How can I convert Mat to bitmap using OpenCVSharp?

First, I tried this, public static Bitmap MatToBitmap(Mat mat) { return OpenCvSharp.Extensions.BitmapConverter.ToBitmap(mat); } So, then, I tried this, public static Bitmap MatToBitmap(Mat mat) { mat.ConvertTo(mat, MatType.CV_8U); return OpenCvSharp.

Convert datatable to xml with a unique ID line

I am converting datatable into xml. DataSet dataSet1 = new DataSet("Products"); products.TableName = "Product"; dataSet1.Tables.Add(products); dataSet1.WriteXml(directory + "//matrix.xml"); The code is working fine. I just wa

Linq FirstOrDefault - a coating

i have the following code to determine a age from a Person var pList = ctx.Person.Where(x => x.Create > Date); int Age = pList.Where(x => x.ID == "foo").FirstOrDefault().Age ?? 20; I pick a Person by ID, if it doesn't exist the default

does windows 8 store apps support the Ms Access database?

I have just started leaning windows 8 store app programming and came around a question that does windows 8 store apps support Ms Access database ? If not then which all database does it support. thanksDepends on your definition of support, you could

How to delete a duplicate record using linq?

I have list of list and want to remove duplicate from list. Data is stored in list format say IEnumerable<IEnumerable<string>> tableData if we consider it as table value, parent list is for rows and child list is values of every column. Now I

Delete cookies from the Webbrowser control in wp7

I have a problem with facebook and google logout. My scenario is when user first time login with facebook or google for particular site.(using clint api, it will redirect to their own web browser). then it will show the login page . after successfull

Parallel inefficient?

I'm using a parallel for loop in my code to run a long running process on a large number of entities (12,000). The process parses a string, goes through a number of input files (I've read that given the number of IO based things the benefits of threa

Uri webclient formats are not supported

WebClient fileReader = new WebClient(); fileAddress = listItem; //error here uri formats are not supported fileReader.DownloadFile(fileAddress, saveTo); here in fileaddress address coming\Update32\rts\RTSUpdate.dll Yo

ASP.NET MVC how to disable the automatic caching option?

How to disable automatic browser caching from asp.Net mvc application? Because I am having a problem with caching as it caches all links. But sometimes it redirected to DEFAULT INDEX PAGE automatically which stored it caching and then all the time I

Dropdownlist with button when the button click on popup open

Can you please give me a clue how to do this? I have a DropDownList, that DropDownList is filled with ListItems. After the DropDownList, there's a Button called ADD NEW. When the button is clicked, a popup opened. If an item is not in the DropDownLis

how to insert data into a particular column of the table?

Hi i have table in database call Employees Employees ------------- id|Name|Pwd|Isblocked 1|anil|anil| what i want to do is when user exceeds his logins attempts....based on username i should insert "yes" in the "isblocked " cloumn of E

Shorten this condition if

A few days ago I asked a question that might be a little unclear. Now I have written code that might illustrate the question better. Please look at the code below first: int d; d = DateTime.Today.Day; if (d==1) { hyperlinkButton1.Background=new Solid

LINQ to SQL Grouping and Counting

I have searched for solution, but nothing similar. My problem is that I want to select data from database, group it by UserID and Count it by Status id Users UserID Name Appointments UserID ClientID Status StartDate Status can be active=1, canceled=2

Strange error for use? Operator

Possible Duplicate: The type of the conditional expression can not be determined? I currently wrote this statement: byte? Col_8 = (Rad_8.SelectedValue == null) ? null : byte.Parse(Rad_8.SelectedValue); but it has this Error: Type of conditional expre

How to improve performance in the application

We have migrated one classic ASP application to ASP.net2010 using C#. Compare to the classic ASP application the newly migrated application's performance is bit slow. Which areas need to be checked to improve performance?Disable viewstate on pages an

pass html to an mvc function

I have Html helper method, creating a check box along with some text, I pass. @Html.CheckBoxFor(x => x.SomeProperty,@<text> <ul> <li> </li> </ul> </text>})) public static MvcHtmlString CheckBoxFor<TModel, TPropert

Entity Framework & amp; MVC models

Our team is currently developing a web application, in that we have a class library with Entity Framework .edmx added and have generated the POCO classes. Our Web Application is based on MVC, we have defined our classes in models with the same name a

How to use an expression with a generic

Here's a class public class Repository<T> { T GetSingle(Expression<Func<T, bool>> condition); } And then in another class that takes a generic type argument I have something like: repo = new Repository<TEntity>(); repo.GetSingle(x=