Pass values ​​to other components using props in reactors

I'm binding some text values when a certain div is clicked in my react application. Now i'm facing a problem on passing these text values to another component using props. My code looks like this class PostOptionBar extends Component { constructor()

Management of asynchronous data in Angular

I'm trying to load a local JSON into my component, but I can't get the values from my service into my component. I can see the json data in the service but it is undefined in my component. Does anybody see what i'm doing wrong here ? Thanks. Here is

EMBERJS: How to trigger an action in a child component?

I know the concept of Data Down / Actions Up, but I'm facing a situation on which I don't know how to do it with the DDAU. I searched on differents forum and blogs how to do it, but it does not fit my request. I have a controller with two components.

Angular 2 passes string argument to component

My target is to pass string arguments to component. Example: I have component that holds and show title and subtitle. I want to pass that strings when I am setting the selector. Something like: @Component({ selector: 'title-subtitle', }) in html: <ti

How to use a variable in a model in angular 2

I have a component which has chartid as a input which I use like this: <plotlychart chartid="plot"> </plotlychart> This is the component. In the template I try to set the id of the div to the variable "chartid", but this is

Parent Component 1.5 Angular Update Controller via ngRoute

I'm using ngRoute to create an Angular single-page app. Want to move to a component-based version. Problem is isolated scopes. I need access to main controller props and methods. Trying to use bindings but does not work. I cannot find the problem wit

Hiding a component with React

I have a couple of react classes in my code. When the app fires up, the user is presented with this: <div> <h1 className="headings" id="heading"> Football </h1> <input type="text" placeholder="name&q

Angular component related template

I'm developing a modular angular application with I defined I folder path (constant : BASE_PATH : "path/to/folder") in angular-module-1 module. I want to re-used this constant in a angular component located in another module (angular-module-2)of

Implementing the theme in angular2

I am trying to implement theming in Angular2 project. When someone change theme of web app, it will change the class of body using javascript. And each component in an application has relevant colors for each theme. Can someone suggest me how to do t

How to use the reaction components of other files

I have a simple reactJS component like this : var LikeCon = React.createClass({ render: function() { return ( <span>Like</span> ); } }); This is placed in a file called Common.jsx. Im trying to use this LinkeCon component from antoher jsx file

joomla component search

Please assist my model is able to get the data from the database but am not able to filter if i want a specific result set it keeps giving me the same data This is my code. Thanks For the help in advance public function __construct($config = array())

CakePHP notification system with jquery

I'm having trouble understanding the best way to implement a notification system in Cake. I'm using the Pines Notify Framework for the visuals. I would like these notification to appear on every page so I thought a component that gets used in the app

How to remove all components of a JFrame with removeAll ()?

So I want to have everything removed from my JFrame when a string equals a certain value, but when I call removeAll(); followed by revalidate(); and repaint();, it doesn't change anything. I have tried calling getContentPane.removeAll(); as directed

Define a property in java: comp / env?

I write Java projects with Eclipse and I wonder if there is a way to set a new property in java:comp/env via java itself? Every help is appreciated!java:comp/env is read-only at runtime, so no.

JavaFX TextArea onChange event

Good day developers :) Does JavaFX component, TextArea, have support for some event like onTextChange or similar? Yes, I know for keyPressed, keyTyped ... but how to handle event if another "action" do changes on TextArea (eg. txArea.setText(&qu

Difference between modules and extension to Yii

I want to know what is the difference in between modules and components in Yii Framework. I have googled so much but not got any good results. So can some one will help me out to know that. Any help and suggestions will be highly appreciable.Module h

The cursor of the hand fl.controls.Slider will not work

I'm using the fl.controls.Slider class and I can't get it to show a hand cursor when hovering over it. Here's my code. import fl.controls.Slider; var slider : Slider = new Slider(); slider.x = 100; slider.y = 100; slider.width = 168; slider.mouseEnab

Joomla "component not found" installation error

I made a component that was working find on my local machine but when I tried to put it on live site it gives me '404 - An error has occurred. Component not found' error that doesn't seem to go away. I have tried everything from installing from diffe

Suggestions for debugging a VB component?

I don't have any experience with VB code. But I do know I have a problem with a VB app which hangs in a ocx of his. I can see in windbg that it throws the c000008f exception over and over again and i know that it's just the VB exception handling and

When to change your variables in ColdFusion components?

(a) What cases should you var scope variables and (b) what cases should you not var scope in a ColdFusion components?You should var scope your variables when you're implementing a function inside a CFC that is shared across multiple requests (i.e. Si

Entity Programming Tutorials?

I recently learned the basic (in the roughest of definitions) idea of Entity programming and would like to learn more. The concept I got was pretty much just a massive abstraction. Is this right?Entity is simply a base abstraction for objects on a sc

Flex component to select the month and year only

is there a custom component that extends DateChooser that only has the month and year but not the date grid to select a specific day. All i need is the month and year not any specific day. if the month is changed i could use the change event to selec

Complex mapping of NHibernate components

EDIT: I simplified the problem to leave only what really bothers me. Hello all, I am trying to make the following mapping. In my database, I have a table called "ReportRowValue" containg the following columns: RowNumber ColumnNumber StringValue

ASP.NET Component Libraries Free / Cheap

earlier today someone asked about free/cheap component libraries for winforms. I'm interested in the same thing, but for There are some great commercial libraries like Telerik and DevExpress, but are there any great free/cheap alternatives?I