Click an HTML button using VBA

I am having problems to click on this button: I am trying to apply: Set The_Input_Elements = objIE.Document.getElementsByTagName("Div") For Each input_element In The_Input_Elements If input_element.getAttribute("id") = "a123"

best way to format multiple onclick buttons

Back again! I always get such great responses here! I currently have a HTML site with multiple onclick buttons calling up a js function allowing users to "opt-in" to certain notification services. If the user wants to op-in to multiple groups, t

HTML link Fly over the buttons

How can I make these buttons all align left with about a 3px space between them and adjust their own size based on how much text is put into them? Unfortunately I don't have access to my own CSS (someone charges hundreds for this privilege). I've bee

CSS button with description

I am trying to achieve the following using bootstrap button and custom css. I am not sure how to add a separation with a button and have two sets of labels within it. So far, I am able to create a button with label in it. Working codeply demo Try thi

Struggling to make an icon in a button

Im trying to make the icon im using into a button that when pressed, triggers the navigation bar to open. Here is the HTML: <div id="fixedBar"> <h1>Company</h1> <a href="#" class="entypo-menu" id="sh

The CSS button has a border

I am trying to define a custom css button for my search form. I cant figure out why this particular button has a strange border around it? I need to get it removed but cannot figure out where it is coming from within the css..code and fiddle below. /

How to change the text view message every day automatically?

In my app, I have a fragment with a button and a TextView. I want to show a dynamic message in a TextView that should change everyday. when I first click on the button, the TextView should show "Day 1" and after each day(at 12 AM) the TextView a

Is it possible to edit the legend on the form control buttons?

Is it possible (on a sheet change event), to change the caption text of a Form Control button? Ideally, I would like to add a variable into the existing button caption depending on other data in the workbook.Well, right click the Sheet1 tab on the bo

Color of the border on the Android button

I have a button created and have set the background color and text color as can be seen below. My question is: how do I set the buttons border color? I want to set the border color to white Here is the button in my res -> layout -> main_nav.xml <

Make buttons that look like tabs in Android

I want this kind of look. They don't seem like tabs so I believe they are buttons. I am able to acheive the similar type with toggle button by keeping a selector in drawable. <ToggleButton android:id="@+id/toggleButton" android:layout_width=&

Android use of ScrollView and ImageView outdoors

I'm having some problems with setting some objects in a view. I have 2 EditTextand 2 Button, one below another. And at the bottom of screen I have an ImageView that I want to stay there without been scrolled. Problem I have an ScrollView with all obj

Use the buttons in the table - PHP

I'm following through a tutorial from a book I have but want to add some extra columns to a table. I have added the columns, buy and sell, and in each of those I want to display a button. I am unsure of how to do this, is it possible? Here's my code

Button text is only half visible

I am having troulbe fixing the following issue. I have a button with text OK. The button is nested inside a LinearLayout. This layout is nested inside two RelativeLayout. The second/inner RelativeLayout has `android:layout_margin="15dp". This is

How to clear activity data using the device's back button

I had created an android app which has 3 activity (A,B,C) in activity A there is 2 autocomplete textview which fetch data from database and button after selecting data in autocomplete text user press button and it goes to next activity which show lis

Change the content of the button in WPF

I have: private void button1_MouseEnter(object sender, EventArgs e) { for (int i = 0; i > 2; i++) { button1.Content = Convert.ToString(i); System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(1000); } tekst.Text = "Mouse Enter"; } When I enter on Button I see only

How can I add another button intent next to the previous one?

Here is my code: it contains a button named as button1A and when I click on it, It opens a list named as list1. How can I put a code for my another button named as button2A which open a list as List2. import android.os.Bundle; import

Make a button in a JavaScript file

When I made a chrome extension I made a JavaScript file (.js) & html file, and in the html file I called the .js file through this line : <script src='history.js'></script> But I want to make a button in the JavaScript file not in the html

Android Custom Buttons: Alternative to Multiple Graphics?

I think all custom button tutorials I have been able to find for Android assume you are using three images for your button: a normal image, a pressed image, and a focused image. Instead of essentially tripling the size of a given button's resources (

Flash AS3 button eventlistener table bug

this is my first time posting a question here. I have an array of 12 buttons on a timeline that when first visiting that part of the timeline, get a CLICK eventlistener added to them using a for loop. All of them work perfectly at that point. When yo

PyQt: translate standard buttons

How can I easily translate standard buttons (Yes, No) from QMessageBox? I can't use on those arguments, so I would like to achieve it in some other simple way. Do I have to use whole translation system?Here is how I did : First you need to co