Make a SOAP request with Objective C

I'm trying to make a query to the National Rail Enquiries system using SOAP, using Objective C. Unfortunately, I'm not getting very far with it. I've tried a few things, and all that happens is that I get an empty set of results back. National Rail,

What approach should I use when applying the tab bar

I'm started to work at new place as iOS programmer. I joined existing project and got an assignment that i don't really know how to approach. So my problem is this: when you press a button, next window has to have a tab bar with four icons, this mean

Objective-C protocols do not send messages

I have read around, and it seems as though delegates would be really useful in my app. Unfortunately, every tutorial about protocols I have tried has failed - the delegate is not receiving the message! It would be great if someone could tell me what

UIButton with rounded corners and border

I want to set border on UIButton and rounded corners ONLY in one side I use this code: //set rounded corners on top UIBezierPath *maskPath = [UIBezierPath bezierPathWithRoundedRect:self.scanButton.bounds byRoundingCorners:(UIRectCornerTopLeft | UIRec

Date comparison in iOS

I'm trying to check if the time between two dates is larger than 3 months, but have had no success. Here is what I am trying. Am I doing something incorrectly? Even if I set the detailTextDate at yesterday, it will still display the evaluationLabel.

Number of a specific weekday between two NSDates

How can I find the count of a specific weekday occurring between two NSDates? I have searched for quite a while but came up with only solution in which number of total weekdays have been counted, not only the one specific week day.The idea of the fol

plist file not be found

I'm trying to write a simple array to a plist file and then later on retrieve it. I have the following code: + (NSString*) dataFilePath { NSArray *paths = NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains(NSDocumentationDirectory, NSUserDomainMask, YES); NSString

Debugging policies when UITableView cells do not load?

I am trying to embed a UITableView into my ViewController's main UIView that is 75% the width of the screen. Ideally this UITableView would also be embedded into a Navigation Controller. Also, it seems I cannot use UIContainerViews with iOS 5 because

Move from the main view to a different view

I am attempting to use a button to go from one View (XIB) to another View. I'm using Xcode 4.3.2 and iOS 5. I start off by creating the project (Single View Application). I then create my button in Interface Builder, create my outlet in the header fi

Determine the location of a long-term gesture recognition tool

Currently I have Long Pres Gesture Recognizers on four different TableViews (two in each storyboard scene, therefore two storyboard scenes). I create these LPGR's with the following code in my ViewDidLoad method... //Add Long Press Gesture Reconizer

All elements in NSMutableArray disappear after copying

I am initializing a view controller with a NSMutableArray. But in init, I have to init with NSMutableArray, but all the elements disappeared after that. UIViewController* vc = [[[PhotoAlbumViewController alloc] initWithImages:imageArrayBig] autorelea

IOS: move an UIImageView

In my app I want to move a little UIImageView with inside a .png; this is a little insect and I want to simulate his flight. At example I want that this png do when it move an inverted eight as the infinite simbol ∞You may use CoreAnimation. You can

Is it possible to delete Game Center points or achievements?

Is it possible to decrease a user's points in Game Center based on something in the app?Straight from the GameKit Programming Guide - (void) resetAchievements { // Clear all locally saved achievement objects. achievementsDictionary = [[NSMutableDicti

how to obtain degrees of objects?

float mcount=0; mcount += 0.3; CGAffineTransform transform = CGAffineTransformMakeRotation(mcount); Clock.transform = transform; i want GET Degree! how to get rotation(degree) of this Object ? for exampke 90 degree. i have Action Script 3 example : m

NSTimer invalidation

If I create a timer which never repeats [NSTimer scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval:3.0 target:self selector:@selector(updateSystems) userInfo:nil repeats:NO]; do I still need to invalidate it? Also, is releasing the instance one step in the invalidate m

iOS Go to another point of view

I have a navigation based app. The root view is a list of items. From this root view you can tap on a table cell to an item's detail view. Or you can go to a form view to create a new item via the 'Add' button in the nav bar. My question is how I can

Refresh the iPhone For the progress bar

How would i show that the progress bar is working there is no Refresh() in objective-c like there is in .net what would i use for example contactprogress.progress = 0.5; StatusLabel.text = @"Status: Address Found"; How would i refresh the view t

Extracting text from pdf using objective-c (libz.dylib)

I have imported the pdf.h file in my view controller class and tried calling NSString *outPutString = convertPDF(pathToPdfFile); but while building it gives me linker error: _convertPDF" refrenced from: -[ScriptViewController searchBarSearchButtonCli

Pass an int between a view and its subview

I have a view called PatternsViewController and a subview named SolutionsViewController. I want to pass a variable in PatternsViewController named iteration to my SolutionsViewController, right before I present it with solutions = [[SolutionsViewCont

Cocoa-Touch: UITableView does not resize

I have an app, which has a top navigation bar and a bottom tab bar. One of the tabs displays a table's XIB file with my custom controller. This UITableView is created by a MyTableViewController class. I have a problem with the table's size. The table

Switching views with busy indicator in cocoa

I'm loading a view from a tableview touched cell that contains a photo that is downloaded from the web. I've set up a busy indicator that is called when the cell is touched and then turn it off in the viewdiddisappear method but when you touch the ce

IPhone application keyboard

I want to add buttons like previous, next, done, Go when I am filling out some text fields in my iPhone application. Could you let me know how can I do that? Thanks.iPhone app is usually composed from multiple UIViewControllers. Each UIViewController

Why is my iPhone application crashing?

When I try to allocate a Texture2D the app just crashes. I've stepped through the code where the crash occurs... all I can tell is "EXC BAD ACCESS". Here is the line in the app delegate that makes it crash: _textures[myTex] = [[Texture2D alloc]