How to handle Unicode characters in Java

I want to replace "\u0023 \u0024 ab" with: "\\u0023 \\u0024 ab" to maintain its encoding before storing it in database. There can me many different values after \u, not just 0023, 0024. I tried using str.replace("\"\\");

Unicode to Non-Unicode conversion

I have some unicode characters in an NVarchar field named PostalCode. When I convert them to Varchar, there is a ? in the result. My code is: select PostalCode, cast((PostalCode) as varchar)) as val from table and the result is: PostalCode | val 0530

What is the source format of this Cyrillic script?

I am editing a webpage whose visible text is in Russian and whose encoding is set to UTF-8. I'm not a Russian speaker by the way. So I am aiming to copy and paste the rendered cyrillic from a browser into the html source of a newly edited version of

Difficulties with character encoding in Python

I am receiving data via GET request parameters. Some of theese parameters are strings, and I'm having a tough time being able to display them correctly due to encoding issues I guess. This is an example of what I receive: {'id_origen': u'9', 'apellid

Encoding characters in my html jsp page

I have a jsp, I draw a set of charts in which it is collecting live data from Twitter. Am displaying the usernames from Twitter. It has all different languages from all over the world. The names even has many different fonts. I need to display As it

Java creates an InputStreamReader object from InputStream

I have a web service receiving a upload text file. So on the server side, I got an InputStream object, and I try to wrap it as an InputStreamReader with "UTF8" as the charset. But I notice when I upload a file encoded in US-ASCII can also work.

UTF8 - & gt; Latin1 Difficulty, PHP

I'm losing accented characters. From PHP I download an xml file which uses UTF8, while my PHP script uses Latin1. I can't manage to convert the UTF8 into Latin1. I've tried this: $meta=mb_convert_encoding($meta,'CP1252','UTF-8'); and $meta=mb_convert

h: outputScript tag and charset attribute, is this possible?

First of all, I'd like to say that I've already posted this question in another forum, but as I haven't had any answers until now, and this is an important issue to me, I'm asking it here too. The HTML <script> tag has the charset attribute, but I c

Encoding: used 'utf 8' - question

Can I omit the use 'utf8'-pragma when I am already using use encoding 'utf8'? #!/usr/bin/env perl use warnings; use 5.012; use Encode qw(is_utf8); use encoding 'utf8'; my %hash = ( '☺' => "☺", '\x{263a}' => "\x{263a}", 'ä' =>

The servlet response wrapper has an encoding problem

A servlet response wrapper is being used in a Servlet Filter. The idea is that the response is manipulated, with a 'nonce' value being injected into forms, as part of defence against CSRF attacks. The web app is using UTF-8 everywhere. When the Servl

Strange characters on the web page

I'm getting product descriptions from Amazon web service and storing them in MySQL. I've noticed that, for some characters, what is stored in the database is not the same as what is displayed on my webpage. For example, the hyphen - is showing as â€"

Best practice for handling non-English characters in Ruby?

My program file is encoded in UTF-8 so "abc".length == 3 but "åäö".length == 6. I realize that å, ä, ö, etc. are stored as two bytes in UTF-8, and that a Ruby String is a sequence of bytes (not characters), but it is annoying! Is there

Character encoding problem on my website

I own a website that was recently moved to a different server, now I can see some weird characters. Initially the website was coded with UTF-8 encoding. The weird characters disappears if I change the View > Character encoding to Western(8859-1) in m

FileStream and Encoding

I have a program write save a text file using stdio interface. It swap the 4 MSB with the 4 LSB, except the characters CR and/or LF. I'm trying to "decode" this stream using a C# program, but I'm unable to get the original bytes. StringBuilder s

Change the coding of UTF-8 to ISO-8859-2 in Javascript

I would like to change string encoding from UTF-8 to ISO-8859-2 in Javascript. How can I do it? I need it because I've designed a widget. User just copies < script > tag from my site and puts it on his. This script creates div and puts into div widg

Encode citations in the HTML body?

Should I encode quotes (such as " and ' -> ” and ’) in my HTML body (e.g. convert <p>Matt's Stuff</p> to <p>Matt’s Stuff</p>)? I was under the impression I should, but a co-worker said that it was no big deal. I'm dubious b

mysql php character set: html international content storage

i'm completely confused by what i've read about character sets. I'm developing an interface to store french text formatted in html inside a mysql database. What i understood was that the safe way to have all french special characters displayed proper

How do you echo a 4-digit Unicode character in Bash?

I'd like to add the Unicode skull and crossbones to my shell prompt (specifically the 'SKULL AND CROSSBONES' (U+2620)), but I can't figure out the magic incantation to make echo spit it, or any other, 4-digit Unicode character. Two-digit one's are ea