How to select more than one photo from the gallery?

I'm building a GIF Creator for my graduation project. What it is, when I try to select from the gallery a photo it just gets it to the view, I want to select more than one photo simultaneously not to go to select photo to get another picture. As well

C ++ convert a long hexadecimal string to binary

I found similar solution here: Missing punctuation from C++ hex2bin and use that answer: std::string hex2bin(std::string const& s) { std::string sOut; sOut.reserve(s.length()/2); std::string extract; for (std::string::const_iterator pos = s.begin();

How can I convert speeds in my code?

I have a task to create a program that detects the number plates that are both foreign and speeding. For this, a section of the road, elapsed times etc had to be created. The problem of the code isn't with how unrealistic the speeds are, but the fact

Convert datetime to a special format in SQL Server 2012

I need a Function to get date like this : 2015/09/19 And convert the date to a format like this : 19 November 2015Try this, DECLARE @MyDate AS Date='2015/09/24' SELECT DATENAME(DD ,@MyDate)+' '+ DATENAME(MONTH ,@MyDate)+' '+ DATENAME(YEAR ,@MyDate) A

How to convert cv :: Mat in pcl :: pointcloud

How to get from a opencv Mat pointcloud to a pcl::pointcloud? The color is not important for me only the points can do this like: pcl::PointCloud<pcl::PointXYZ>::Ptr SimpleOpenNIViewer::MatToPoinXYZ(cv::Mat OpencVPointCloud) { /* * Functi

Long at the HEX chain

I'm having trouble converting a hexadecimal number in a String to a long and then back again. Here's the code I'm using: private void parseExperiment(){ String str1 = "AA0F245C"; long nr = Long.parseLong(str1, 16); String str2 = Double.toHexStri

Could not convert void to duplicate

If anyone could give me some pointers or a solution that would be great. I;m trying to have the code run an automobile mpg calculator When I run my code I get an error as follows: U:\ error: incompatible types: void cannot be converte

Convert the list string to a Python list

This question already has an answer here: Converting a string to a tuple in python 3 answers I downloaded a csv table from a database using SQL. One of the fields has values like so: '[0.1234,0.0,0.0]' I want to convert this string to a python list t

Java enter whole numbers and spaced out numbers and the sum

I'm a struggling newbie trying to finish a program assignment and am stuck with my output repeating itself with the digits of an integer that should be together on one line, but spaced (Correct Ex:The digits of 1234 are: 1 2 3 4). Here is an example

Decimal to Binary Conversion with User Input

I wanna make a c# application that convert a decimal number into binary with the input from the user. I get a red squiggly line on bin, when declaring bin = Convert.ToString(decToBin,2);. I don't understand my problem, so any help would be appreciate

convert txt packet data to pcap format to open by Wireshark

Hi I am working on application where I have to read live packets from network work on it. And display it in sophisticated way. But problem is I have packet but it is in text file, so to open it by Wireshark I have to convert it in .pcap format. So ho

Convert INT number in minutes to TIME in MySQL

I need help, my problem is to convert an integer representing minutes into a TIME data type in MySQL example: duration --> time 60 01:00:00 40 00:40:00 30 00:30:00 120 02:00:00 The duration column is my field in my database, I need to do a query that

2 errors java flops converter

I've got 2 errors: C:\Users\anderson\Documents\ error: cannot find symbol long flops = Long.parseLong(this.textField1.getText()); ^ symbol: variable textField1 C:\Users\anderson\Documents\

Convert hexadecimal string to integer C

I have a 4 byte string of hex characters and I want to convert them into a 2 byte integer in c. I cannot use strtol, fprintf or fscanf. I want this:- unsigned char *hexstring = "12FF"; To be converted to this:- unsigned int hexInt = 0x12FF EDIT:

basic java temperature converter

So I am trying to write a program to convert degrees C to F or vice versa. Every time I run the program I am getting mistakes which I can't readily explain. For instance, it converts 100 C to 132 F. It converts 212 F to 0 C. My conversion formulas ar

cakephp and XE Currency Converter?

I would like to have the XE Currency converter integrated in my website, but would like to have the output on my website same page and not being redirected to the XE website, how to realise this? with iframe? Please could you provide me with an examp

C # Convert int to small hexagonal string

I want to convert an int to little endian hex string. then strip off the last two zeros. heres my int: int score = 2516000; result want returned: 20642600 the final string after substring 206426 What would be the easiest way to go about doing this? v

Converting a matrix into a color grid

I'm currently making a console application in C# (will be going to a Windows Form application in the future. Sooner if needed). My current objective is to have a matrix (current size 52x42) be exported as an image (bitmap, jpeg, png, I'm flexible) wh

Injecting a managedBean into a converter

This question already has an answer here: How to inject @EJB, @PersistenceContext, @Inject, @Autowired, etc in @FacesConverter? 5 answers I'm trying to write a converter for my selectonemenu list so the list that i want to display can be retrieved fr

Transform an instance of java class into primitive types only

I want to "flatten"/transform an instance from a given Java class to another instance containing primitive types only. Every field from an object that is not already a primitive type will have to be flattened recursively too, so that the resulti

Link to the chain of self-control

I have a custom converter that I want to make use of in xaml. The converter just places Admin if value is equal to 0, Cashier if it is equal to 2 etc.. Anyways this is what I am looking for. <ComboBoxItem Content="{Binding 'I want to place the val

How can I scan from an online xml currency feed to the wp7 app

So I know that the file is being read as I tested displaying the data in a textblock but can not seem to dissect the xml into parts that I want, ie, currency name and rate, and then add these to a list for selection and after perform currency calcula

Simplified CSV to SQL javascript file converter

Is there simpler way to convert CSV files to SQL file than this?: BufferedReader input = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(new File("c:\\file.csv"))); Writer output = new BufferedWriter(new FileWriter(new File("c:\\file.sql"))); try {