Get null instead of Boolean

I have a firebase database that looks like this: Query userQ = db.child("users").orderByChild("email").equalTo(email); userQ.addListenerForSingleValueEvent(new ValueEventListener() { @Override public void onDataChange(DataSnapshot data

How to close the console window after the program?

I'm trying to make a program which will close the console window after execution. But it outputs this instead: (the program output) -------------------------------- Process exited after 15.7973 seconds with return value 0 Press any key to continue .

Filtering the console output in xcode or appcode

Is it possible in XCode or AppCode to filter the output of the console like its implemented in IntelliJ? Or at least in some way?You can use GrepConsole plugin in AppCode which enables coloring and filtering out messages based on regexps

What is the fastest color function in batch?

I recently experimented with using multiple colors in one cmd window. Every color function that I find, (for example this one: ) are very slow, and it takes for ever to load a color map. If you ask,

How to disable Git HTML Help (on Windows)?

I installed Github for Windows which comes with the Git command line client, and whenever I forget a switch or something and want to use --help, instead of dumping to the console it's launching a browser. Is there a way to ask Git to dump the help to

Do not connect to the console, javascript

I am having trouble writing to the console with the following code. Unsure as to why it is not working as am a beginner JavaScript programmer. May be a stupid question because I am new to JavaScript. Javascript: function process(){ 'use strict'; var

The sequence returns 49 but should return 36

The following code is designed to specifically return the value 36 instead it returns 49 but can't see how or why. Any help would be appreciated. #include "stdafx.h" #include<stdio.h> #include<stdlib.h> #define MUL(a,b) a*b #define A

SQL UPDATE error in C # console application

Using MS Visual Studio 2010, MS Access 2010(database converted to .mdb) and the program is based on C# Console Application. I'm new to C# and would like some help on the following: 1.I'm struggling with the following an error: Syntax error in UPDATE

Change font in a console window in C #

I have a program, written in C#, that uses characters not available in Raster fonts. So I want to change font to Lucida Console. To change Console font programatically, I use SetCurrentConsoleFontEx() with this code (Source: MSDN Console Class) but I

Try to get StandardOutput after running a console process

I can run a console process using the following C# code. The goal is also to collect all the output from such process: System.Diagnostics.Process proc = new System.Diagnostics.Process(); proc.StartInfo.Arguments = commandLine; proc.StartInfo.FileName

Can I create a console application using Xamarin.Mac?

I just purchased Xamarin.Mac in an effort to create a cross platform console utility. I figured this would be trivial but I am missing something. How can I create and what do I need to do to deploy a simple Console.WriteLine("Hello World"); app

Input Console Redirection

I am writing a windows application that emulates the console by redirecting input and output of the cmd.exe to a text box. The starting code is below: StreamWriter inputWriter; StreamReader outputReader; StreamReader errorReader; Process proc = new P

How to manage console output in a long-running Eclipse plug-in?

I have written an Eclipse plugin that works. What happens, though, is that during the run, no console output is displayed. Only when the process is finished does the output show up in the console. Below is my handler, which appears as an extension po

How to hide the output of a console view?

I'm writing an Eclipse plug-in in which the user can interact with another process via the Console view (in this case, an interpreter), for example, evaluate expressions and so on. Sometimes the program needs to ask the interpreter for certain values

Is there a Gmail console client for Windows?

I found this package on Ruby Wonder if there is something similar to run on Windows without all these Ruby packages.. ?There is. You can use Command line tools for the Google Data APIs( Th

Hello World In C # without semicolon

Is it possible to write Hello World like in C without semicolon;? In C: if(printf("Hello World!")) //prints Hello World { } In C#: //do stuff The trick is somehow constructing an expression from something that returns void. And luckily BeginInvo

How to create an x64 version of the native console project?

I have a VS2008 solution with several libraries and 4 console apps. All build and run correctly in 32 bit mode. The libraries all build and run in x64 mode in another solution with a C# app and a C++/CLI interface layer. Now I need to build an x64 fl

C # console case declaration

using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.IO; using System.Text; namespace LittleQuizworld_3 { class Program { public string QuestionText; //Actual question text. public string[] Choices; //Array of answer from which user can choos

Is there a better alternative to Console.ReadKey ()?

Most programming books will tell you to use Console.ReadKey() to pause the console, but is there a better alternative? Console.WriteLine("Press any key to continue."); Console.ReadKey(); You haven't actually told us what you wish to achieve. If

How to write on the last line of the console?

I want to show a progress bar (like wget) how do i keep writing to the last line in the console? Windows 7 vis 2005 c++with carriage-return ("\r") you can jump back to the beginning of the current line. This will only work for terminals which ha

Send a tab to a child console (windows)

I create a child console application with _process = new Process(); _process.StartInfo.FileName = @"cmd.exe"; _process.StartInfo.UseShellExecute = false; _process.StartInfo.RedirectStandardInput = true; _process.StartInfo.RedirectStandardOutput

Speed ​​up text output on Windows, for a console

We have an application that has one or more text console windows that all essentially represent serial ports (text input and output, character by character). These windows have turned into a major performance problem in the way they are currently cod

Starting the process in the new Terminal window on Mac

On Windows I can do CreateProcess(..., CREATE_NEW_CONSOLE, ...) and my child process (which is console app, not GUI) will be launched in a new window. What is the easiest way to emulate this on Mac OS?open -a $(which program) gets a new