CakePHP Session Timeout Not as programmed?

I'm experiencing session timeouts in CakePHP quicker than I code. I have this line: 'Session' => [ 'defaults' => 'php', 'timeout'=>24*60*60*30//for one month ], ....But it is logging out around 30 minutes of inactivity I believe, at least it feel

PHP: how to clear cookies

Consider this example index.php: <script> var first = new XMLHttpRequest(); var second = new XMLHttpRequest();'POST', 'foo.php');'POST', 'bar.php'); first.onreadystatechange = function() { console.log(document.cookie); }); f

How are unique popups implemented?

When you return to certain websites, sometimes they have popups or messages which show to inform users of new updates to the site or important changes. I'm having issues understanding how these are implemented because these messages only show up once

How to check multiple cookies in Javascript

I am trying to check more than one cookie in order to have a pop-up display or not display. What I have works only if I am checking for one cookie but not both. $(window).load(function() { var delay = 5000; // milliseconds var cookie_expire = 30; //

How to check if the value is a number in Varnish?

Cookie String Example: session=9urt2jipvkq77brfrf; MyId=124 ; PageId=134 I'm using Varnish version 4.1. In the following code, I extract the value of MyId (124) and PageId (134) from the cookie string and then check if the values are the same. If it

How authentication of cookies on couchdb with angularjs

Hey? Can someone hep me to do cookie authentication on CouchDB with AngularJS? This my code: var app = angular.module('app', []); app.controller('mainController', ['$scope','$http', function($scope,$http){ //Authentification cookie $http.({ url: 'htt

Python - Login to Web Scrape

I'm trying to web-scrape a page on that requires me to be logged in. I have done this using the .ROBLOSECURITY cookie, however, that cookie changes every few days. I want to instead log in using the login form and Python. The form and

Rails 4 does not encrypt the content of cookies

Hello I'm trying to encrypt and secure the data contained in my cookies but It seems like the data only gets encoded (base64) This is an example: cookies.signed[:example] = { :value => 'can you see this?', :httponly => true, :expire_after => 30.m

Adding cookies in Protractor to test AngularJS

I'm having trouble doing a very simple adding & getting cookie test in Protractor for Angularjs. This is the test block: describe("Homepage", function () { var ptor; beforeEach(function () { ptor = protractor.getInstance(); browser.get('/');

The cookie is not deleted in mvc (c #)

I want to make login and logOut functions in mvc4. In login func, if login cookie exist and not empty, user is in signIn mode, else redirect to login page. In logOut func, all cookies and sessions clear and redirect to login func, but in login func l

Checking a cookie in a PHP script

Hey i still need a little bit of help with the rating system but i have a problem checking if the cookie exist this is <?php $rating = new ratings($_POST['widget_id']); isset($_POST['fetch']) ? $rating->get_ratings() : $rating->vote(); class rati

Java Play2 - From session to cookie

Update1: Could you give me a short example on how to manage cookies and sessions in play2? (remember me function) Okay I think I understand the main concept behind the play authentication. Zentasks uses sessions. I know that sessions are only stored

How to save the browser state after Watir automation

Summary of tools: watir-webdriver 1.8.17 Mac OS X 10.7.3 Chrome 18.0.1025.151 I'm currently using Watir WebDriver to automate Chrome sessions across a number of websites. I need to backup the state of the web browser (cookies, cache, etc.) at certain

What size of a cookie can / should I create?

When users log into our site we retrieve an object from our database that contains various settings that are used throughout the site. In order to reduce server load from going back to our database each time the user interacts with our site, we are t

Security Issues with autologin and FormsAuthenticationTicket

Im using autologin on my MVC 3 website. How do I best handle this problem: A user signs in at his own computer (and gets a 30 day cookie) Same user signs in at a friends computer (and gets a 30 day cookie) Its now possible to autologin in at both com

How can I set, get and destroy cookies in Wordpress?

How can I set, get and destroy cookies in Wordpress? I surfed the web but I can't get clear ideas, please help me find how.You can either retrieve and manipulate cookies on the server side using PHP or client side, using JavaScript. In PHP, you set c

How to register the uuid value for the visitor

Possible Duplicate: How to set cookies for uuid Hello here's my site, . It generates a random id everytime the page is loaded. I want to make a script which saves the output if the id generator for a returning user. For exam

cookies are not deleted

I have a basic login system. The basic login / logout functions are as follows: function login() { global $page; if ($_COOKIE['adminUser'] == adminUser && $_COOKIE['adminPass'] == adminPass): $_SESSION['adminLogin'] = true; redirect($_SERVER['REQU

Encoding cookies

I have a problem with cookie encoding. The cookies have some French character inside them. Firefox sends them back correctly, but it seems Chrome has problem with sending them. Any idea why it happens?It seems Chrome doesn't support Unicode in its co

document.cookie does not work

I am trying to use document.cookie in javascript in an alert(for an experimental purpose). Initially, it was displaying the cookie's fine, all of sudden its displaying "style_cookie=null". I was doing this in phpbb3. I am trying to add a custom

ASP.NET user login error cookie problem

We recently updated a site from Classic ASP to ASP.Net 3.5. The old site used a login system based on cookies. It would remember the users login information if a checkbox was selected when they first logged in. This would of course be done in a cooki

Form Entry - Restriction to an IP / Computer Submission

I'm coding a sweepstakes entry form in php where the User submits some information in a form and it is stored in a database. I would like to find a way to restrict this form to one submission per person. Either dropping a cookie or by IP address. Wha

When should I use session variables instead of cookies?

Session variables and cookies seem very similar to me. I understand the technical differences, but how do you decide when to use one vs. the other?Sessions are stored on the server, which means clients do not have access to the information you store

Does jQuery send cookies in a post?

I want to know if, when I make a $.post(...) with jQuery, is any cookie sent to the server in the post request? Thanks!Cookies are sent with Ajax requests. When the HTTPOnly flag is set for a cookie, this cookie is hidden from client-side scripts, bu

Always include the user in the context of the django model

I am working on a small intranet site for a small company, where user should be able to post. I have imagined a very simple authentication mechanism where people just enter their email address, and gets sent a unique login url, that sets a cookie tha