TFS build error on coded user interface test

I have a newly created coded UI test project that I checked into TFS. When it tries to build it fails and I have these two errors: The type or namespace name 'UITesting' does not exist in the namespace 'Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools' (are you miss

Coded user interface test codes

This question already has an answer here: How to run a test many times with data read from .csv file (data driving) 3 answers I Have a desktop Application in which I have 200 Test cases with different input parameters Now the issue is Every time I am

Coded user interface - track application development

I hope I can explain our current situation well. We have an application that is being upgraded from vb6 to a .net application, module by module. For example, our application is an accounting app and the next projected upgraded module will be General

Rerun CodedUI running test

I have a CodedUI test. It sporadic fail by exception(can't focus element). Can I do something like this [TestMethod] public void MySporadicFailedTest() { try { //Some Test action } catch((Exception ex)) { if (ex is System.Exception.ElementNotFocused)

Run CodedUI from MTM 2013

I want to run a codedUI test case using MTM 2013 Here is what I already have so far: I have codedUI test cases to test my web application. The solution of these test cases has got nothing to do with my web application. Now I have few test cases writt

Search with regular expressions in the coded user interface

I use Coded UI in VS2012. I would like to solve an interesting problem. For example, there is an application which has got a window and it has got a title with dynamic content. I would like to search this window via it's title. The next titles are th

why are some .NET methods written in parentheses?

This question already has an answer here: what is [] brackets in .net? [duplicate] 7 answers What are attributes in .NET? 11 answers I am new to programming and this might be a very elementary question, but I was wondering what items placed inside [b

Encoded UI test fails with MSTest under Jenkins

I am using Jenkins for my project CI. And several automation test cases developed by Coded UI(C# language) will be run when the new build is deployed. I created a job on the master(windows) that MSTest those test cases(note: with MSTest under cmd, te

Programmatically search a coded ui ui

I have an object in a codedui uimap ... let's say it's UIMap.Browser.Document.Table.Row.Cell E.g., your code looks like this : UITestControl testcontrol = this.UIMap.Browser.Document.Table.Row.Cell; I need to find the object "Cell" as a fully qu

Performing automated user interface tests as part of CI

I'm working on an automated test suite for a large WPF application. I've created a wrapper library for Microsoft Windows Automation API (previously known as UI Automation Framework), and I use it in order to implement various sanity tests. My team wo

How do you use ClassInitialize in a coded user interface test?

I'm playing around with Coded UI Tests, writing some tests for the calc.exe application. I'm trying to use ClassInitialize to open the application so all my tests can run with the application open instead of each test having to open and close the app

Visual Studio adds the bin file to the project

Environment:VS 2010. TFS. For one of my projects, whenever I compile, VS adds a bin folder to my project. I can delete it, but when I compile, it is re-added. This is a behavior I have not seen before and does not exist in other projects in the solut

Can not recognize MSAA controls

I have started to automate my windows application using coded UI tests recently and facing issue while accessing some of the MSAA control. I am hand coding my automation and do not want to add controls to UI Map and then use it. The control on which

What is the best way to test the Silverlight UI?

I wanna a feedback how to write and maintain UI Test I use unit test for ViewModel logic, and sometime functionnal test (with Specflow or something like that). But what is the best for UI testing ? Visual studio 2010 test (Coded Ui Tests) ? Watin, wh

Do I need Team Foundation Server to use CodedUI?

I'd like to write some basic tests for our web and Winforms applications. I already own Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate. Do I also need TFS in order to use the new CodedUI tests?No you don't need to have TFS in order to use Coded UI tests. You can create