URL redirection in ColdFusion 8 running on IIS

I have a client that want's an alias directory name to automatically re-direct to a specific template... Alias http://www.host.com/thisplace Real Path http://www.host.com/somewhere/file.cfm?var=123&anothervar=567 Any suggestions on the best way to do

CFInclude vs. Custom vs CFC Tag for Presentation and Security

I'm just starting out with ColdFusion OOP and I am wanting to make a DIV which shows different links to users depending on what page they are on and what login rights (role) they have. Basically a 'context' menu. Should I put this toolbar/navigation

Do not get the desired output after running a QoQ

I'm running the following SQL queries and am not getting a desired output: <cfquery datasource = "XX.XX.X.XX" name="master"> SELECT count(Timedetail) as Occurances, date_format(Timedetail,'%m-%d-%Y') FROM MyDatabase WHERE EVENTS

How to deliver a big file with Coldfusion 8?

I am using Coldfusion 8 and I am trying to serve a file of 15mo with cf_content. The problem is that the download freezes randomly. At the moment, I only tried locally, therefore the network is not the problem. I have tried with smaller files and fre

Coldfusion 8 Error: Invalid image format or slow performance

Trying to troubleshoot someone else's not-so-great code. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. It seems to bomb out at the <cfif> that brings in the image: <cfif LEN(qryCampers.std_image_filename[iRow + iCol]) GT 0> If I comment out that if

Coldfusion string == true OR empty == false?

I am used to using PHP and JavaScript but I have now begun working on a project in Coldfusion. In PHP I am used to a string being "truthy" and empty/null being "falsy". This doesn't seem to hold true with Coldfusion (specifically v8) I

ColdFusion improves query performance in loops

I've got a database setup that is a bit on the complicated side, with several many-many tables. I'm trying to generate an XML document from this data. There's a bit of checking, like if a name is not defined in one language try to get the name from a

Coldfusion SOAP application overview

I need to consume a asp.net web service using ColdFusion 8 and return an XML file. I am able to communicate with asp.net service but am returned an error from the service that basically says the information I passed was not valid. Here is a run down

Coldfusion Application Scopes

I've been noticing on my CF server that my apps are starting to get quite slow. I'm attributing much of this to not caching some things, when indeed they should be cached. I would like to verify that this object is in the application scope and not cr

Oracle error: string buffer too small

I am running a basic query that retrieves rows based on basic conditional clauses, nothing complex. This works fine: <cfquery name="courses" datasource="banner"> SELECT * FROM tjucatalog WHERE (course_status = 'Active') AND CONCA

cfhttp on secure connections

I am having an issue using cfhttp to connect to a web service over a secure connection. I installed the certificate to the servers keystore awhile back and everything has been working fine. This morning it has stopped working. The certificate still h

64-bit ColdFusion 8 Download

I'm migrating one of our ColdFusion 8 servers to a 64-bit server and was wondering if anyone knows of a place to download the 64-bit version of ColdFusion 8? Thanks, PaulYou can download CF8 64 bit from here: http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/tdrc/index.c

Transmit the value of the form in global variable

Trying to pass a form value into a global var to be use in two functions but get this error document.PostReply is undefined or the javascript just crashes because getReplyId is undefined within the functions. No matter what I have tried I get one or

ColdFusion Web Service - Connection refused

I am receiving following error while connecting to ColdFusion web service from client machine org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpException : Connection refused: connect ( actual link to cfc component ) any idea?Check the remote machine's firewall conf

how to get the value of cf in javascript

I have the following code in cf and I want to alert out the values ...... ...... <cfelse> <cfset val = structFind(request.session.prefs, key)> <cfquery name="insertPref" datasource="database"> INSERT INTO `database`.`

Export to Excel Not Displaying Numbers Correctly

I'm having a hard time getting account numbers to display correctly when exporting data from database to an Excel spreadsheet. The account number for one company, shows up correctly. However, others don't. Users have to double click in the cell to se

Using the cachedwithin attribute in cfquery

When you use the cachedwithin attribute in a cfquery how does it store the query in memory. Does it store it by only the name you assign to the query? For example, if on my index page I cache a query for an hour and name it getPeople will a query wit