DB2 SQL Compare on JOIN

I have the following data: TABLE1: ADDRESS INTER1 INTER2 12345 E AVE STREET 44444 55555555 888 OtherStreet 44444 55555555 TABLE2: ADDRESS INTER1 INTER2 12345 E AVE STREET 44444 55555555 I can probably resolve in code this way: if(tblOneInterOne == tb

CSS filter based on the selectors used

I am implementing the Summernote Editor which rely on Bootstrap, but I usse my own custom stylesheet. This gives me 2 problems: It breaks my design and the Bootstrap file is so long it is difficult to find the exact selectors causing the trouble. It

Java: problem with i ++

This question already has an answer here: Is there a difference between x++ and ++x in java? 16 answers I am having trouble with getting why a part of code even runs: private int m; private int n; public void f() { m = (m +2) % n; System.out.print(m+

Why javascript check the type in case null even use ==

I am confused little bit about == and ===. I know == means not check type and === means check with type. but when I apply with null case then it fail. why var obj = { name : 'null' } document.write(obj.name==null); output: false see link http://plnkr

What elements of the dictionary can go in other

I am writing a python script, that looks like this so far: import sys fname = sys.argv[1] letters = str.lower(sys.argv[2]) letaray = list(letters) charcount = int(letters.count("")) - 1 lines = tuple(open(fname, 'r')) wordlist = map(str.lower,op

I need to be able to compare the entries of a file - Java

`import java.io.BufferedReader; import java.io.FileReader; import java.io.IOException; public class Dokimi { private static String line; public static void main (String[] args) throws IOException { int x = 0; BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(ne

How to compare two files in Notepad ++ v6.6.8

I want to compare values from two different file. In Notepad++ version 5.0.3 we had shortcut button Alt+d but in version 6.6.8 I cannot find any option to compare. Also let me know which version is most stable.There is the "Compare" plugin. You

Control Program Expiry Date

This question already has an answer here: Number of days between two dates in Joda-Time 6 answers I need some help guys, i want to make a program that will be used to control the expiration date of some products, it will need to compare the system da

PHP Object Comparison - Strange Behavior

While testing my own module for validation I found some kind of problem. I really don't know what is happening and I can't explain it. Maybe I'm so tired or PHP is just freaking out. Can somebody tell me what is wrong ? I want to compare objects (bec

loop to get the object closest to the input value

I have this Martian class: public abstract class Martian implements Cloneable { int id; public Martian(int id) { this.id = id; } public Object clone() throws CloneNotSupportedException { return super.clone(); } public int getId() { return id; } publi

Anyway use an external diff editor in Eclipse with EGit?

Is there anyway to configure Eclipse/EGit to use an external diff editor and merge tool when doing differences/merges? I've been looking for a way to use something like BeyondCompare or DiffMerge or Kaleidoscope, but so far haven't found anyway to co

How to compare two Java objects

This question already has an answer here: Compare two objects with .equals() and == operator 14 answers I have two java objects that are instantiated from the same class. MyClass myClass1 = new MyClass(); MyClass myClass2 = new MyClass(); If I set bo

Can I keep unpaired elements of a join in Pig?

I have two sets personCounts (personName:chararray, count:int) whitelist (empID:int, empName:chararray) What I want is the people who are in personCounts, but not in whitelist. I know that JOIN returns the elements that appear in both. Is there a way

Create an arbitrary hierarchy of characters

Let's say I have 4 characters, A, P, B, N. I want to be able to compare them such that: A > P > B > N > A How would this be accomplished in Ruby?From your comments, it seems that you are not trying to put these elements in order, but rather de

How to get the most recent of a set of date variables in Java

I have about 8 date variables (java.util.Date) with different variable names. What's the most efficient/best way of choosing the most recent (max) of these dates?Ideally, store them in a collection - this might make sense in terms of your program des

Haskell defines the data type / data structure

What i want to do is to create a type Set in Haskell to represent a generic(polymorphic) set ex. {1,'x',"aasdf",Phi} first i want to clear that in my program i want to consider Phi(Empty set) as something that belongs to all sets here is my code

Comparison of two Java objects on fly (unknown data type)

I need to compare different data objects. Can any one tell me how can i do this. I don't know what are the data types i will get priorly. If i need to use any util from apache commons then please give reference to it. At present I am using .equals()

compare the pairs stored in hashtable java

at first i have a 2d array storing many numbers and then i used an array of hushtables to store pairs formed by the numbers of each row of the 2d array. for example in the first row of the 2d array, the numbers are 1 2 3 4 5 then the pairs should be

How would you compare jQuery objects?

So I'm trying to figure out how to compare two jQuery objects, to see if the parent element is the body of a page. here's what I have: if ( $(this).parent() === $('body') ) ... I know this is wrong, but if anybody understands what I'm getting at, cou