Can I use html5 Websockets with Windows Domain Authentication?

Our setup is like this: we use a coldfusion 10 server, and files are on a local intranet. Users use a domain login to access any files over https. I'm interested in using html5 websockets, but the first attempt gave me an error because no credentials

get the ftp file with cfftp (coldfusion)

I need to get a file from this ftp server (, located in directory /MediaCDI/ with name "20160412.txt". The complete address is This is an open ftp, but cfftp requires a user and pass

How to increase the ColdFusion timeout

I have a CFM Page where I call a Stored Procedure. The page seems to be timing out due to the query taking too long to execute. We have tried optimizing/tuning the SQL query, made Clustered and Non-Clustered Indices , but the query is still taking ar

Will coldfusion use sessions with AJAX correctly?

If I'm doing an AJAX call from a coldfusion page (to another coldfusion page), will coldfusion correctly use sessions? I can't use cookies this way, right? The two pages would have separate application.cfc/cfm pages.Different applications (appliactio

Removing index.cfm from URL with Web Configuration

quick question - Currently my urls look like this: index.cfm/camp/another-test I would like for them to look like this: camp/another-test I'm able to do this fine on apache with my .htaccess but I need to be able to do it on iis7 with the web.config.

Do not get the desired output after running a QoQ

I'm running the following SQL queries and am not getting a desired output: <cfquery datasource = "XX.XX.X.XX" name="master"> SELECT count(Timedetail) as Occurances, date_format(Timedetail,'%m-%d-%Y') FROM MyDatabase WHERE EVENTS

Start ColdFusion

When I type cfstatus in a command window I get the message: could not contact ColdFusion application server on this machine When I type cfstart I get the message: ColdFusion could not be started because its already runningDid you install coldfusion D

coldfusion cfinclude before and after recalls

Is there any possibility to call some callback function for Debugging purpose before and after the cfinclude tag. for example if i have <cfinclude template="xyz.cfm" /> and is Logging is enabled, I would like to call abefoeInclude and afte

Regex: matching sql params without double quotation marks

I am dealing with an SQL injection and I need to replace sql params in coldfusion querytags by cfquerparam tags. For this I am matching anything that looks like the params in this: select * from table where test = #var2#, test ='#var3#' test2 like '%

mobile detection for coldfusion

Is there a way to detection if a user is on a mobile device using just coldfusion only? I'm not doing a mobile redirect. I am using CSS media queries to change the layout to fit screen width. I just want to do a simple if mobile render this informati

Limit the registry as ROWNUM in MS SQL Server 2000

I want to know how to limit records in SQL Server 2000. In Oracle, I already wrote a SQL query like that. <cfquery name="myQuery" datasource="myDSN"> SELECT * from tbl where rownum <= 10 </cfquery> In SQL Server 2000, I

Use a blob or not (mysql + coldfusion)

I would like to know if storing pdfs in a database table is a good long term idea. Here is a description of the problem: I have a customer that has hundreds of clients that upload numerous pdf files as proofs. These pdf files range from fairly small

ColdFusion MX - removes jsessionid from the URL

we have a bunch of 'cflocation' tags in our cfmx apps, which lead to the session identifiers getting appended to the url. Our main concern here is to remove the jsessionid, cfid and cftoken from the url for security measures. We have tried the follow

TripleDES in Perl / PHP / ColdFusion

Recently a problem arose regarding hooking up an API with a payment processor who were requesting a string to be encrypted to be used as a token, using the TripleDES standard. Our Applications run using ColdFusion, which has an Encrypt tag - that sup

How to separate multiple email addresses in cfmail

Do I use a comma or semicolon? I can't seem to find it in the live docs. I also can't seem to find any consistency looking online as some examples use a comma while others use a semicolon. Are both acceptable?Per

Display octothorpe in cfoutput tags

<cfoutput query="getGames"> <li> <a href="#link_url#" style="background: #E97B2A; display: block; height: 320px; width: 500px;">#name#</a> </li> </cfoutput> the background color # is breaki

Manage multiple images with ColdFusion and MySQL

This is an architecture question, but its solution lies in ColdFusion and MySQL structure--or at least I believe so. I have a products table in my database, and each product can have any number of screen-shots. My current method to display product sc

Data type support in ColdFusion querynew ()

Does anyone know of a way to store values as NVARCHAR in a manually created query in ColdFusion using the querynew() function? I have multiple parts of a largish program relying on using a query as an input point to construct an excel worksheet (usin

Unauthorized Sharepoint WSDL from ColdFusion 8

How do I solve the error: Unable to read WSDL from URL: Error: 401 Unauthorized. I can successfully view the WSDL from the browser using the same user account. I'm not sure which authentication