Android conflict package for different applications

I have two different apps. one for mobiles and 2nd for tablets. Both have the basic package name same and one more thing mobile app can also run on tablets too. for Mobile package is for Tablet package is when I am tr

How can I find where the merge conflict is in a big file?

I have a file that has 6000 lines and have scanned it over and over again but do not see the merge conflict. How else can I find it?You can always try using git mergetool For me, this will launch BeyondCompare for each file that has conflicts, which

git rebase -i -autosquash conflict

git is giving me a major headache when using --fixup and --autosquash. I would like to give two examples, one working perfectly fine and the other being a mess. (git version 2.6.2) Working example: First commit: $ git init $ printf '1\n' > test.file

Avoid version conflicts of JavaScript plugins

I work in an environment that I don't always control what JavaScript files are included. On occasion I have another process that ads a diff JS version of a plugin I have already added. What happens? Boom, conflict. I am curious if there is a way I ca

How to avoid Spring's @RequestMapping path conflicts?

I'd like to define REST API using Spring. I have these 2 @Controller methods: @RequestMapping(value = "/{machineId}/workspaces/{workspaceId}", method = RequestMethod.DELETE) public void removeWorkspace(@PathVariable String machineId, @PathVariab

Rubymine validation failed with errors

After pulling from main master, encountering a conflict and resolving conflict. I'm working in a sub-folder of the main project repo (on automated tests) and so generally don't have to worry about conflicts. It seems however that every time a conflic

How to use two versions of jar in my java project

In my java project, I need to use neo4j-1.9.3 that depends on lucene-3.6.2, and ElasticSearch which depends on lucene-4.4.0. I know that if I want to use two versions of lucene directly, I can use ClassLoader to load different classes from the lucene

to the conflict trigger page with jquery 1.9

I'm using the reveal modal plugin and have set it to load automatically on page open with a cookie activated, and it works great. It runs jquery v1.6. I have to implement it onto a page with Nivoslider which uses v1.9. When put on the page with Nivos

WordPress Class Name Conflicts

I've been creating WordPress plug-ins for some months now and I have developed a set of "base classes" (most are abstract classes but not all of them) that I use with the plug-ins (some are used with all plug-ins, others are used when a plug-in

Conflict when merging two branches with git

I have a problem with merging 2 branches. I have a xml file with the following content: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <language xmlns:xsi="" name="sk" xsi:n

Detect conflicts between packets in R

This question already has an answer here: list of masked functions in R 1 answer I've recently found out that errors can be caused due to conflicts between packages, that is, two (or more) packages might have functions named similarly. I know that th

javascript issues a possible conflict

I have a small issue. I am using a google map with a Jquery plugin JPList which does some filtering and ordering of some results. If I remove a bit of the jquery for the jplist plugin an onclick method works on the google map, but as soon as I put th

SQLite error (10): delayed by 25 ms for a lock / share conflict

My C#/SQLite app works fine but outputs this error once in a while: SQLite error (10): delayed 25ms for lock/sharing conflict As suggested on this thread, I updated to the latest SQLite, but it still happens. How to fix this? SQLite version: sqlite-n

Wanderer and Gemfile Conflict of the Guest

On my system (OS X), I have an application running on Rails 3.1.0, ruby 1.8.7. I installed Vagrant and set it up with Ubuntu virtual. I created a new project ABC from within the virtual machine and installed ruby 1.9.3 and Rails 3.2.6, on the virtual

GWT maven project with server-side dependencies

I have a maven GWT project under eclipse and since I added some server side dependencies the maven plugin doesn't compile anymore. Here follows more info about the context: maven 3.0.3; GWT 1.5.3; GWT maven plugin org.codehaus.mojo:gwt-maven-plugin:1

Conflict between OpenLDAP's libldap and the Oracle occi library

I'm writing a small tool to do some checks on the data from one Oracle database and on LDAP. Thinking of performance I've decided to go with C/C++, therefore I'm using the open ldap library and the oracle occi library. Now putting together the wrappe

How to merge code and resolve conflicts more easily using git?

There is a great option --patch which can be used with git add. Using this option I can easily review all my changes and decide which chunks should be added to staging area. This interactive process can be made through all modified files. I am lookin

Python module name conflict

I have come across two Python modules that have to be imported using the same module name, e.g. import foo I know that the one I want provides certain functions (e.g., so is there a way to cycle through the modules with the same name until

SVN conflict management

When firing the SVN update statement I am getting the conflicts. How can I keep my version and check that in. What is the command for that?If you're using a shell client like TortoiseSVN, then right click "resolve using mine" as @Adi mentions. O

C ++ pointers - conflict declaration and pointer to pointer

When I made the following declarations: int b; int c; int *b; int *c; I got the following output when compiled: Note: I'm using Cygwin console, that is why I couldn't copy-paste output So, do we conclude here that when we declare a pointer variable,

How can I resolve conflicts in TFS?

How do I resolve conflicts in TFS? I must have forgotten to do a recursive get before editing a file. Whatever the cause is, I must now figure out how to resolve a conflict. When I click on the workspace to performa check-in. One of the files as a tw

Namespace & amp; Class conflict

I'm facing a problem with a conflict between the DateTime class and a namespace for some unknown reason was also called DateTime. Assembly CompanyDateTime has namespace Company.DateTime My Application is in the namespace: Company the problem is that

Jquery address plugin interfering with scrollTop values

I've built an ajax-based website that utilizes the address jquery plugin for back forward button browser compatibility. However, since pages are fetched via ajax page conventional page refresh is not obvious and rather disorienting in terms of user n

jQuery $ (document) .ready (); declare all functions in this

Explanation: i have few objects and im declaring them inside $(document).ready(). WHY? because in thous objects i have many jquery methods $(..), obviously they can work outside too, but when i include mootool, then it stop working. i tried noConflic

Xcode and SCM conflict error

I am getting this following error even though i am the only person working on this project. > Error: 155015 (A conflict in the working copy obstructs the current operation) Description: Commit failed why would this occur as all i keep doing is commit

Version Conflict of C # dll

I have a project like this: Test Solution Project TestApplication References: TestFunctions.dll(ver,Project TestDLL Project TestDLL References: TestFunctions.dll(ver In the application when i make a call to TestDLL.Methodx() inside

Weird Chrome Prototype / jQuery conflict

We have an application with legacy code that relies on prototype, but we've found it to be too 'heavy' for most of the places we want to use it and and have found jQuery to be a better fit for how we work. So we're migrating to jQuery for new functio

Jquery error and other libraries

I am having this issue with jquery and have no idea how to solve it .... can anyone help or provide some assistance!? [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80070057 (NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE) [nsIDOMXPathEvaluator.evaluate]" nsresult: