How to clone ui-sref

I'm looking to write a directive that allows clicks on an outer element to clone the ui-sref of one of its contained elements such that clicking on the outer element behaves the same as clicking on the .cloned element <div clone-click=".cloned&quo

How to add +1 to a text value every click I make?

I want to add +1 to a text value but when I click it doesn't add anything... I think is a updating time but i am not sure... <input type="text" id="cliccare" value="0"> <img src="

Delphi XE3 fixed string click event stringgrid does not fire

I have a StringGrid component in Delphi. I would like to catch when user clicks to the fixed cells (header). When I bound FixedCellClick event to the grid, event can only detects the click using the left button of the mouse. If I try that with the ri

JQuery switches opacity with one click

I have two divs (A and B) and two buttons and I'm trying to achieve this effect: when I click on one button the opacity of div A increase, while opacity of div B decrease, and vice versa. But it seems to work only when decrease... Can't understanfd w

execute a single click or a double click. Not both

I need to execute one function on single click and other function on double click. Problem I am facing is due to the fact that we can not have double click event without first having two single clicks. I want, whenever we have double click then only

Jquery .click () does not work with multiple buttons

I want show alertbox on click button but more of button the some ID attr and work click on first button but not working click on second button. Jquery; jQuery("#submit").click(function(e){ alert("message"); }); HTML; (Repeat html per m

Powershell - click on a link href in div

I'm sure this must have been answered before but I guess I just don't know what I should be using in my search terminology. I'm trying to get powershell to click on a simple 'a href' link. But all the powershell examples I've found for clicking on th

How to replace click with touchstart on iOS devices

Objective To close the parent div of an anchor tag when clicked. In the code below, I want to hide div performance_tt when the user clicks on anchor tag close_performance_tt. Problem Unable to get it to work on iOS devices after spending several hour

.stopPropagation () is TOO COMPLETE: /

I have some code. Basically the entire DIV is clickable, but I need ONE button within that DIV to perform a different function to the rest of the DIV, I've tried .stopPropagation() but it's TOO thorough, as it disables the OTHER function I am trying

Drag a div using scrollleft jQuery

I'm pretty new to jQuery, so this is probably a noobish question. I want to move a div left and right, manually (not animated). Specifically, I want to be able to click a Left button, and it moves left 100px, or click a Right button, and it moves rig

How to simulate a mouse click in C #, which will work in games?

When i play Age of empires or and other strategy game i often need to sell some resource 100 times and then by another. It's annoying :( I wrote a program which helps me by clicking the mouse using : //This is the decleration [DllImport("user32.dll&q

Can not disable links in iframe with jQuery

I want to disable all links inside an iFrame. The iFrame is actually the preview frame for the markItUp text editor. I have tried the following based on another Stack Overflow answer but it does not work for me: $(".markItUpPreviewFrame a").live

hashchange only when you do not click

I'm using this $(window).bind('hashchange', gotohash); to add deep linking to my app. My problem is that it also fires when I click an <a> with href=#whatever and I only want to use it when the user uses the back and forward buttons of the browser o

Problem with the button click event in jquery

I am using jQuery on button click to show div but don't know why its not working... HTML: <input type="button" id="addmoresg" value="Add More" name="button"> <div id="addsg" style="display:no

Try to target a specific DIV with jQuery

Simple problem with what seems to be an incredibly difficult solution. I have a DIV wrapper with a z-index that is lower than a DIV that is inside the wrapper. (basically a background with a DIV on top of it) When I run the console.log() on the wrapp

jQuery .live () does not work with a click event

I have an ajax calendar which changes the month when some arrows are clicked. For some reason, the click event is not working within the live() method. It used to work, but now it does not for some reason. If I replace live() with click() it works, b

JavaScript autoclick child node element

I've been endlessly looking for a working way to automate a mouse click on a specific element using javascript (I'm making a user-script). The structure is like the below: <div id="elementContainer"> <div class="item1" style=&

How to configure an Android SeekBar to be irremovable / frozen?

In my XML, I've set the focusable, focusableInTouchMode, clickable, and longClickable variables to false, yet I can still click and move the SeekBar. Do I need to actually change the listener events to do this? That seems so unnecessary.mySeekBar.set

click on the event in the question jQuery

I have 2 click event functions that are practically identical... one works and the other doesn't. // click event on buddy in #chatpanel $('#chatpanel a.buddy').click(function() { // if a chat window is already active, close it and deactivate $('#main

jQuery; combine user click and checked

I have two blocks of code which basically check for 1) a click event on a radio button e.g. $("input[id='frmSkill']").click(function(){ //do something }); And 2) a block of code to check if a radio button is :checked, if so, then perform some ac