Visual Studio Virtual UI Test Hangs

Firstly I am using VS2013 Winforms .net 4.0. After excluding all other possibilities (from my set of possibilities) the culprit appears to be Me.close() in one specific form. After the me.close() method executes the coded-ui-test application seems to

Obtaining the Test Explorer Test List in VS

This is kind of a "high level"/simple question. I'm trying to get just a list of all the tests that are populated in my Test Explorer in VS2012. I'd like to compare it to a list of tests and I was wondering if there is any way to just get all th

Hierarchy coded by IU and MSAA

I'm opening a control using MSAA Server (Miscrosoft Active Accessibility) in order to automate tests over it using Coded UI. I'm using MSAA because the code is for VS2008 so UI Automation is unavailable. It works good except for the case when there a

Problem with Testing the current unit on Visual Studio 2012

I am getting the following error while building unit-test. Error: "IUnitTestStorage.Open should be called before operation can continue." I have never got this error before and all was working fine before this moment. I have tried deleting all b

conversion of a UI test coded VB to C # in Visual Studio

I have created a coded UI test using visual studio , I got the code in VB and I need it in c# ,is there a way to convert it to c# using visual studio? or that I must do the coded UI process all over again ?I had a similar problem last year where I wa

Visual Studio 2013 Coded UI Test

I am currently looking into UI testing with alternatives for Selenium, recently i made the switch to VS2013 from VS2012 and the first thing i notice is that, the Coded UI Test project template is missing. Anyone has a clue why this is missing and / o

Test method that runs once at the start of the test?

Basically I have a test with loads of [TestMethods], This is all well and good but I need to initialize some variables and I want to do it every time the Test runs and not make a [TestMethod] which I have to call to do it. Can this be done?What you w

The encoded UI test for DevExpress controls does not work

I am going to start work on new project in which i am using DevExpress controls with winform applicaiton. I want to do Coded UI test for winforms application and DevExpress controls. I have VS 2010 Ultimate and DevExpress Controls 12.2 version(latest

CUIT (UI coded tests) - search for dynamic controls

I am developing an automated testing application to test a web application. here i am unable to Locate the controls which are being created by the web application code dynamically. their properties keep changing. Example: Some controls will not appea

How to implement the Specflow application with WPF via MVVM

We have an app which is developed in wpf + DevExpress using MVVM pattern. We need to implement Specflow with MStest on viewmodel level. Have anyone tried this? Any pointers? Is codedUI any good at viewmodel level?I had two thoughts when I read that q