Is the invalid connection a use case or a system operation?

I want to know that, Invalid login credentials is use case or system operation. Login is use case right? But I am confused in Invalid login credential term. Hope my voice is clear to youNo, "login" is not a use case. Here is why: Is it necessary

Using select sub in the UPDATE query

The following select statement works fine. SELECT * FROM [VoiceflexBilling].[dbo].[FEBU17_OWH07579_Calls - TEST] A WHERE EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM [BillingReferenceData].[dbo].[CLIMapping] B WHERE A.CustomerCLI = B.CLI AND A.CustomerCLI = '84422881') How

SQL query issues using CASE

I have a database with 2 types of users, a user can either be an individual or organization which are children of the parent user user, reason I did this is because there are attributes an organization has that an individual do not have, unlike havin

logical and if inside scala match cases

I need to use bunch of match case in scala, how do I use for or if inside the match case, so for example: import scala.util.Random val x = Random.nextInt(30) val result = match x { case 0 to 10 => bad case 11 to 20 => average case 20 to 30 => coo

Expression of cases with a parameter fails

I want to only use the where condition if Make is not equal to '0'. This is what I have tried. This is a snippet from the stored proc. Query works only when Make is not 0. When it is '0' it fails. This is not a null check. @Make is a varchar. How it

Can you use PHP with a SQL case?

I am trying to optimize some of my code and i believe i need an if/else or case to do this, however I think i would need php in the query to get it to work here is the code I am trying to optimize $sql = "SELECT value, COUNT(*) AS count FROM sodsurve

Case report in JOIN

I have this query: Select b.building_pk, bil.building_fk, bil.BillingAccountStatus_fk, b.ACTL_TNT_CT From [DB].[Schema].Building b (nolock) left Join [DB].[Schema].Billing bil (nolock) on bil.building_fk = b.building_pk join ##GlobalTempTable1 tt (no

Simple calculator using the switch with if any other in C

This is my code so far for my simple calculator. Im working on sine right now(case 6) with a degree range of 0-360.Here is the output. $ ./a.exe ProblemSolving.c Arithmetic : Add(0) Sub(1) Mult(2) Div(4) Mod(5) Trigonometry : sine(6) cosine(7) tan(8)

Need help on JOIN and Condition

Customer table: customerId customerName startTime projectDateOfCompletion 1 ANZ 2015-12-05 NULL 2 Barklays 2015-11-25 2016-02-10 3 Grindlays 2016-02-06 NULL Reports table: customerId repId fromDateTime toDateTim 1 1 2015-12-05 2016-02-05 1 2 2016-02-

PHP switch case counter

I'm very new to PHP and I'm developing in the context of WordPress (with ACF). I'm creating a custom layout builder, I got it working but I want to make my code simpler. Right now is 14 cases which load a __.php file if is applicable. Here is an exam

sql If statement or case

I think I may be missing the obvious here but im trying to create a sql query to pull data out in a particular way but cant work it out. I have a table which is made up with the following columns: Name, StageDate, Stage I want to create in sql an out

SQL IF-ELSE nested statements

Alright, I'm officially at a loss. I'm trying to create a procedure that runs through each subsequent check and executes the corresponding query. However, when I execute the procedure with one/two/all arguments, it always gets caught in the final ELS


My sample table is below: TASKMASTER TASKKEY TASKCOLTYPE01 TASKCOLDATA01 001 1 DONE 002 2 2 003 3 3 TASKCOLTYPE values: 1 = text, 2 = yes/no, 3 = high/mid/low I have a case statement: SELECT TASKCOLTYPE01, TASCOLDATA01, CASE TASKCOLTYPE01 = 2 THEN CA

Use CASE & amp; MELT

This syntax just gives me an unhelpful error of Incorrect syntax near mentorname What do I update to force this to show the results? SELECT COALESCE(case when mentorname LIKE '%Med%' THEN 'MedTronics' end mentorname LIKE '%Zi%' THEN 'Zinamice' end ,

Order by CASE ASC

First time using CASE in PDO (mySQL database) I'm trying to ORDER BY a date, but only if the date is not 0000-00-00 (it can be) But it seems to ignore the case all together.. What am I doing wrong? $sql = 'SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE groupid = '.$gro

The Linux case declaration always gives the same result

I'm trying to check $VERSION with the case logic, but have some issue. $VERSION can be "Connection refuced by host", "0,4,1,101 2013-05-18", or some other versions ex "0,4,1,102 2013-09-18" I always seem to get to "some

Mysql: Can you use CASE instructions in arithmetic?

Is the following query legal in mysql? In other SQLs? Are there any cases where it's unstable or impossible to use CASE statements in arithmetic? Have you had any experience with doing this, any thoughts about efficiency concerns, etc? (This operatio

SQL Select Case with dynamic dates

I'm really not sure how to do the query I am looking for and was hoping someone could help me out. Basically I want exactly what this query below does, except to use them with a dynamic year so that I don't need to update the SPROC everytime the year

Case Statement Results in the Where Clause

I have a case statement result that I need to use. I want to place it in the Where clause, but becase of the complexity of the CASE Statement, I am having some difficulties. Here is my CASE Statement...the results are either "Achieved" or "

How to throw the exception in this case - c #

Well, I have a class that its constructor checks whether a file exists. If the file does not exist I throw a new exception. The problem is that when the exception is thrown, the user can see all my code ... No way, the exception is detected from wher

MySQL - Case Condition Error

I am having an issue with the following Case statement in MySQL: CASE WHEN ((SUBSTRING_INDEX('Provider - Remote Client - North', '-', -2) = ('Provider - Remote Client - North')) then SUBSTRING_INDEX('Provider - Remote Client - North', '-', -1) ELSE S

Can I replace the value of a column in Select CASE SQL?

Can I override a value in a column such that if a case is true, it tells value x to be equal to another dynamic value in the query. Here's pseudocode. I know this doesn't work. Select jobTitle, managerTitle, bigBossTitle, CASE WHEN jobtitle like '%DE

The ID with multiple entries must be changed to an entry by ID

I have 3 fields: ID, Date, Rate. For each ID there are multiple Dates and Rates coming from a table I'll call 'history' ID Date Rate 1 12/12/11 1.2 1 08/10/10 1.8 2 01/01/09 0.2 2 03/12/08 0.5 3 06/01/12 1.1 3 07/20/10 0.9 .... I need a solution that

Postgres nested if in case request

Could you tell my why the following isnt working in postgres sql?: See updated code below UPDATE: I expect the query to return "0.30" as float. This construct is only for testing purposes, i have some complex querys which depend on this conditio

C # console case declaration

using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.IO; using System.Text; namespace LittleQuizworld_3 { class Program { public string QuestionText; //Actual question text. public string[] Choices; //Array of answer from which user can choos