User data sometimes gets confused

I am building a website where I have followed MVC to manage my code without using any frameworks. I have put all of my queries inside cfcs and am initializing them inside my Application.cfm, storing them in application variables like below: <cfset ap

CFC call via Ajax-POST does not work

We have the following problem: A CFC-method that is called from AJAX suddenly redirects the request to cfcexplorer instead of executing the request. The strange thing is, that the problem only occurs when we make the ajax call via "POST" method,

Export to Excel - Hidden field does not generate results

I've a simple CFC file that contains the different functions for different queries & a separate function that displays the reports dynamically based on the queries. All the queries work except one which returns approx. 50k rows. Its just a blank scre

Integration of jquery with coldfusion cfc and checkbox

I am new to jquery and want to accomplish the following. 1) Generate and show a form when a button is clicked 2) Have the user use checkboxes on that form to indicate who they want to send the email to 3) For every checked box in the dialog box, use

Legacy CFCs do not fill

I have two CFC's which are Beans with DAO functions. I have set up inheritance where the child cfc extends the parent. Both objects have identical structures; Functions: init, read, etc. and Properties: ID, etc. When I create the child object, I pass

Component Mapping in Railo

I would like to put all of my CFC into /components folder and be able to call them from different places in application eg. from /forums/index.cfm. How would I go about setting the mappings?Summary... There are multiple ways to setup a mapping, and i

By using & ldquo; var this & quot; inside remote CFC methods

I've inherited a project where there are a number of remote CFC's opened up for some Ajax requests and inside most methods in the CFC have the following: <cfset var this.response = true /> Now I've never seen the var and this scope used together lik

Need to verify data returned in a Coldfusion component

I have a .cfc on my server that I use to run a query and send the result back to a phonegap app. I cannot get the syntax right to check if any data has been returned in a query and send back a string in the result like "no data found" to display

how to trace or connect from a CFC file

Is there a way through the brasiers like firebug or another browser plugin to do traces or log console from a cfc file. I'm completely new to CF so sorry if this seems like a stupid question.There is a cftrace tag that will allow you to log output to

ColdFusion CFC returning the number of records

Question: I have a CFM calling my CFC on the cfform action line: In my CFC, I have output="false". I am needing the record count sent back to my CFM. When I run my CFM and enter the form info my queries are running successfully, but it is not co

CFINPUT to update the data in the grid

I have CFINPUT text boxes (type= datefield) that are bound to a cfgrid. When a row is selected the input display from the grid's datastore. What I would like to do is not use the edit functionality of the grid since there is much coding involved with

When to change your variables in ColdFusion components?

(a) What cases should you var scope variables and (b) what cases should you not var scope in a ColdFusion components?You should var scope your variables when you're implementing a function inside a CFC that is shared across multiple requests (i.e. Si

SQL Array returned as a number, no string in ColdFusion

In Coldfusion, I'm using a cfc that binds one select box to another (basically, choose a State from one box, the second box is populated with County names.) The value for the County box is a 5-digit number WHICH IS FORMATTED AS TEXT (ie. the value co

Best practice for using data sources in a CFC

I have an application which uses context sensitive datasources. Currently I keep the datasource information stored a such reqeust.DB.Datasource = "DatasourceName"; request.DB.Username = "DatasourceUsername" request.DB.Password = "

CFC expands brother's file

I've seen all kinds of solutions for extending cfcs in parent folders with access to parent files or the CF administration, but I have not seen a workable solution to extend a cfc in a "shared"/sibling folder without access to parent folders. Th

Call the parent method substituted from the parent method

Heres the situation. Component B extends component A and overrides the init method to accept a different parameter. A also has a create method that calls init. If i have an instance of B and i call create, its calling the wrong init - it calls init i

Find who's calling the method

I'd like to somehow find out which CFC is calling my method. I have a logging CFC which is called by many different CFC's. On this logging CFC there's a need to store which CFC called for the log. Whilst I could simply pass the CFC name as an argumen

combobox dataprovider

I have the following: <mx:RemoteObject id="myCFC" destination="ColdFusion" source="components.myCFC" showBusyCursor="true"> <mx:method name="getStuff" result="UserHandler(event);"/> &

Flex: Save an editable data grid via a CFC

I have an editable datagrid which I need to be able to save with other form fields via a CFC in ColdFusion. Basically the aim is that there are a number of locations retrieved via an RO which make up the first column the remaining columns are types o

Are ColdFusion objects transmitted by reference or value?

Are ColdFusion objects (i.e. CFCs invoked via cfobject) normally passed by reference or by value (copied in memory)? And is it possible to force ColdFusion to pass an object in either manner?ColdFusion objects are passed by reference. There's not rea