Use CDN as Cloudflare with mod_rewrite to save bandwidth

I know CDNs like Cloudflare save bandwidth by caching static files as images, JS, and CSS files. I have a script that generates images on the fly and its location looks something like this: With id being the image id.

How to check if the value is a number in Varnish?

Cookie String Example: session=9urt2jipvkq77brfrf; MyId=124 ; PageId=134 I'm using Varnish version 4.1. In the following code, I extract the value of MyId (124) and PageId (134) from the cookie string and then check if the values are the same. If it

Disable Rails caching if Redis is down

I am using Rails 4.1 and and setup shared Redis ElasticCache node for caching. I tried and and they seem great. But what happens if Redis is down? Both readthis and redis

Drag the caching of screen images into memory

I want to load and cache images only in memory and not pass them to a view and later on when I need them to be loaded on the UI to get them from memory cache if they existed in memory. I tried: Glide.with().load(uri).into(new SimpleTarget<GlideDrawab

what is the advantage of imageNamed?

I know that loading an image like this UIImage *image = [UIImage imageNamed:@"img"]; will cache the image and loading it like this will not UIImage *image = [UIImage imageWithContentsOfFile:@"img.png"]; people say the it will be faster

cursor images load twice after cache control

I have use following code in my .htaccess file for cache control in my joomla site. ########## Begin - ETag Optimization ## This rule will create an ETag for files based only on the modification ## timestamp and their size. ## Note: It may cause prob

How to configure caching of service methods in grates

My application has a couple of services that make external calls via httpClient (GET and POST) that are unlikely to change in months, but they are slow; making my application even slower. Clarification: this is NOT about caching GORM/hibernate/querie

Disable the cache decorator to test dogpile.cache

I recently switched from beaker to dogpile.cache. It works very well in live code but I am running into an issue with testing. How do I disable the caching for testing? I am currently using from dogpile.cache import make_region region = m

RavenDB: How can I prevent high use of RAM?

My application includes a few queries which return large result sets (although I've capped it with a Take(300) lambda. During peak usage times, I've seen Raven.Server.exe consume an unusually large amount of RAM. In fact, during these times, Raven.Se

Application fabric cache as a queue

I have an .net WCF service (hosted on IIS 7.5) that makes a high volume of calls to a SQL Server 2008 r2 stored procedure which inserts into several tables. The clients of this WCF service are used 24/7 although processing a lower volume of requests

Old versions of Qt in CmakeMakeFiles that do not exist

I am attempting to compile a software that I have built using Qt, ITK, VTK, using mingw32 on Windows 7. I have successfully done this on many computers, but I am having trouble on my laptop. I made a mistake when I first installed Qt on this machine,

ASP.NET MVC how to disable the automatic caching option?

How to disable automatic browser caching from asp.Net mvc application? Because I am having a problem with caching as it caches all links. But sometimes it redirected to DEFAULT INDEX PAGE automatically which stored it caching and then all the time I

Suggested caching strategy suggestions

We have a fantasy football application that uses memcached and the classic memcached-object-read-with-sql-server-fallback. This works fairly well, but recently I've been contemplating the overhead involved and whether or not this is the best approach

Looking for a cache in read-only memory

I'm looking for an in-memory cache with the following behaviour. On the first access or after initialization it read's all data to be cached at once. E.g. all rows of a table. After one hour the complete cache is cleared and all data is read again at

Can I store data in the processor cache directly?

I was wondering if there is a way to store data in the data cache of a processor directly, rather than in main memory. I understand that the way caches work is to store the most frequently used data, however, it would make sense to have an assembly d

details of the MESI protocol for multicore processors

The details of the MESI protocol for multicore processors would be really important for me, but I can't find them anywhere. Even doesn't co

HTML 5 / QuickTime audio caching in Safari on iOS

I'm desperatly trying to find a solution for a web application that has to run on an iOS-Safari (e.g. on iPad, iPad2 and iPhone 4): It's a web application I wrote some time ago which lets the user search for and listen to short music samples (MP3s, a

.Net 4 MemoryCache leaks with simultaneous garbage collection

I'm using the new MemoryCache in .Net 4, with a max cache size limit in MB (I've tested it set between 10 and 200MB, on systems with between 1.75 and 8GB of memory). I don't set any time based expiration on the objects, as I'm using the cache simply

Update cached data in a hash table

In order to minimize the number of database queries I need some sort of cache to store pairs of data. My approach now is a hashtable (with Strings as keys, Integers as value). But I want to be able to detect updates in the database and replace the va

IIS 6 caches a static image

Even if the image is changed, overwritten, modified, IIS still serves the cached copy. I am trying to upload an image from a webcam taken every 15 seconds. The image makes it onto the server but when I refresh the browser with the image FROM the serv