Unidirectional platform collisions in the Sprite kit

I am making a Doodle Jump clone game in Swift and the issue is that when the player jumps, it hits its head on the bottom of the platform and doesn't pass through. How can I make the player pass over the platform and jump through them? I have my code

Breaking fracture collision in Java

I have been working on a Breakout game and have just about everything done except for the brick collision. The ball bounces of the wall, paddle and the brick. However when the ball bounces of the brick, the brick does not disappear. I am really stuck

Runtime for a collision detection algorithm

I've come up with an algorithm for predicting the collision between two particles. Given a rectangular environment (width w, height h), and two particles with known starting positions and velocities, it can determine Whether or not the two particles

Collision detection of circle and rectangle

I am coding a game that involves the collision of a moving circle, controlled by the user, and a moving rectangle, controlled by the computer. Full code can be found here: Game I am having trouble with collision detection between the circle and the r

Sprite kit collision detection

Hi I am trying to setup collision detection in my game and I want to add collision detection so when the balloons hit the spikes they pop. I have looked at Ray Wenderliches tutorial but I couldn't figure it out because it didn't apply to my case. Any

Collision detection between OpenGL quads

I am making a simple 3D OpenGL game. At the moment I have four bounding walls, a random distribution of internal walls and a simple quad cube for my player. I want to set up collision detection between the player and all of the walls. This is easy wi

D3 Force Graph - Fixed Nodes That Do Not Overlap

I am looking to develop a viz that consists of a node link graph. I have a series of points whose position I don't want to change unless there is a collision (one node on another) on the graph. In case of collided nodes, I want to space them so that

Move an image according to the impact of a collision

what I need is for when one image, for example, a ball, collides with another image, of another ball, then the ball being hit will move based on WHERE it was hit and how hard (if possible) it was hit. Both of these balls are moved using the accelerom

The collision table does not work properly javascript

just trying to implement collisions in my game. Im having a problem with how the tiles are tested for collisions and therefore the collisions aren't working. I have an array that looks like this: var coll_array = [ [[tile_index],[x],[y]] ] The tile i

Collision detection in LIBGDX kinematic bodies

I managed to use box2d in libgdx. However the example code given here is for dynamic body only. I tried to use it and it works great but when i change the Dynamic to KinematicBody the code does not work. here is my code @Override public void create()

two collada colliding object

I am trying to use Ray intersect to find out if 2 collada object collide. But so far no success :( my code http://jsfiddle.net/XqQzF/ object.updateMatrix(); // ray var f_vector = new THREE.Vector3( 0, 0, -1 ); var b_vector = new THREE.Vector3( 0, 0,

When to perform 3D collision detection in OpenGL?

I am making a program that uses various advanced graphics methods. For now, two Wavefront obj models are imported and rendered on screen. I am trying to implement a brute force triangle-triangle collision detection between these two objects but my wo

How to detect if one form strikes another in the html5 web?

I'm trying to build a motorbike game in html5 canvas with javascript. Right now I have a wheel and a simple gravity which increases the position from the top of the canvas until the wheel hits the bottom of the canvas. When I start the game, the whee

bounce check function for HTML5 web fails in corners

I have a HTML5 canvas that generates a bouncing box every time you click on it. The box array stores the x-value, y-value, x-velocity, and y-velocity of each box created. The box will travel in a random direction at first and will bounce of the sides

Cocos2D collision on the edge shape only

I'm developing an iOS game with cocos2D. My game is simple, there are levels, and a rotating sprite. The sprite need to go from the beginning to the end of the level without losing his lives. So there is two possibilities for me : 1°) Already working

Best algorithm for the efficient detection of object collisions

I'm confused. Well not confused, so much as not wanting to do 6 test programs to see which algorithm is the best. So I thought I'd ask my expert friends here at SO to give me the benefit of their experience. The scenario is a 3d scene with potentiall

Equation for the sliding collision of LineSegments

I need an equation to find point F. Point A, B, and D are known. Point F is unknown. Point F is on line AB. Line AB is perpendicular to line DF. What is the equation for F?I'm assuming you want something computationally fast, since you mention 'colli

Memory Counter - Collision Detection Project

I thought I would ask the experts - see if you can help me :o) My son has written C++ code for Collision Detection using Brute Force and Octree algorithms. He has used Debug etc - and to collect stats on mem usage he has used windows & task manager -

Detect the collision div?

This is what I am doing right now: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/strict.dtd"> <html lang="en"> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content=&quo

2D Tile Collision Detection Problems

I'm trying to follow this tutorial http://www.tonypa.pri.ee/tbw/tut05.html to implement real-time collisions in a tile-based world. I find the center coordinates of my entities thanks to these properties: public float CenterX { get { return X + Width

cocos2d and chipmunk making bodies ignore gravity

I am building a game for iPhone that has been in the works for about a month. I have different colored balls that fall from the top of the screen and a seal at the bottom that the player controls to try and catch them. As they are supposed to create

Algorithm to find if two objects on a 2D plane will collide

I'm trying to determine whether Object1 will collide with Object2 given the following information: 1) Objects' bounding boxes (uses bounded-box collision detection) 2) Objects' speeds 3) Object's current locations (x, y coordinate) 4) Objects' direct

using collision collision boxes

I am trying to use boxes for hit collision. I want to be precise with the collision so I was thinking about making multiple small boxes and checking for collision that way. This maybe a stupid idea or a smart one. Who knows, thats why i am asking you

Rapid collision detection for inserting a circle in a 2D plane

I know there are lots of posts about collision detection generally for sprites moving about a 2D plane, but my question is slightly different. I'm inserting circles into a 2D plane. The circles have variable radii. I'm trying to optimize my method of

Drawing Collision on the screen

And here we are for another question. After the previous one, i finally completed the kDop system and everything related. (Hierarchycal tree of kDop, etc..) Everything works fine. Now i want to draw on screen the collision for debug purpose and to se