Buffered Writer sometimes creates symbols rather than numbers

So I have a program that collects a bunch of data and continuously concatenates the data into a string with a single white space between each entry. During my close routine I print the String into a txt file using buffered writer. About 50% of the ti

Limit file size when writing to Java

I need to limit the file size to 1 GB while writing preferably using BufferedWriter. Is it possible using BufferedWriter or I have to use other libraries ? like try (BufferedWriter writer = Files.newBufferedWriter(path)) { //... writer.write(lines.st

Write the output to a file taken through the result set

I am working on project where there is need to fetch record from table and write it to the flat file like txt. So I am using BufferedWriter from Java IO api to do so. But unfortunately file does not seems to be written. Here is what I am trying: publ

Alternatives to the encoding definition in FileWriter - Java

I read that java documentation for FileWriter - it doesn't allow us to specify encoding. I'm using FileWriter in order to avoid the newline character that gets automatically appended while writing list of strings to a file(And I think this is the onl

Edit specific content of a file with a user-defined value

This is my current output: ********MENU******** 1. UNIT 2. EXIT ********************* Select your option from 1 or 2: 1 ********MENU******** 1. VIEW LIST 2. BACK TO MAIN ********************* Select your option from 1 or 2: 1 This are the list of the

File read / written the correct order

So I'm working on this program that needs to create a file, writes into that file, and then read from that file. However, the file is not being written into but is still being created. First, Here are my declarations from the constructor in my file d

Java reads from a file and writes to another file using methods

I am learning Java and working on File IO and right now stuck in reading text from One file and write in another file. I am using two different methods first one for reading and displaying text in console from file #1 and using another method to writ

Adding a new line to a previously created text file in Java

This question already has an answer here: How to append text to an existing file in Java 28 answers I am in trouble finding how to read a text file and then write a new line after the ones that were before on the file. Like (current file) 1234 Albert

Java file I / O: Why am I still getting an I / O exception?

I am trying to write to a file and then read from that same file. The output is "Error: I/O exception". Meaning that the program is catching the IOException. public class fileIO { public static void main(String[] args) { // TODO Auto-generated m

How to write to a file

I tried to make a console app that creates a file and writes text to it. What did I do wrong here? package Writer; import java.util.*; import java.io.*; public class main { public static void main(String args[]) { System.out.println("What would you l

CSV file generated from Java adds an unwanted question mark (?)

I am creating a CSV file from Java code. (I also generated HTML and txt files with the same. The problem remains the same.) The code is as below. private String writeToFile(StringBuffer csvData, long randomDigits, String type) { String fileName = "&q

When does BufferedWriter create a file?

Using BufferedWriter.write() when is a file created? I know from the docs that when the buffer is filled it will flush to file, does this mean that: every-time the buffer is filled an incomplete file will appear on my file system? or that the file is

A buffered editor writes a recycle bin to a text file

My buffered writer is writting some randomly trash in my txt file. I use int nodes = Integer.valueOf(NODES_TEXT_FIELD.getText()); to store the value of one TextField that should only accept ints. this is my writer: private static void writeOnFile(Buf

Applet - Can not write file

I'm trying to write sample file from applet but is not working. Below is the code. Applet public class PasteImageApplet extends JApplet { Clipboard clipboard; Toolkit toolkit; JLabel lbl; public String getClipboardImageURL(String server) { lbl.setTex

Writing an array in a Java file

Edit of my code and question, I changed the BufferedWriter to class object and initialized it public static String filename = "frequencies.txt"; public static BufferedWriter bufferedWriter; { try { bufferedWriter = new BufferedWriter( new FileWr

save the list of strings to a file since you are comparing it

I am saving to a file a double list (mydata) which is some data the user enters and a string list (dates_Strings) which is the current date. The user enters some data and pressing a 'save' button , I save the data and the currents date. So , user may

Java: easy-to-read / write CSV file

I'm working on a program that requires quick access to a CSV comma-delimited spreadsheet file. So far I've been able to read from it easily using a BufferedReader. However, now I want to be able to edit the data it reads, then export it BACK to the C

Good practice in Java file I / O

I am trying to read integers from a file, apply some operation on them and writing those resulting integers to another file. // Input FileReader fr = new FileReader("test.txt"); BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(fr); Scanner s = new Scanner

Most efficient way to write a matrix of bytes in a text file

I have a problem in Java writing a 3D byte matrix (as unsigned bytes) to a text file. The matrix is 3D and looks like wMatrix3D[k][j][i]. I want to it to a textfile so the values are separated by white space and a new line break every 1,000 values (t

Deleting the contents of the android file

I need to delete the contents of a file, before I write more information into it. I've tried different ways, such as where I delete the content but the file stays the same size, and when I start writing in it after the deletion, a blank hole appears

How is the java.net.Socket thread secure?

I have a Socket that I am both reading and writing to, via BufferedReaders and BufferedWriters. I'm not sure which operations are okay to do from separate threads. I would guess that writing to the socket from two different threads at the same time i

Is there a Java equivalent to unputc?

I have a BufferedWriter to which I use to write characters into a PipedInputStream. Based on keyboard events. But I am implementing a backspace handler, but I can see no way of doing so without unputc. I am almost falling back into using a string to

Java: write big files?

Greetings , I get huge number of records from database and write into a file.I was wondering what the best way to write huge files. (1Gb - 10Gb). Currently I am using BufferedWriter BufferedWriter mbrWriter=new BufferedWriter(new FileWriter(memberCSV