Java client server security

In our old project, we had WCF service with message security (certificate and login/password) and WPF client. Now we need something similar (JavaFX client and server) on the Java. Also, we need a way to get current logged user on the server side insi

Sending image via TCP

I'm trying to send a jpg file from a client to a server using TCP. When the picture arrives to the server side I can't open it, besides the size of the picture received is higher than the one sent (sent = 880 bytes , received = 894 bytes). Any one of

Server Socket Programming TCP connection address already in use

This works for me now . But then i have to make sure reconnect by client is started after sometime say two minute . As starting client again takes a little while and address already in use is thrown. But after a minute it is allowed to bind and liste

Using FileStream and managing its strange exceptions

The following code works for me when i have a fixed file+filepath declared in my code and is understood to work. NetworkStream netStream = client.GetStream(); string FileName = @"D:\John\FYL\video1.mp4"; Directory.CreateDirectory(Path.GetDirecto

Ways to connect client side to server side

When connecting the client to the server (the server written in node or one of its frameworks) I am told there are 3 ways this can be accomplished. The first, and most obvious to me, is using AJAX. The second can be done by using My questi

How to make this map routing work

I'm trying to make this map routing work for my .net client-server application using angularJS. It's my first time doing map routing and angularJS so I'm having quite an hard time understanding how it works. Basically, I have a website with Client an

Java readline () keeping the socket open

I am trying to have my client connect to my server, and depending on the command send some string back to the client. Currently the app connects and can send strings to the server very nicely. However when I send the command which instructs the serve

Send a message continuously

I am developing an application in which client sends messages to server and server receives messages. But in my application when I am sending message, it is received by server only once. If I have to send message again to server I have to Force close

Java overhead with threads. Do I have to use plugs or outlets?

I have two designs for an instant message program that I'm writting in Java The first idea uses 2 separate threads. The first thread overlooks the gui and sends out the instant message data through writing to a blocking socket. The 2nd thread uses an

Do not receive messages in the TCP client / server program

I am trying to implement a tcp client and tcp server. I am able to establish the connection but when I send a message from the client, the server doesn't receive it and yes I did look at the previous posts and there were alot of similar problems. I d

How to create the superclass from the subclass

I have an client-server application. The client has a class: public class Item public string name; public string size; and the server has a class which lets me store it using JPA public class PersistableItem extends Ite

Fast data transfer server (image) client using Boost Asio

I'm relatively new to network programming and have some questions on best practices for continuous fast data (image) transfer between a client and a server using Boost Asio. Important point, we cannot apply compression that lowers image quality. We u

How to get the IP address of the client in Lua Sockets

I'm having trouble locating how I go about getting the ip address of each client as they connect to my server, using LuaSockets; Also: I apologise if this has been answered in another post, but I could find it; Link me if this is the case. Cheers!get

Protect sensitive entity data

I'm looking for some advice on architecture for a client/server solution with some peculiarities. The client is a fairly thick one, leaving the server mostly to peristence, concurrency and infrastructure concerns. The server contains a number of enti

Preventing Simultaneous Editing of Data in a Web Application

I am building a web app in Silverlight which allows users to view and edit a database. In order to prevent multiple users from editing the same data, I was thinking of implementing a lock and key mechanism, so that other users are made to wait when o

postgresql and firewall

I will be building a server/client software on Windows, where many machines need to communicate with a Postresql database running on the server. This is C++ software so I will use libpq to connect to the database. If I do this, will there be issues w

My basic Java server accepts 3 clients instead of 2

Okay, this sounds simple, but I tried all the simple things and it still doesn't work properly. import*; import*; public class MyServer{ public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException { int MAX_PLAYERS = 1; int players =

Design of a client / server program, design question (.Net)

We are designing a client/server program and I need some help with a design decision. The server side of the program will run as a service on a number of Windows servers, the service is monitoring those servers, when needed the service will email us