checkbox tick one at a time does not work in gridview

I have multiple checkboxes inside gridview What i want is, if I select one checkbox and go to select another the first checkbox should get unchecked and second should get checked. I tried below code $('.chk').on('change', function () { alert('click')

Toggle text input when the RadioBox entry is checked

I'm trying to connect between radiobox when it is clicked, to toggle (I mean automaticly click on) the text input So, I did the following: <input type="radio" name="t" value="" onclick="<!-- Connect to text input !

Problem with creating multiple checkboxes on a fly

I am trying to read all the file name from a specific folder and trying to create multiple checkbox in JFrame with the same name. So, if there are 5 files in the folder, application should show 5 checkboxes in the frame. Here is my code. JFrame frame

activated select the option in the row with the check box

Please help i want to enable select with checkbox if the checkbox is checked within the row. the code only works within the first row but the rest is not working. the id of my checkbox is roomCheck and name is chkbox <table name = "mytab1" id

Create dynamic checkboxes by iterating JSONArray in DOJO

I am new to DOJO and I am using DOJO 1.5.0 version. I want to create dynamic checkboxes by iterating JSONArray in DOJO. This dynamic creation will be done on a particular event like when we selecting some combo-box value. For example consider below J

Assigning Model Instance Attributes Based on a Checkbox Value

I have a user model that has stage_name and real_name string attributes. What I'd like to do is in my _form.hmlt.erb have a checkbox next to the real name input box that asks, Real name is stage name?. If checked then I'd like to assign the real name

Select / Deselect All Dynamic Boxes in Rails 4 with Javascript

I have followed this StackOverflow Question's Answer1 and Answer2 but not getting result.. As I am calling all checkbox list's data from Range tabel. and their id is also defined by data.. Let me show you the code for this screenshot = f.collection_c

JQuery checkbox on change

hope you are all doing well! So I have been trying to get this thing work. Demo can be found here: Basically, I have a form, consists of multiple rows of checkbox-textbox-textbox-textbox-textbox. Each time the user clicks t

Save a check box state on a specific line of the C # file

I've searched multiple solutions and coudnt find the one specificly adressing my issue: What i want to accomplish is to save a state of checkbox to specific line of file. I have used identical code for saving patch of file from openFileDialog. if (op

Create checkboxes on different tabs

I am a noob in programming - I am trying to checkboxes on different tabs I have a 2d array with 3 items per line 1. the checkbox name 2. checkbox tag(which is used elsewhere) 3. the tab name the checkbox needs to be on. I have been unable to figure o

Message not received from php form check box

I'm posting from the HTML code shown in this jsfiddle to the PHP page for which the code is below. The issue is that the array $_POST['selectedpost'] isn't being received. That's the array containing which checkboxes were ticked. In the js fiddle I a

Check a specific box using JS

I am looking to check a specific check box by calling its name. The name is c[featured_ad] and I will share what I've attempted below. Thanks for your help. JavaScript: <script type="text/javascript"> window.onload = function() { $('input:

Angular Get Selected CheckBoxes

I have a list of dynamically filled checkboxes using angular. <div ng-repeat="X in XList"> <label>{{X.Header}}</label> <input type="checkbox" name="X" value="{{X.Item.Id}}" /> <p>{{X.He

labels for checkboxes with the same name

I'm writing a small application in which users are able to define popups on a map by selecting from a list of checkboxes. Each checkbox corresponds to a specific data value, and the list is generated dynamically. As I get the data, I loop through it

Close the check boxes and choose the checkbox: checked?

I have an array for each array attribute an input checkbox is looped, I can return the value of the checked input, but it outputs every instance of the array. $('#moon-generator-settings .moon-generator-attr').each(function() { if ( $(this).val() !==

Defining the property of an object in another procedure

I have an object that has some properties: Obj.Big Obj.Rotate Obj.Paint Obj.Lines etc. They are all boolean type properties. In my main procedure, I call another procedure: procedure TMainForm.Create(Sender:TObject); begin SetParameter(BigCheckBox, O

How to check if the checkbox in gridview is checked

I have a devexpress gridview, and in one of the columns is a checkbox. I want to check to see if the checkbox in that column is selected in the focused row, and if so, perform some action. How should I go about checking if the checkbox is checked? bo

Android - NullPointerException at setOnCheckedChangeListener

I'm trying to customize an AlertDialog by adding RadioButton and CheckBox to ask for information from users. However, the app crashes when loading the dialog and I get NullPointerException when adding setOnCheckedChangeListener to both radio buttons

select all the check boxes only works twice

I got this code from stackoverflow which looks like a pretty good "select all" checkbox solution, any ideas why it fails after 2nd click? <table> <tr> <td> <input type='checkbox' value='0' class=

Twitter Bootstrap Checkbox JavaScript

I am making checkboxes/radio/toggle groups for Bootstrap, but I failed with checkboxes - can you help me to make them work? HTML: <form id="edit-accounts" class="form-horizontal" method="post"> <fieldset> <div

Checkbox onClick problem with jquery

i have an issue with checkboxes and jquery. I set and event click on father(div) that check the checkbox, but if i click on checkbox directly it dosen't check. You can find the code here: Thanks.How about that: http:

Using checkboxes in the rails

I've never used checkboxes in rails before and can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. When I try to load my page, I get an error that says NoMethodError in Dplans#show, undefined method "merge" for "Art":String Here is the code for my

limited check the CheckBox in C #

I made a win form and give some checkboxes that show the courses avilable for the student and by checing the checkbox he will able to tell that which courses he want to do but i want to restirct him when he check the three courses and if he try to ch

ASP.NET Screen Scrape Post Simulate

I'm trying to download and parse the HTML of a web page. Recently, the source website moved from having all of their information on one page to hiding part of it behind javascript. There's a "Show All" check box that needs activated in order to