Load the text file using the command arguments

I am currently writing a text editor program, however I have run into a problem. I am attempting to allow the user to open a file with my program by double-clicking it, which is achieved by setting the default program. I have been told that this send

Bash passes the string argument to the python script

I have a bash script which reads variable from environment and then passes it to the python script like this #!/usr/bin/env bash if [ -n "${my_param}" ] then my_param_str="--my_param ${my_param}" fi python -u my_script.py ${my_param_st

Mercurial - hg command line to list all files of a specific rev

I'm a new mercurial user, and i 've got a specific needs on my project. I would like to know if there's an easy way to list every files from a project rev and for each file, get the reversion version. For example : rev 100 -toto.c rev 3 -toto.h rev 5

How to access the command line arguments in Swift?

How do you access command line arguments for a command line application in Swift?Use the top level constants C_ARGC and C_ARGV. for i in 1..C_ARGC { let index = Int(i); let arg = String.fromCString(C_ARGV[index]) switch arg { case "this": printl

Command line arguments in a C program (from a shell)

I'm writing a command line calculator. Each expression is provided by user must be separated by space (that's convention). For example: ./calc 2 + 5 * sin 45 The problem is when I try to get each expression i get also as arguments all files that are

Hiding a password argument in a console application

I need to write a console application in C# which takes a username and password as input parameters. Example: mytool.exe --username foo --password bar Doing this is easy but of course the password would be visible on the screen as soon as the user ty

Command Line Entries as Arguments

I am designing a program for a class and one of the instructions is to use command line inputs. For example when you run main -n 5 3 it is taking in 5 and 3 as arguments. What is -n? How can I test this on a PC with codeblocks instead of a linux mach

Command line arguments as a variable definition in Python

I'm trying to construct a (kind of template/wrapper) script, which is called with some undefined options > the_script.py --foo=23 --bar=42 --narf=fjoord which then creates a variable called foo=23, bar=42, narf='fjoord' inside it. What's the way to d

How can I run a command with multiple arguments in my C shell?

I want my shell to be able to run cat file.txt as well as ls -l I'm not sure how to do this, because with cat the 2nd argument is always a text file, however, with commands such as ls the 2nd argument is not, so I have to execute it differently. I am

Why does Visual Studio separate arguments with spaces?

I tried passing 2 arguments in the command line argument in my project like this: argument1, argument2 but later realized that it needs to be like this: argument1 argument2 Why visual studio separates arguments with spaces not with commas? Logically

Pass long strings (as argument) in a console application

I'm creating a console application in C# to which, at execution, it is passed a bunch of data. Three of them are short strings, such as username, password, etc. However, one of them is a rather lengthy XML document. How long can the strings be, when

Tortoise SVN log -limit or something similar

I am trying to debug a code error a work associate committed to our SVN, and to do that I need to step through the logs, but using svn -log dumps the whole list, which makes me unable to view everything, as scrolling up ends much before the log does.

Getopt :: Long get a string with spaces in a variable

I'm making a perl script which uses Getopt::Long to parse command line arguments. However, I have an argument which can accept a string (with spaces). How can I get the whole string into a variable. For example: ./script.pl --string=blah blah blah bl

Hiding Command Line Arguments for the C Program on Linux

How can I hide the command line argument for C program running in Linux so that they aren't visible to other users via "w", "ps auxwww" or similar commands?Modify the content of argv in your program: #include <stdio.h> #include &

Javac configuration parameter for unused inclusion warnings?

Is there a Sun command line parameter to provide warnings (or errors) in reference to unused import statements? The embedded eclipse javac compiler provides such warnings, but if the Sun / Oracle compiler has it as one of their -Xlint:XXX arguments,

Python: How to make an option to be needed in optparse?

I've read this http://docs.python.org/release/2.6.2/library/optparse.html But I'm not so clear how to make an option to be required in optparse? I've tried to set "required=1" but I got an error: invalid keyword arguments: required I want to mak

Manage `argv` in a C command-line program

I've read the first array member of argv will always be the program name. Is it ever useful to hang on to this? I'm learning, so forgive me please if it is a dumb question. Do people ever unshift the first member because it is useless (and reset argv