Does callable (obj) make an attempt to call?

I am exploring an API, and using the following to see what methods are available without searching through all attributes by eye with dir(): methods = [m for m in dir(kt) if callable(getattr(kt, m))] which throws an exception: Traceback (most recent

Get the type of callable input / output

I have the following problem: template<typename Func, typename T_in = /*input type of Func */, typename T_out = /*output type of Func */> std::vector<T_out> foo( Func f, const std::vector<T_in>& input) { std::vector<T_out> res(

Create a nice matrix using the function

The sympy documentation has this example for creating a matrix using a rule: >>> def f(i,j): if i == j: return 1 else: return 0 >>> Matrix(4, 4, f) [1 0 0 0] [ ] [0 1 0 0] [ ] [0 0 1 0] [ ] [0 0 0 1] How would I go about using a rule wit

When should we prefer Callable on Runnable and why?

On SO, I found all theoretical difference between Callable and Runnable and all are almost similar. But, I didn't understand why was Callable introduced in later version ? What was the gap/flaws in Runnable, which Callable is capable of doing ? Anyon

java competing method calls with return value

I have previously posted about this topic, but I think I am misunderstanding how concurrent processing works. I essentially have a servlet with an object that collects data, and whenever a client connects I want to be able to call a method to retriev

Understand Java FixedThreadPool

I am trying to understand how Java FixedThreadPool works in practice, but the docs do not answer my question. Assume a simple scenario like: ExecutorService ES= Executors.newFixedThreadPool(3); List<Future> FL; for(int i=1;i<=200;i++){ FL.add(ES.

Is not it the exception Disadvantage of the Callable interface?

Why is that we need FutureTask instance when we make thread using callable? 2.I could see that, Using callbale we can get the exception(if occured), using futuretask.get() method. SO in that case, our Main thread should be waiting till the thread is

What is callable in Java?

The title pretty much sums it. I want to know the concept and idea of callable . I have read a question here on difference between callable and runnable. but no one show code and give detail what a callable is. I don't want to know the difference bet

Use php callable to call the constructor

I am trying to call a class' constructor through a callable, so I had the following code: $callable = array('Foo', '__construct'); However calling this will throw the following error: Fatal error: Non-static method Foo::__construct() cannot be called

How to use Callable with the return type void?

I am working on a project in which I have multiple interface and two Implementations classes which needs to implement these two interfaces. Suppose my first Interface is - public Interface interfaceA { public void abc() throws Exception; } And its im

Java - Using the Callable void to parse method

I've got the following code: private static void createMenu(String nameOfMenu, Callable<Void> case1, Callable<Void> case2, Callable<Void> case3 ) throws Exception{ System.out.println(nameOfMenu+" Options"); System.out.println(&

The Python object 'str' is not callable Python 2.7.3

I am currently writing a trade game, where users connect to a server, then trade with one another and earn money, etc. But when I try if(input.lower() == 'sell'): sMaterial = raw_input('Material: ') if(sMaterial.lower() == 'gold'): sAmount = int(inpu

Implicitly linking callable objects to instances

I have this code: class LFSeq: # lazy infinite sequence with new elements from func def __init__(self, func): self.evaluated = [] self.func = func class __iter__: def __init__(self, seq): self.index = 0 self.seq = seq def next(self): if self.index >=

Polymorphism with callables in Python

I have an interface class called iResource, and a number of subclasses, each of which implement the "request" method. The request functions use socket I/O to other machines, so it makes sense to run them asynchronously, so those other machines c

How to get information from multiple threads? Java

I want to start several callable threads in the same time(in loop), and want to return some information from everyone in main thread. How to realise this?It's impossible to say the best approach from your question, because we know nothing about the u

Parallel execution of callables

I'd like to execute multiple callables parallel. But it seems that the ExecutorService always waits until all callables are finnished. I've tried the following: final int nThreads = 10; ExecutorService executorService = Executors.newFixedThreadPool(n

stimulate several calls to the class method

In boost::thread is it possible to call a class method with out making the class callable and implementing the void operator()() as in just call the class method for(int i=0;i<5;i++) boost::thread worker(myclass.myfunc,i,param2); I get an error <unr

How to return an object from Callable ()

I'm trying to return a 2d array from call(), I'm having some issues. My code so far is: //this is the end of main Thread t1 = new Thread(new ArrayMultiplication(Array1, Array2, length)); t1.start(); } public int[][] call(int[][] answer) { int[][] ans