Analyze C # conditional compilation instructions in roslyn

How do I parse C# conditional compilation statement using Roslyn. In the following code, I want Roslyn to give the Conditional compilation statement node. public abstract class TestClass { public int Get() { #if DEBUG return 1; #else return 2; #endif

How can I exclude creating a file on OS X?

I have src/bin/ which does some things which work on Linux only (e.g. libc bindings which only exist on Linux). I want to exclude that file from being built on OS X. I started putting #[cfg(target_os = "linux")] on every block in li

Conditional compilation of code blocks in Scala

I was wondering if there is a way to conditionally exclude a block of code from being compiled in Scala using compile-time flags (i.e. some rough equivalent of the C family's #define). I am aware that there is no direct counterpart, and I don't think

Class inheritance dependent on the Java platform

I develop a Java library which shall run on two different platforms. To print messages, one platform uses printA(str) method, while another uses printB(str) method. In C++, I'd create a static method: public static void print(string str) { #ifdef pla

Apply a condition check before the C code blocks

Short story: I want to enforce a run-time condition check in certain conditionally-compiled code blocks, but not others. Long story: Our C code base relies heavily on profiling. We have lots of different profiles, and almost each module has #ifdefs f

#ifdef does not work properly?

I am facing issues with Xcode 5.1. Everything works fine if I do this: #include "glew.h" But as soon as I try to make it cross-platform, it starts giving the compilation error. #if defined(_APPLE_) || defined(_MACH_) #define OS_MACOSX #endif #if

Count the number of # includes and #define

I'd like to use C program to find the total number of directives like #include, #define, #ifdef, #typedef, etc. Could you suggest any logic for that? I'm not interested in using any scripting or tools. I want it to be done purely using C program.Stor

How to use the preprocessor checks in the header file?

Okay I know there's a lot of posts on this, but I'm still having trouble. Here's the pseudo code for what I'm trying to do: if(device is running iOS 5 or up) @interface RootViewController : UIViewController <UIPageViewControllerDelegate, UIGestureRec

Are conditional expressions broken in packets?

Consider the following snippet: requires designide, rtl, vcl, {$IF RTLVersion < 19.0} // E2026 Constant expression expected //{$IF CompilerVersion = 22.0} // same as above vcljpg; {$ELSE} vclimg; {$IFEND} It seems to be absolutely syntactically corre

Problems with ifdef based inheritance in C ++

I was looking at the code of some class I was using, and I came across code like this: #ifdef SOME_OBSCURE_CONDITION class A { #elif class A : public B { #endif Can there be any problems with such code? Specifically, suppose file x.cpp includes y.h a

Site.css in debug mode, site-min.css in release mode

In my view like that in debug mode to view Site.css use her, and when compiled in release mode the view using CSS-min.css site. Something like this: # if (Debug) / / CSS # elif (Release) / / CSS Min- # endif But in my view .cshtmlYou can use Context.

Use or not use conditional DEBUG set

I had an idea to use FastMM4 in FullDebugMode when compiling my project with Debug Build Configuration. When I chose the Debug build configuration the Delphi automatically sets up DEBUG as a conditional define. So, this code should work as expected:

Java (Eclipse) - Conditional compilation

I have a java project that is referenced in j2me project and in android project. In this project i would like to use conditional compilation. Something like... //#if android ... //#endif //if j2me ... //#endif I have been reading about this but i did

Support for more than one code base in ANSI-C

I am working on a project, with an associated Ansi-C code base. (let me call this the 'main' codebase). I now am confronted with a typical problem (stated below), which I believe I would be able to solve much easily if I had an object-oriented langua

Conditional attribute

A quick C# question, I would like to know that in my project > Properties > Build, there is a check "Define DEBUG constant", so if I check that and then do this, [Conditional(DEBUG)] public static void Foo() { Console.WriteLine("Execu

#ifdef #ifndef in Java

I doubt if there is a way to make compile-time conditions in Java like #ifdef #ifndef in C++. My problem is that have an algorithm written in Java, and I have different running time improves to that algorithm. So I want to measure how much time I sav

conditional compilation constant at the project level

I am getting a project-level conditional compilation constant error while trying to build my project. It reads: project-level conditional compilation constant 'VB_VER=9.0,TARGET="exe",CONFIG="Debug",_MyType="Console",P

What #defines are set up by Xcode when compiling for iPhone

I'm writing some semi-portable code and want to be able to detect when I'm compiling for iPhone. So I want something like #ifdef IPHONE_SDK.... Presumably Xcode defines something, but I can't see anything under project properties, and Google isn't mu