python prog do not work completely

I am trying to get a Python script to run hourly using crontab however I cannot seem to get it to work. The Python program runs fine and completes if I manually run it from terminal. $ python /home/pi/Documents/Project/ My crontab is setu

Cron Job - Magento - Reindexall does not work

Been trying to figure this one out for hours... I've got the cron setup, and it runs when it's suppose to. 36 22 * * * php -f /home/user/public_html/shop/shell/indexer.php --reindexall Outputs Error in argument 3, char 2: no argument for option - Usa

No output for the Python script executed through a Cron job

Relatively new to running cron jobs in Centos6, I can't seem to get this Python script to execute properly. I would like this script to execute and then email me the output. I have been receiving emails, but they're empty. So far, in Crontab I've tri

run a script in crontab

I have a very simple script in my crontab that I want to run every day. It is located in /home: -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 40 Apr 15 08:01 It has execute permission and here is the content: #!/bin/bash slon_kill;rcpostgresql stop a

While / Do / Done Loop Error in Bash Script in Crontab

I'm trying to run a abash script through crontab and every time I try to, the script never runs and I get an error that reads: "[[: Not Found" I'm currently using a while loop with the following coding: SHELL/=bin/sh padtowidth=2 START=0 END=15

Prevent missed scheduled messages on WordPress 3.3.1

I am using a modified version of WordPress 3.3.1 and have been alerted to the fact that scheduled posts have been "missed" and are not posting automatically on time, meaning they have to be manually posted. In the Posts admin in WP, the post sho

Prevent sending an email if nawk returns null

I was able to get my script to successfully email me at regular intervals with the help of another user here. My next question, is that I'd like for it to ONLY email me if the output is not null. I have a nawk set up to email me the output, and the s

Crontab Linux with PHP, MySQL and Curl

I am trying to run some php with curl inside of it every so often so that it will retrieve information from a website and then insert it into my database. I am able to get the cronjob to work, and the php works because I have it to send me an email e

crontab time with hours of work UTC GMT-8

i have a machine set in GMT. i would like to have a cron task scheduled from 6AM to 5PM in PST, which is GMT-8. gmt time zone. typical. 00 06-17 * * * now -8 produces a crontab bad hour error. 00 22-09 * * * the following is accepted or should i say,

Magic of Crontab / Perl piping

Possible Duplicate: In the bash shell, what is " 2>&1 "? I recently saw this in a crontab: 5 * * * * perl /abs/path/to/my/ >> /abs/path/two/my/script-log.txt 2>&1 If I'm reading this correctly, it runs ever

Shell Script does not work properly

I have a linux shell script that when run from command line works perfectly but when scheduled to run via crontab, it does not give desired results. The script is quite simple, it checks to see if mysql-proxy is running or not by checking if its pid

Cron configuration from morning to evening only

I have to run daily cron. Cron must running time will be morning 11 AM to evening 7 PM. In this given time cron must run at every 15 mins daily. same thing after in night cron must run at every hour? Is this possible with linux cron scheduling type.

Is Cron Job a good idea to perform this task? PHP

I'm implementing an application that would check if the time is 4 or 6 or 12 hours after the data was inserted in the database. So for example: The data was inserted 1pm, then it's already 5pm (so this is 4 hours after the data was inserted), my appl

Calculate Cron Next Execution Time in C #

I have crontab-like scheduler. Time definition "MM HH WD MD M": MM- minutes HH- hours WD- days of week MD - days of month M - months WD, MD and M allow multiple entries and each of params can be null, for example: ^ ^ 0, 1 ^ ^ means exucution ev

tar file not archiving

I am doing the following in a shell script: tar cvzf mytar.tgz * It works fine when I run the shell script from a terminal. When it runs the shell script from a cron job using crontab it looks like it is archived because the tgz file is there but the

How to disable word wrap in Pico Editor when running crontab -e

I am inserting a cron instruction via crontab -e Pico is the editor But the line I am inserting is going into wrap mode and I can't save my cron file because the subsequent line is in violation of the time settings. Has any one had this problem?If yo

How to define a crontab using php?

i need to set a crontab from a php script. i know that it can be set by system("echo '* * * * * echo \"Hello world\"' >> cron.crontab"); system("crontab cron.crontab"); //cron.crontab is the file name of the crontab &qu

run a python script with cron

hey guys, im trying to run a python script after every 5 minutes using cron, inside the script is a django import import django when running the crontab i get mailed the following error ImportError: No module named django this is what the crontab fil

crontab and htaccess

Is it possible to execute from crontab a php file inside a folder which is protected with htaccess and how?.htaccess is a way to limit access from outside (the Internet) and is enforced by the apache. So there's nothing preventing the crontab to run

Is there a cron Javascript implementation that I miss?

I'm aware of timing issues in Javascript, how its not exact/off by milliseconds etc, but I need something to at least attempt to do browser-based scheduling. In terms of features, I'm thinking something along the lines of scheduling patterns describe

Call the function periodically in Java

we need run one function periodically in Java web application . How to call function of some class periodically ? Is there any way that call function when some event occured like high load in server and so on . what is crontab ? Is that work periodic

Crontab revision control?

I've got a few dozen Linux machines running cron and I'd like to put the crontabs in some sort of revision control system. For source control I use Mercurial (hg), so that'd be ideal, but if there's some other system that is better suited to this tas