Center the activity indicator on its layer

I have not been able to solve this problem searching on the net. I have an Activity indicator view with a layer I would like to customize. More specifically I want to increase its size. The problem is that the activity indicator is not centered anymo

Positioning the text on the image (html, css)

So, I have an image and I want to display in the center of it some text. Code: .img { position: relative; } .img h3 { position: absolute; width: 100% top: 85px; text-align: center; } Ok, so I managed to do it. But here is the thing: when I resize my

Can not move navigation bar to center

Have tried a lot of different things but can not figure out why it won't center. Any help would be awesome! nav { font-size: 18px; } ul { list-style-type: none; display: inline-block; } li { display: inline-block; } li a { color: #F55F5F; padding: 10

How to vertically center the text in the figure?

I would like to have both texts center vertically to image on resolution 720px. The text "serwis" is not centered vertically to image right now. How should I do it? Here's a demo codepen HTML code <section class="primary"> <fi

How to center a button in an angular cell-ui-grid?

I define a column as follows: { name: 'button', displayName: '', cellClass: 'ui-grid-vcenter', enableColumnMenu: false, enableFiltering: false, enableSorting: false, cellTemplate: '<div><button ng-click="grid.appScope.rowButtonHandler(row.en

How to effectively center parts of a list with CSS [Img Inside]

the problem is, i know i can center all the three objects in the list correctly using 3 while loops with CSS, but i also know than use 3 whiles loops for something like that is a waste of resources Also i love if the solution includes order them rela

how to center the text vertically without additional html

I want to know is there a way to centre text vertically without the use of a container element. something which is responsive. EDIT the only value I would know is the height of the h3 element, nothing more, content will appear underneath some as etc

CSS: Can not Center a UL

On this page, I have a footer menu #menu-footer-menu; "About - Select Your City - How Walks Work..." generated by Wordpress. <div class="menu-footer-menu-container"> <ul id="menu-footer-menu" class="menu"&g

Center navigation bar with WIDTH FIXED

Someone told me that it would be hard to center an navigation bar with fixed width. Is it true? That's my itch right now. Here's my navigation bar CSS: nav ul{ list-style-type: none; padding: 15px 0px 32px 0px; } nav ul ul{ display: none; } nav ul li

How to get the x and y office center with swing

I want my jframe to open in the center of a person's monitor. (By default a jframe will open at coordinate. (0,0)) To achieve this, before setting the frame visible, I use this method. this.setLocation(x,y); In theory, monitor screen sizes can be dif

How can I center 3 & lt; ul & gt; lists on one page?

I've got 3 lists. I'm looking to center them on a page in a horizontal fashion. How can I do this? Thank you!This is quite easy with inline-block: #container { text-align: center; } #container ul { display: inline-block; } jsFiddle Demo

Centering images in a flexible container

Been playing around for a while now with trying to get this to work so I have set up a CodePen and hope you guys can help: CODEPEN I need the height and width of .container to be specified with percentages rather than static pixel widths to fit my de

Vertically center rotated text with CSS

I have the following HTML: <div class="outer"> <div class="inner rotate">Centered?</div> </div> div.outer is a narrow vertical strip. div.inner is rotated 90 degrees. I would like the text "Centered?"

Centered table and margins do not work?

I have noticed that this forum I have written is fine in most browsers although in IE8 its to the left and not centered. Its CSS is margin: auto auto, which works in most browsers. I don't want to resort to going old fashioned and putting align="cent

Flicker of JFrames before moving places

I noticed that most of my swing GUIs would flicker right before they center themselves. This happened with almost any JFrame that I have made, I was wondering if there is a workaround. I usually call setVisible(true), then pack(), followed by setLoca

How would you implement this HTML / CSS layout?

Say you've got a very simple centred design, a 500px div centred in the viewport with margin: 0 auto;: |<- auto -> +------ 500px -----+ <- auto ->| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | +--------------------+ | and then you

Center a legend to the right of an image vertically using CSS

I'm trying to achieve this layout with CSS (without tables, I guess. Whatever). Any ideas? There's a few things you can do but it depends on the specifics of the problem. A few questions: Is the photo always the same height? Is there always only one

extjs - center a formPanel on a normal panel

I'm using extjs and just trying to solve a simple problem: I have a form with a fixed width. I want to Center this form within a normal Ext.Panel. I'm trying to achieve this the 'css-way' - setting the left and right margin to 'auto'. But this doesn'

Raphael js text positioning: center the text in a circle

I am using Raphael js to draw circled numbers. The problem is that each number has a different width/height so using one set of coordinates to center the text isn't working. The text displays differently between IE, FF, and safari. Is there a dynamic