ComboBox displaying file names

I have created a comboBox inside a Windows Form and inside this comboBox I want to show filenames inside a specific directory. My code Form 1: private string path = (@"C:\Users\khaab\Documents\visual studio 2015\Projects\ReadingXML\ReadingXML\bin\Deb

Data is saved in a Combobox instead of being updated

I hope you can help me with my little problem here.. My file consists 3 worksheets. 1. data 2. report 3. helping worksheet to make some calculations When I open the file, I click on a button to implement a calculation, which starts some requests. Thi

Combobox returns null when the value is typed

Sorry if it has some obvious solution, but I am trying to solve it for hours but could not find a solution. I use several ComboBoxes in my WindowsFormsApplication to relate ids with names. The problem is that when a user select an item from the combo

ExtJS Several fields in ComboBox

I have a store with the following fields: personName primaryRole secondaryRole I want to populate a combo-box so that I can choose from either their primary or secondary role. The combobox code I currently have looks like this: roleName: { editor: Ex

Editable ComboBox link and update source trigger

Requirement I want to have ComboBox where user may enter some text or choose text from drop-down list. Binding source should be updated when user press Enter after typing or when item is simply selected from drop-down list (best View behavior in my c

Cakephp 2.61 and the comboboxes

Using Cakephp 2.6.1, I have successfully captured and stored single characters in my database using the following code echo $this->Form->input('grade', array('options' => array( 'G' => 'Good', 'P' => 'Pass','R'=>'Practice Required','F'=&

Restrict text entry in the combo box

I need to restrict text input inside combobox with positive numbers. I've searched stackoverflow for this and found similar question: Recommended way to restrict input in JavaFX textfield The only difference is that the mentioned question addresses b

Combobox.Iseditable in c # .Net 4

I have a c# visual studio program that uses combo boxes on a windows form. I would like to have EXACTLY the functionality of the .net 4.5 Combobox.IsEditable function:

How to inherit a class from another class in wxPython?

I have researched heavily on how to get the variables from a different class in wxPython without much luck. My problem is that I want to update a combobox in the main window after the user closes the second window. I thought the best way to do this w

How can I attach two combos in wpf

I have 2 combo boxes, one that contains a list of 'Items' and another that contains a list of 'Subitems'. The list of Subitems depends on the currently selected Item. I've got most of this working (by binding the ItemSource of the Subitems to a Possi

VBA - Get the OLD value of Combobox

I would like to get the old value of a ComboBox when the combobox value will change. I have tried something like: Private Sub ComboBox1_Change() Application.EnableEvents = False newVal = ComboBox1.Value Application.Undo oldVal = ComboBox1.Valu End Su

WPF MVVM New Editable Combobox Value Is Null

Tried all the solutions for similar issues around here, still no go. I have a ComboBox that should work for selection of existing items and/or for adding new ones. Only the selected item part works. Category is just an object with a Name and Id. Than

How to detect if an ASP ComboBox is empty.

I have an ASP ComboBox that is populated on page load with a list of information and a selected index is set. I want the user to be able to type a new value into the box and run a routine that saves that value. So far, I've managed to set it so when

How to change ComboBox.Text on a hidden panel?

ComboBox1 is on a hidden panel (panelSky) ComboBox1.Text = "323"; panelSky.Visible = true; // combo doesn't have text "323' What is the reason, please? If panel is visible I can change comboText to "323" regardless "323"

JavaScript code to get the selected value from a combo box

Can any one give me a sample code that gets the selected value from an existing combo box? I have this code but its not doing anything: function check () { var e = document.getElementById("ticket_category_clone"); var str = e.options[e.selectedI

Change the border of ToolStripComboBox with flat style

I would like to be able to change the border color of ToolStripComboBox controls in some of my toolstrips, since the default border color of ComboBoxes when used with flat styling is SystemColors.Window, which is basically invisible against the defau

How to avoid truncating the bottom of text in Flex drop lists?

I am currently modifying a flex GUI to give it a new look. I am new to flex but I manage to get most of the work done. However I have a problem with comboboxes: I use a rather big font size and the bottom of some characters is truncated ("g" for

Draw pictures and text in ComboBox

I have a ComboBox in WindowsForms and I draw items manually. Each item is composed from picture and text (Cell.Image and Cell.Title), so item is 34 px height. My problem is that when I drop down ComboBox, only 1 item is visible. MaxDropDownItems = 4

Combobox - the adjustment data source clears the elements

I have a routine that populates a combobox from a database; the first time the combo is populated, it all works perfectly, but if I try to do it again, the combobox is completely blank. I narrowed it down to this line: cboThis.DataSource = cboThis.It / winform - ComboBox SelectedIndexChanged?

When my form loads, before the ComboBox has been populated and selected this Event (SelectedIndexChanged) gets triggered. How can I prevent the code insides this Event from Executing before form has completely loaded? I tried testing for .SelectedInd

Ext js Combo box help

I am trying to define a combo box drop down using Ext Js which would display my "Holidays" saved in array. Please correct me where I could be wrong as the JSP wont display combobox drop down. ... <body> <div class="left " styl

Extjs ComboBox in the grid

I have a grid with some data (users list). For each row I have many actions such as update, delete, activate, suspend, view orders you name it. Instead of placing so many buttons which will fill more than 400-500 pixels I want to place a combobox wit

How can I create a hierarchical combo box using WPF?

I want to create a hierarchical combobox in WPF. I will be binding the combobox to a collection of class whose structure is given below: Public Class Folder { Public string Name; Public string Path; List<SubFolder> SubFolder; } And I want the combob

SelectedIndex = -1 with Combo Data Link

Is there any equivalent to this when a combo is data bound? I've been through this hundreds of times before, but I'm having a brain freeze moment.In the closest you could get is to add in a false item such as "---Select Something---" and