How do I load data on an already loaded view?

I have a little project, where i use codeigniter, jquery and bootstrap. I have "Startsite" where the user have to say: Option 1: Edit project Option 2: Create project I think it is useful to show my Controller as first: In the construct method i

Unable to pass value to controller code code

here is my code of the controller public function create($postdate) { $this->load->helper('form'); $this->load->library('form_validation'); $this->load->helper('url'); // $postdate = $this->uri->segment(3); echo $postdate; $data['t

As the query does not work properly

In Code igniter Model I am using like query to fetch all the products having first name rice which is not working controller while using get_where('name') it works fine. public function fetchdeal_products($id) { $this->db->select('*'); $this->db-

Encrypted parameter in URL using CodeIgniter

Hi I am making an app using CodeIgniter. I want to encrypt the numeric id into an encrypted string. from to I tried the built-in Encryption lib $this->encrypt->en

CI does not add data in db but adding '0'

I have a model, controller & view but when I fill in the form it just adds data into the data base where all the values are null anyone help? I've tried everything and I cannot get it to work, I am having the same issue with the register part however

PHP - Codeigniter - Redirect Loop

Whenever I visit my website at [website].com the page will continuously redirect until the browser shows This webpage has a redirect loop. BUT When I visit [website].com/[controller] then everything works fine. Not all of this may be relevant but I w

CodeIgniter and normal website

I have a web hosting which hold a website I run. I'm learning CodeIgniter so I would like to upload it a file in that web hosting and run some test and learn, CodeIgniter just for test, and keep using the website normally for users. Is there any rela

Codeigniter insert and select a field in a query

I am inserting a record successfully in the database table. The primary key (member_id) is set to auto_increment. I want when I insert a member record and a new member_id is created, to retrieve that same record id immediately from the same query. Is

Active recording of the codec where it does not work

I am running CodeIgniter, using active records. Below is my table structure: id (int) user (int) is_complete (tinyint) ------------------------------------------------ 1 24 1 2 24 1 3 24 NULL 4 24 0 5 24 0 Case 1 $this->db->where('user', 24); Query:

Saving multiple HTML text boxes in CodeIgniter

I would like to grab the values of several textarea fields and save them to the database. For now I have four of each with different values and I want to batch save these values, the textarea fields are: <textarea name="compedia[]"></te

How to get the current date in codeigniter

How to get current date in codeigniter in YY-mm-dd format. I wants to get current date in YY-mm-dd frmat and put this value into input text boxYou can use the PHP date function. date('Y-m-d'); Up to my knowledge, there is no separate date function in

CodeIgniter: separating admin, user and partner sites

My CodeIgniter web application must be divided in three big parts: Admin - unlimited access to editing, deleting and creating data User - read-only Partner - limited access to editing data, no deleting, no creating All parts are independent from each

Codeigniter: the display of the request causes a controller

I am trying to display my db query result in my controller, but I don't know how to do it. could you please show me? Controller function get_name($id){ $this->load->model('mod_names'); $data['records']=$this->mod_names->profile($id); // I want

CodeIgniter: Download a video on YouTube

I'm using CodeIgniter + Zend libraries. I want to let users upload videos to my site, which I will then upload to my YouTube channel. This is my first exposure to the YouTube API. Can someone point me in the right direction? Am I right to be looking

CodeIgniter 2.0 / PHPUnit it happened again?

So i've just had a pretty disappointing morning/weekend. It came in the form of setting up PHPUnit, Integrating Eclipse etc Now i've just discovered that there's no straightforward way to test CodeIgniter 2.0 applications directly from PHPUnit. I've

Codeigniter 2 on IIS with file web.config

I have a codeigniter app working fine locally with WAMP. However, I am having trouble getting it to work on an IIS server. Please note that I do not want to enable query strings. Here is what I currently have in my web.config file: <?xml version="