How to use the python-colormath Delta E feature with pandas

I am using python-colormath in order to calculate the color difference delta E 2000 between a list of Lab colors. I have two pandas dataframe (df1 and df2), in each dataframe I recorded the Lab values. here is my code: L1 = df1.L a1 = df1.a b1 = df1.

CSS half circle coloring page

I made a half-circle, and I want to color it according to the percentage I need. The position of the text doesn't matter for now. What I want is to have 50% of the border colored. Later I will need 70% and 80%. How do I do that? .info__radius__outlin

Xamarin.Forms.Color at hexadecimal value

I have a Xamarin.Forms.Color and I want to convert it to a 'hex value'. So far, I haven't found a solution to my problem. My code is as follows: foreach (var cell in Grid.Children) { var pixel = new Pixel { XAttribute = cell.X , YAttribute = cell.Y ,

Wordpress Contact Form Font Style Drop-down Style

I created a contact form at the bottom. see: http://marketing-fü On the left side, the last element is a drop-down. When you open it, the words are white, because I changed the color of the contact form .wpc

Background change color of Javascript

I am trying to learn Javascript on my own. So I gave myself a task: Create a button and with that button I can change the background colour. This is what I have done so far. I assume I don't need to run it under localhost like how we usually do PHP?

How to make SwitchCompat do not change color when checked?

This is how it looks like unchecked: and checked: checked clearly doesn't match design, so how can I make it look like unchecked, when it's checked?You can tint it with the same color for both statement: switchButton.setOnTouchListener(new View.OnTou

Android: Changing the color of the action bar

I had previously set the colour of my window background to white and now I am trying to change the colour of just the action bar to green. This is my xml code: <style name = "CustomAppTheme2" parent = "android:Widget.Holo.Light">

how to set multiple colors on an EditText by selecting words

i have a Simple text editor app, that user can select words in EditText and change its color. for change color of selected word, i use this code: EditText edtText = (EditText) findViewById(; SpannableStringBuilder sb = new SpannableStrin

CSS Alternate color lines in the dynamic table

I'm using Dreamweaver and I want to color the rows of a dynamic table alternately. I can't seem to find any answers that work for me or that I understand. Could you give a sample CSS on how to do it? Explanations would help because I'm not confident

UILabel color and XIB font size changes

I'm having some issues with an app i'm working on. It used to work just fine, but now I noticed that many of the UILabel I have in my XIB have a font and color reset. For example, if I set a white or red color in my XIB, it appears black when I run m

RGB to Philips Hue (HSB)

I'm making a musicplayer in Processing for an assignment for school. The Philips Hue lights will make some corresponding visual effects. I wanted to make the visuals kinda unique for each song. So I fetched the cover art (using LastFM API) of the pla

Replace the color value in the color.xml file

Is there a way to override a color that is already set in your color.xml file? For example - I set the background color on the layout to backgroundColor = "@color/background" The value of background = #000000 Can I override the actual color of b

PHP how to detect if the image contains color?

I am writing an image search engine, which allows users to search by colour. As part of this, I need to determine whether the image is grayscale (contains only black, white or shades of grey) or contains any color. How can I detect if the image conta

highcharts: dynamically sets the colors in the pie chart

I'm trying to dynamically define color for each seria depending of their type. Below is my code which doesn't work but showing what I'm trying to do. I would like to define colour for certain type eg: if type = 'IS' then color = '#FFCACA' I cannot ex

What tool to colorize the output of javac?

We have a hugely parallelized build process, so I frequently have to browse through large amounts of output from javac to find a build error. To make this easier it would be nice if there were some tool that will colorize the output of javac to my te

Android gradient color - incorrect result

I want to create a background of repeating images and over it add a gradient from white to transparent. So, it should start as full white at the top of the view then end like completely transparent at the bottom, where the background images is comple

System.Drawing.Color Convert FromArgb Problem

I'm saving my color in db in int value. int icolor = System.Drawing.Color.Red.ToArgb(); //result: -65536 When convert int to Color than lost property Color.Name. Must return "Red" but property return "ff000000". What I doing wrang? I n

Change the background colors of annotations in Eclipse?

So in eclipse whenever there is an error it's underlined in red, and when you hover over it is displays an annotation with tips on how to fix the error. On my Windows OS it is correct and the background is a tanish color but on Ubuntu the background

Choose the color of a JComboBox

I'm looking for a way to store color skin options in a JComboBox and let the user select one and click apply. This will change the color of the running windows(JFrame). Is this possible? I only wan't like 2 or 3 color options. Should I co with anothe

Get the percentage of use of each color in an image

I have this one working but it is so damn slow on jpeg images and also needs some changing. I need to know the individual colours in an image (with a tolerance of +/- 1 for RGB) and the % of the image that is that colour. so if an image was black and

Default browser button background color

So check out these buttons: they are unstyled, and look pretty good (the 2nd one is mouse over). Can I somehow maintain their looks, but change the background color? If I do it trough CSS's background-color property I get this: Which doesn't really l

Define colors as constants in C #

I've set up some default colors in a C# winforms application like so: readonly Color ERROR = Color.Red; readonly Color WARNING = Color.Orange; readonly Color OK = Color.Green; As far as I am aware, readonly is essentially a constant for my purposes.

Color a string in Textmate?

is it possible to display a certain string in Textmate in a custom color? Lets say I want to display the string "myCoolFunction()" always in yellow so I can see better where I use the function in my documents.Actually it was possible. I modified

Achieve color consistency on different monitors

I have an SWF file with only vector illustrations in it (no bitmaps). Is there a way to improve colour consistency across different monitors? Colour management is a very complex topic and the more I read about it the more confused I become. There's t