Build UWP applications / libraries on a build server

I tried build UWP library on build server with MSBuild 2015 Tools. I have installed Windows 10 SDK and other needed tools, but I haven't Visual Studio 2015. When I try build with this command: msbuild mySolution.sln /t:Rebuild/p:Configuration=Release

Multiple type compilers on one machine

I want to have typescript compiled to javascript on my buildserver. There are multiple applications that need to be build with distinct versions of the typescript compiler. Is ist possible to have mulitple versions of the compiler on a machine and ho

TFS: How to validate if each file is checked?

We are working on several ASP.NET MVC C# projects within Visual Studio 2015 and Team Foundation Server 2013. Sometimes the NuGet upgrade process is a mess and some of the replaced files (mostly *.png, *.gif, *.ttf) have not been checked-in properly.

TeamCity Visual Studio Build Runner Requirement

We're running TeamCity 9.0.3 and have had Visual Studio 2010, 2012 & 2013 full install on our build server for years now. I know for a fact that we need certain Visual Studio targets in order to deploy our applications but I'm convinced we don't need

No code coverage result on TFS 2013 Build Server

So our TFS 2013 builds do everything correctly except report code coverage. I've seen similar questions here, e.g. TFS 2013 - No Code Coverage Results, but we've already tried the suggested fixes with no results. UPDATE 1 - we've taken more steps to


I have a problem when I check in my server to my build server (using TFS), but for some reason, return me the next error: Exception Message: MSBuild error 1 has ended this build. You can find more specific information about the cause of this error in

TeamCity - Stops the generation if a test fails

Is it possible to stop a TeamCity build (the entire build, i.e. it won't execute subsequent steps) when a unit test fails? Ideally I'd also like it to terminate the currently executing step which in my case would be the Nunit Test Runner. In my circu

TFS - multiple build controllers for a single collection

Can anyone give me a definitive answer as to whether or not TFS 2012 allows multiple build controllers for a single collection? I can't seem to find anything that says no, but it also isn't well explained as to if it is possible. I understand that th

Build ASP.NET 4.5 without Visual Studio on Build Server

Its been a while since I setup a Build Server so maybe I've forgotten something or maybe .NET 4.5 is different from whatever version I did this with last time, but here is my problem. I'm trying to setup a build server to monitor a source control rep

Team City 7 can not find DLLs in a project

I am trying to get our solution to work with Team City 7. I'm running into problems when Team City builds from the main solution (.sln) file. Once it reaches the project where we keep our unit tests, Team City spits out an error about not finding all

How to create and manage a Build Server?

I am a project manager (formerly programmer) and I recently decided I want to have automatic builds done to it. So I need some kind of a build server. Some info: All of my solutions/Projects are Visual Studio 2010. source control managed in TFS. The

How to prevent builds when another build fails?

I have created many build configurations in Hudson for a single solution (eg. Release, Debug, Test) When I commit something wrong, I receive 1 build failed e-mail for every build configuration. I would like to receive a single e-mail. I think if I co

Free compilation servers for .NET

I've got the question... Are there any free build servers for .NET applications? We are starting project as remotely working team and right now we are searching for such solution. As far as it's an academic project we do not have funds to buy server

Can I use mstest.exe without installing Visual Studio?

I want to use mstest.exe to run my unit test on build server, but I don't want to install Visual Studio on the build server. Can I just install MSTest without Visual Studio?It is possible to run mstest.exe without visual studio. Download one of the A

How to run .NET code scanning on the build server

On a Windows Server 2003 R2 with .NET 4 SDK but without Visual Studio 2010, I have tried building a Visual Studio 2010 solution with msbuild MySolution.sln /p:RunCodeAnalysis=true but that fails. What is required to run code analysis on such an envir

SVN: Free the branch and externals?

We have two websites for the same client (main www site and another for the ecommerce site which sits on a seperate server) that use shared portion of code (various features/styles/javascript etc.). We currently manage this by having the shared code

Can Hudson be configured to build each revision?

I've started experimenting with Hudson as a build server. I'm using subversion and have it configured to poll every minute. The issue I'm seeing is that if a build at revision 10 takes 5 minutes and there are 5 commits during that time, Hudson will n

Software Suggestions for Easy Setup of a Building Server

I'm currently setting up a new build server and I'm interested in any suggestions the community may have about software such as Hudson or CruiseControl.NET that may simplify and add additional value to the build process. Previously I had a build serv