crash of the application on the intention of the click

So, if it's not obvious by know am a newbie in this I am working with Intent to open a new activity (Main2Activity) everything works great as long as there is nothing going on in (Main2Activity). The moment that i do any thing in Main2Activity it cra

MySQL crash on startup

I'm developing on my laptop with wamp and mysql is running fine from weeks. Today after 60 seconds after boot mysql crashes I and find the following error inside the log: 2016-03-17T20:34:37.662021Z 0 [ERROR] InnoDB: Cannot allocate 4294956804 bytes

Visual Studio Crash at startup

I have a problem with running Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate. I start visual studio and wait to load Start page. It is ok. But when I move with mouse, visual studio crash without any error message. I tried run visual studio in /safemode, no change, the

fgets () overwriting program C when used more than once

I have an array declared and populated with 3 strings (Math, Physics, English). I used the fgets() to get new subject to add to the array, and this is working fine. However, whenever I copy the same chunk of code to get another subject from the user,

Unable to read the fault log

I have an app which is working fine on devices & simulators. However it is rejected saying crash report as below. Incident Identifier: 2FB27688-F4D3-4732-9F25-3236842E257B CrashReporter Key: 61eca33f3648a28cbd5c7ef93baf84b507e50ae0 Hardware Model: xx

App only hangs in some ios8 devices

So I recently had my app rejected by Apple. This is what they said: 2.1: Apps that crash will be rejected ----- 2.1 ----- We found that your app crashed on iPad running iOS 8 and iPhone 5s running iOS 8, which is not in compliance with the App Store

Crash without warning xcode

I am developing the application for over 6 month. After everithing was developed and tested, I put app aside for 2 weeks and now when I run it it start crashing without any warning: Even if I hit Continue Execution over 20 times still nothing in log.

The iOS 7.1 Sprite Kit Crash on removeFromParent

I have updated iPad Air to 7.1 and Xcode to 5.1. Xcode wanted to update my project to recommended settings, I agreed. After that my game began crashing in a couple of places when I remove node from parent. That was a surprise for me - there were no c

For the cycle only loops once and hangs

I'm trying to do a macro where VBA looks for a specific word in a column and when it finds the words, it copies the entire row from one workbook to another. It can find the word more then once, so I'm trying to make it loop though it only loops ONCE

Running two asynctask instances in Android

I'm executing two asyntask instances, one of them in onCreate and the other one in onScroll handler. The intention of the app is to download via web-services X amount of information and when the scroll goes to the bottom, keep loading information. Th

Blocking when objects are deleted

It's crashing at the very end of the main() function where it needs to delete the starters objects. The error message that pops up when I run the program says: Debug assertion failed! Expression: _BLOCK_IS_VALID(pHead->nBlockUse). How do i fix it fro

What does this collision log mean?

I have already done some research on identifying crash logs but couldn't find solution: Here are my references: H

jQuery ajax blocks chrome on HTTP 206 (partial content)

This thing has been bugging me for some time now and I can't find a reason/solution on the Web so far. Here is the setup: I have a fat JS client running on a browser, firing up search requests into an internal system. Those requests are just GET's, n

glibc detected double free or corruption

What is wrong with the code below.It runs Perfectly fine for some inputs and crashes for some special inputs? #include<iostream> #include<string> #include<fstream> using namespace std; struct event { string date,time,content; bool is_hig

EXC_BAD_ACCESS in sqlite_step (statement)

I am using sqlite database for iphone app. but its crash on "while loop" line while retrieving data from database sometimes. -(void)GetMethod { NSString *query = [[NSString alloc] initWithFormat:@"SELECT * FROM errorlogs"]; sqlite3_stm

What is the most reliable way to plant a Flex application?

I need to add some code that will crash my Flex application if certain conditions are met. I need it to work whatever state the Flex application is in (maybe it's not fully initialized, maybe some components are still being loaded, etc.) What is the

Blocking When the C ++ Program Calls the Delphi DLL Function

I have an abstract class in a C++ program that looks like class Interface { virtual void blah() = 0; virtual int asdf() = 0; }; and that C++ program allows you to load DLLs with LoadLibrary. When you load a DLL, it calls a function in the DLL called

How to prevent copying a wild pointer string

My program is crash intermittently when it tries to copy a character array which is not ended by a NULL terminator('\0'). class CMenuButton { TCHAR m_szNode[32]; CMenuButton() { memset(m_szNode, '\0', sizeof(m_szNode)); } }; int main() { .... CString

UIImage with large image size - Memory problem - Crash

I wanted to load and display image(.jpg,.png) having large size e.g. 1800x1200 or 2000x1800 (width x height). If I display such large size images (1800x1200 or 2000x1800) in UIImageView, it also consume lot of memory and application is getting crashe

Application crash

I have an application that, as any other app, crashes once in a while for various reasons. When it crashes, it does it gracefully and the users get a nice message of the crash. At the same time the crash is reported on the server for analysis so it c