Ionic package io.ionic.starter signatures error

My ionic project working nicely in command: ionic lab but when I execute "ionic cordova run" in terminal for build this app in android I am having the following error. Error: Failed to install apk to device: Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_UPDATE_INCOMP

Set an int value with a method

I am no Java developer, but I am trying to add some more data to a Cordova plugin for Android. I don't understand why this is not permitted? Here I am trying to set the value of asu witht he method. int asu = getSignalStrength(); The method below: in

Cordova Gradle Missing Package in Android SDK

I'm on windows7 x64, installed today's latest stable release of android sdk studio (through android studio bundle, since it's shipped together now apparently). I have properly configured the environment variables as you'll see above. This is what I g

Ionic Run android does not build apk

I shifted development of my ionic app from windows to ubuntu 14.04 now. I installed everything new. "Ionic build android" command is working but when i run "ionic run android" or "ionic emulate android" it only starts emulato

Call a jquery activity in cordoba

I am new to cordova so wanted to know if it is possible or not. I have a functionality to implement, which I think I will be more comfortable in android native activity. So can I call the native android from an html page or through jquery and the vic

Phonegap Push plugin does not work ANdroid

Hy iam using phone gap 5.0 CLI and i am developing app for android 5.0 with API level 22 Js Technique is jquery. I am building for android platform and testing on my device i am using windows 7 on my PC Software's are CLI, Eclipse and android The pro

'Image capture error' with Phonegap on Android

I need to capture an image with my Phonegap app. On iOS everything works fine but on Android (via Phonegap Build) it throws an error with "Error capturing image". I added the following lines to my config.xml but that doesn't change anything: <

Please install the Android target: & ldquo; android-21 & rdquo;

I have installed the latest cordova. The version is 4.3.0. I created an empty Cordova project: cordova create test com.test Test I then add the platform: cordova platform add android I built the project with: cordova build android But i always get: [

Cordova 4.0.0: call exec () to an unknown plugin

I generated the code using the Cordova 4.0.0 CLI. Now I try to write a Plugin for Android (MyPlugin) to execute native code from the webview. But everytime i try to call the plugin's method I receive the errormessage: exec() call to unknown plugin I

Font Awesome icons are not displayed in the iOS Phonegap app

Rather then render the icons I am getting small squares: It works perfectly fine within the browser, but when I viewed my app in iOS Simulator or Mobile Safari, the squares were there. Thanks so much for your help!i had the same issue. I put the "fon

phonegap-facebook-plugin on WebApp, error JS

I am building a Ionic based mobile application and I am using the phonegap-facebook-plugin to login with facebook. I have managed to install the plugin on both android and ios and it works. However, while trying to use it for the webapp, I am having

CordovaActivity can not be resolved into a type in Phonegap 3.4

Hi I am working on PhoneGap through a command line interface. I am able to create a project, and run an android emulator from the command prompt in Windows 7. Since I imported and copied the project into my workspace in eclipse, it is showing some er

Wikitude - Bad Memory Management / Memory Leaks

I'm using wikitude for my augmented reality mobile app project. My problem is I dont know how to manage app memory before and after resume my app. This is my test result on my xcode5. Every time I resume my app during preview world, memory usage keep

Phonegap (3.0.0) The camera failed on the first try

For testing purposes I copied the full example found on the phonegap camera API and I put an alert on onPhotoDataSuccess to test when the function is fired. On the first photo taken the alert will not show. However after the first attempt the alert w

Create projects with Phonegap 3.0

I try to create 3 project with new new Phonegap Cordova 3.0 with WinRT / Android / iOS. I didn't understand the documentation and I can't find any tutorial. I installed NodeJS and phonegap without error. Then, I try to create the Android app first wi

how to speed up mobile jquery change for phonegap app

I am using jquerymobile 1.3.1 for my phonegap android app. The change page methord is slow (more than 1 sec) in android without page transition (defaultPageTransition=none). touchstart and tap events are firing on next page form elements.. any IDEA?T

Can not Load Web Page with Error: Loading Image Paused

I see this has been asked before but I dont see any solutions: So Im using Cordova 2.5 to build an iPad app on iOS 6.1.2 My jQuery -> class window.AppRouter extends Backbone.Router routes: { '': 'index', ':parent/:child/': 'childView', ':

Worklight App Splash Screen on Android

I am using Worklight for an Android application, When I try to add a splash screen public class MyApp extends WLDroidGap { @Override public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); super.setIntegerProperty("splas

Alternative to PhoneGap Builder?

I've been using PhoneGap's Build to assemble my app but recently realized they cap the compressed app size at 9.5 mb. This has put my project on hold until I figure out my next approach as the final size is now 20+ mb. In the interest of saving time

How to send a text message in phonegap

I am developing one app in phonegap. In my app i am using one text field which contains some text and one button for sending text.When i will click on button then one alert box should open .Which contains three button "SMS","CHAT",&quo

Check the existence of the camera in ios phonegap

I want to check camera existence before showing the two source types when taking a picture in my phonegap application. For example, iPad 1 doesn't have an Camera, therefore I don't want to show the popup to select source type from Camera and My Photo

Hide the toolbar on the top of the iPhone keyboard

is there anyway in javascript or HTML to hide the toolbar from iPhone keyboard. I only have one form input and I don't want the user to see the next, previous or done. If anyone can help that would be great, I am using PhoneGapNot possible. If you lo