find the location using the IP address of the device

I am using ionic2. I found my device IP address using Cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-networkinterface. Here is my IP address How can I find a location using device IPAddress? Kindly advice me, ThanksOnly an external IP address has a

TapScript: How to call a Javascript function with a callback

I am using Ionic with Typescript. I need to access the following api: load(key, successCallback/*(value)*/, failCallback) In Typescript I do the following: cordova.plugins.icloudkv.load('key').then((data) => { console.log(data); alert('load key: ' +

Set an int value with a method

I am no Java developer, but I am trying to add some more data to a Cordova plugin for Android. I don't understand why this is not permitted? Here I am trying to set the value of asu witht he method. int asu = getSignalStrength(); The method below: in

Manage the network connection

I have an Ionic 2 app, and I need to know if there is internet connection (in general, any type) and it's not working. If I do: if (Network.connection) { => { if (user) { this.hasSession = true; } else { this.hasSession =

synchronous call function inside an angular for each

I'm using ngCordova File Transfer plugin in an ionic project to download set of images from urls. Here is the code i'm using for that. // Save a image file in a given directory $scope.saveImage = function(dir,imgUrl,imageName) { var url = imgUrl; var

Ionic Sidebar 2 overlapping

Created Ionic 2 Native map following Josh Morony tutorial: . Everything works well. Here's the problem: My view have a side menu, when I click on side menu, it togg

Call a jquery activity in cordoba

I am new to cordova so wanted to know if it is possible or not. I have a functionality to implement, which I think I will be more comfortable in android native activity. So can I call the native android from an html page or through jquery and the vic

Ionic application displays a blank screen on Android versions 4

I am developing ionic application which works fine in browser as well in android 5 versions but when i try to install my same apk in andriod 4 versions it simply displays white screen doesnt show up anything. i had tried installing crosswalk, whiteli

Resizing the Cordova camera when changing orientation

When taking a photo via and changing the device's orientation inside the photo interface, the webview's viewport doesn't resize upon returning. The blank space is not part of the HTML document, so internal resizing in the

How to make a toast in Visual Studio Cordova App?

I am working on VS2013 Cordova App . I want to make toast in my app as it in native android . I searched in plugins in config.xml and I didn't find the toast plugin . please advice .There is a plugin called: Cordova Push Notifications. This plugin im

Load multiple Cordova Micro applications into native IOS apps

I have to load multiple cordova apps based on user access in Native IOS app. I want to load the zip files dynamically on app launch and store them in Documents or Libraries folder and then unzip these files, then I'm trying to load cordova views dire

Get the working PhoneGap plugins

I've created my first phonegap app yesterday following the tutorials and using the PhoneGap Developer App. Now I'm trying to get plugins working, I'm not sure if I'm missing a step somewhere or doing it completely wrong. On OSX, I installed nodejs us

Get the selected file size using org.apache.cordova.file

Using org.apache.cordova.file plugin I can selected the file and I get the native path of the file. After that I have to restrict the user to select the file according to there file size. But I can't get that file size. My problem is that I can't get

How to debug a cordova plugin for Android

Hi I have created a cordova plugin for Android. But it is not functioning properly. I want to debug it an IDE. How can I debug the cordova android plugin file when I launch the application in my mobile? What are the different and easiest ways to do i

Ion error (Camera and File transfer plugin)

I am developing a mobile application and I getting an error when the user try to change the picture profile, the error after do a lot of debugging is not in the camera is in the file transfer function when I try to send the image to the server, there

Cordova EmailComposer plugin

I'm trying to use EmailComposer plugin with Cordova 5.0.0 and JQueryMobile. I've installed the plugin (here) using CLI. I'm testing using Phonegap App. I have used the recommended syntax: $("#btSend").on('touchstart', function(event) { console.l

Access to Apache Cordova plugins using Typescript

I am prototyping an A Hybrid Mobile app using Ionic + Angular + Apache Cordova 4.0 using Visual Studio 2003 update 4. I installed the SQLite plugin to access database. Recommended method to access this plugin is: var db = window.sqlitePlugin.openData

Plugins cordova not recognized, missing library?

I've got a problem concerning cordova. This is a simple topic about the installation of cordova, the creation of a project and the addition of plugins. Actually I thought that everything was ok until I try to add plugins in my project. The methods as

How to access the phonegap API from a remote page

I have to following situation: I have a already existing remote webpage and i want to develope an app which uses this page. So far, so good. When I start the app the local index.html is loaded and it redirects ( target: _self) to the exter

Cordova inAppBrowser plugin issue on windows

so I've been trying to add this plugin with command cordova plugin add which worked on MAC and Linux after npm update -g cordova but on windows I'm still getting cannot read prop