convert c ++ code to xml files for code analysis

I would like a simple windows tool for converting c++\c header and source code to xml for analysis. For instance, #include "something.h" void CSomething::CheckIt(DWORD x) { if (x > 1) { // Do something } } Will be converted to <XML> <

Code Analysis Issue in Visual Studio

Please find the below code: private static void HandleValidationError(ILogger logger, HttpRequestMessage requestMessage, HttpStatusCode statusCode, string message) { logger.LogError(LoggingSources.API, message); throw new HttpResponseException(reques

Disable the MSBuild Code Analysis Output

I am building projects using a build definition. When this executes, Code Analysis is also performed. Code Analysis outputs various files including: ConsoleApplication2.exe.CodeAnalysisLog.xml ConsoleApplication2.exe.lastcodeanalysissucceeded Is ther

How to count the number of functions in a C ++ project?

Is there any tool that analyse and reports number of functions (including member functions) in a C++ project? I need to replace a global variable with a class member in a VC++ project. Then I need to introduce a local reference that points to new cla

How to disable warnings in a single project?

I have a legacy project in my solution without comments and many warnings. I want to not see warnings about this specific project but I want to see warnings of the other projects in the same solution. Is it possible? edit: I mean "all warnings"

How to create a simple static call graph in Java?

I would like to generate a simple call graph in order to be able to analyze the flow of execution in methods in java. So for example, if in the code I'm able to go from method X to method Y in a number of method calls, then I would like to generate t

Tool for incremental static code analysis?

Are there any, free, tools which allow incremental static analysis of code (for SVN and preferably Git)? Currently we are using Sonar (2.12 I think?) but the problem is the time it needs to analyse all the code in our project which is 40-60minutes. A

TFS build fails because of code parser settings

I've turned on Code Analysis for all of my projects, and have verified code analysis is on for each configuration (Debug, Release, QA, etc). My local builds are of course fine, my TFS builds are failing still. Here is the failed output XML file in th

PyDev: @DynamicAttrs for modules

In the program I am writing, I created a module called settings that declares a few constants but loads other from a configuration file, placing them in the module namespace (for example: the value of π might be in the code of the module, but the wei

& ldquo; Good & rdquo; Flay Score

I'm working on a rails project and we're running Flay on it. Its got a score of ~1400 and I'm unsure what this really means. I know that 0 is ideal but I'm unsure what a good target would be and what a realistic upper-bound for a project should be. I

Configure FxCop in Visual Studio 2008 to run a subset of rules

I've set up FxCop 1.36 as an external tool in Visual Studio 2008, run it on a project and received a ridiculous number of messages. I can't deal with all those warnings so I'd like to concentrate only on a subset of the warnings. Is it possible to co

Java code analysis and structure by tool or plugin

Is there any tool that helps analyse code structure in a java project, either as an eclipse pluggin or as a standalone? I guess something similar to what Structure101 seems to do, but I am looking for something free. I.e. to visualize dependencies am

Assembly link redirection and code analysis

I'm using DotNetOpenAuth (which references System.Web.Mvc version in a Mvc project in Visual Studio 2010. I'm using assembly binding redirection as follows:- <runtime> <assemblyBinding xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v1

How to get callgrind to display information on the source line?

I'm trying to profile a shared library on GNU/Linux which does real-time audio processing, so performance is important. I run another program which hooks it up to the audio input and output of my system, and profile that with callgrind. Looking at th

Do I have to delete CA1062: Validate public method arguments?

I've recently upgraded my project to Visual Studio 2010 from Visual Studio 2008. In Visual Studio 2008, this Code Analysis rule doesn't exist. Now I'm not sure if I should use this rule or not. I'm building an open source library so it seems importan

Java OO code analysis in Eclipse

I have seen this question, but it's not what I'm looking for. There used to be a plugin for JBuilder or Together that analyzed your code to find when one class depended too much on another class and things like that. It suggested refactoring based on

Free or Commercial Code Analysis Service for Visual Basic

Anyone know a good code analysis service or tool for Like the one for c# with visual studio 2008 team edition or style cop for c# Update: My bad ,I am only using the visual studio pro in my new work place,so I could not use the code analysis

C # lock and code scan warning CA2002

In my application I have a form that starts synchronization process and for number of reasons I want to allow only one synchronization to run at a time. So I've added a static bool field to my form indicating whether sync is in progress and added a l

Is there a way to understand the best callers of a C function?

Say I have function that is called a LOT from many different places. So I would like to find out who calls this functions the most. For example, top 5 callers or who ever calls this function more than N times. I am using AS3 Linux, gcc 3.4. For now I

How can I remove static code analysis during build?

We have a solution with 15 projects, which all has code analysis enabled. The solution easily takes 60+ seconds to build, which is a very long time when sitting waiting. If I disable code analysis it builds in 10 sesonds. I would love to be able to d

View compiler warnings

I'm looking for a way to visualize compiler warnings and remarks, by annotating or otherwise showing which lines cause a report. This is much like a modern IDE like NetBeans or Eclipse already does, but I'd like to take output from several compilers

Tool to view hierarchy trees of functions?

Any code-analysis or "reverse-engineering" tool that can do either of these?: Calculate which classes are sub-classes of which classes Calculate which classes instantiate which classes -- (like VS Class Designer) Calculate which functions call w