coded control ui query instead of waiting for control exists

I have coded ui tests with a lot of WaitForControlExists in them. This causes my tests to run slow. Basically if Playback.PlaybackSettings.SearchTimeout = 30000; and I have uicontrol.WaitForControlExists() it takes 30 seconds to get feedback from the

Microsoft UI Automation for Web Application

Has anyone tried "Microsoft UI Automation" for web application? I have a WPF application which has a embedded wpfbrowser. Since this is basically a desktop app, I cant use Selenium Webdriver. I tried CodedUI but i am facing a issue, Which i have

Type text with UiAutomator Android

I'm trying to test my app google signup / login feature, particularly the case that the user tries to add a new account that's not listed on the dialog. The setup used corresponds to the default google "add account" setup. The issue I'm having i

A faster way to search for higher-level windows in WPF CodedUI

I have several parts of my application that are supposed to close a window. Checking that these windows have been closed using Coded-UI is incredibly slow. Right now my code looks like this: Assert.IsFalse(UIMap.SomeWindow.TryFind(), "X Window found

How to manage navigation logic in Selenium Web driver tests

I'm new to selenium web driver. I am trying to implement an automated suite of tests and I am following the POM (Page Object Model). My question is about page navigation. I instantiate the web driver in my actual test. Do I then tell it which URL to

Visual Studio Controlled Tests - Different Projects

I have created a number of (separate) CodedUI projects within Visual Studio 2013, in order to test the basic functions of a website. Test-cases are created as separate projects, as I expect some (or all?) of them to change over time, and thus to ensu

CodedUI claims a nonexistent

my problem is that I want to check that an element is not displayed. In other words I want to check that an element was deleted. So I am developing an automatic test that has a option to disable comments. I want to check that the textfield for the co

Automated application testing with TFS

I think I'm missing a link somewhere in how microsoft expect TFS and automated testing to work together. TFS allows us to create test cases that have test steps. These can be merged into a variety of test plans. I have this all setup and working as I

How to define TestName in CodedUI?

I have a data driven CodedUI test method named myTestMethod, which uses XML for supplying input data. For each run on a data set, CodedUI reports something like this in the Test Explorer: Test Passed - myTestMethod (Data Row 0) Test Passed - myTestMe

uiitem.WaitForControlExist (milliseconds); Wait too long

When I use the method uiitem.WaitForControlExist(milliseconds); Execution waits too long. Muchmore of the specified parameter. Any idea? Just an example on UIMap.cs file: public void AnyAlertClickNo(int seconds) { #region Variable Declarations WinWin

'HtmlProperties' not supported in .NET Framework 4.5?

I've been studying about 'Coded UI' by following a step by step instruction on Hand-Coding a Coded UI Test. However, as I was typing the code, Visual Studio did not recognize HtmlProperties . Here's some of the code: UITestControl qEdit = new UITestC

Changing the UI control card, changing the control references

My problem is this, my main window's title is dynamic (it contains the version of the application), so when I recorded my coded ui tests, several objects were created for that window under the UIMap node in the UI Control Map named "MainWindow",

Search a button by its HTML code

I am writing Coded UI Test's for a web app. I am having problems such as I record actions using the test builder, however sometimes the button that is clicked has different information each time I run the test and as result VS can't find the button.

Coded user interface tests with different DPI settings

I have two main issues, both depending on the DPI settings: How can I test different DPI Settings with Coded UI Tests? How could I check ALL my forms, dialogs in my project, if all controls are visible (i.e. not truncated) Our project is written for

Static property C #, is initialized more than once

I have a class (codedUI), containing static properties, which are used to save variables from run to run: [CodedUITest] public class SomeClass { public static string MyStaticProp { get; set; } [TestMethod] public void TestMethod1() { SomeClass.MyStat

Prevents TestContext data from being automagically converted

I am parameterising my test cases by using data read from .csv files. One of the columns in the csv file has simple date values (as regular strings) in US format, eg mm/dd/yyyy. When the data is actually read and populated into a TestContext however,

How to close the browser (IE8) using Watin?

I am using Watin 2.0 to develop some automated UI tests. I cannot get Watin to close the browser after it has opened it. The Watin.Core.Browser object implements IDisposible but Dispose() does not do the trick. I have also tried using the Close() met