Nth-last-child CSS browser support

Is anyone familiar with the :nth-last-child pseudo-selector? I was surprised it isn't listed on caniuse.com. So, what are your experiences in regards to IE support? Would be cool to add color to long and boring lists of li's. http://www.w3schools.com

why window.open () opens in the same window?

I write following code` <a href="b.html" class="popup">Holiday</a> <script> a.popup.click(function(event) { event.preventDefault(); window.open($(this).attr('href')); }); </script> It'll open b.html in a new win

Heatmap - How to add server-side code from the browser

We use a heatmap at work (it is secure so I can't post it here and I certainly cannot give the url). Now the heatmap is a sigle image, but it is clickable on different segments - There are different icons on the map and each of them pops up a differe

Merge two URLs into JAVA

I merge two url with the following code. String strUrl1 = "http://www.domainname.com/path1/2012/04/25/file.php"; String arg = "?page=2"; URL url1; try { url1 = new URL(strUrl1); URL reconUrl1 = new URL(url1,arg); System.out.println(&qu

I have to put a text on an image without CSS or JS

Is there a way I can place the text <p> on top of the image? without using css or javascript. just plain html. The reason being is this technique or approach will be use on older phones that do not support css or javascript. It also does not support

How can I implement a Gchat pop-up?

I had Gmail open in a browser that was minimized and when someone sent me a message via gchat, i got a popup notification in the corner of the screen. The popup had no top bar (the one with the minimize, full screen, and close in the top right corner

CSS specific to the browser

I want to use fonts on my website which look great in Firefox, but broken up on Chrome and IE. Now to avoid this issue I wanted to change the font family for only Chrome and IE. There is the [if IE] statement for IE support, but is there one for Chro

Pick up the Android version in the browser by Javascript

I'm building a web app and wanting to disable transitions effects on Android devices under version 3.0. Is there anyway to pick up the Android version number by Javascript in the browser? If so how? function getAndroidVersion(ua) { ua = (ua || naviga

Default browser button background color

So check out these buttons: they are unstyled, and look pretty good (the 2nd one is mouse over). Can I somehow maintain their looks, but change the background color? If I do it trough CSS's background-color property I get this: Which doesn't really l

CSS in different browsers

Any lists that I make with the following CSS appear differently in IE8 and FF4. IE8 doesn't have rounded corners, but FF4 doesn't change colour when I hover over it. Are either of them right? ul#mend { border-bottom: 1px #5C87B2 solid; padding: 0 0 2

Faking max-device-width

To implement mobile website it would be useful to set max-device-width in my browser. I know plugins to fake the user-agent. It this also possible for the max-device-width? I would prefer to use a regular browser like Firefox, IE, Opera, ... instead

Disable the browser refresh button

I am developing one online examination system, in that i want to disable refresh button of browser in particular page. how it is possible? i tried by using JavaScript but it is not working.. Thanx in advance........it is forbidden by security policy

Which customers for a web application?

Is it true that web browsers as we know today have no future? That programmers should write native clients for their application on many devices? I'm writing web application with AJAX but should I also prepare versions to many mobile devices?The web

Search engines and '& amp; character

I am about to finish up my dynamic classifieds website (php) and have some problem with figuring out how to write the meta and title tags. I have read mixed articles about the & sign, and how to use it in the title or meta tags properly. What role do

Development of inter-browser extensions in C ++

I am starting to work on a browser extension and because of the nature of the extension I need to develop it in C++. I am currently working with Firefox but would like my code to be portable across browsers. First of all is there a library or an inte

how to send a publish request with a web browser

This question already has an answer here: How do I manually fire HTTP POST requests with Firefox or Chrome? [closed] 12 answers how to send a post request with a web browser?with a form, just set method to "post" <form action="blah.php&q

Ctrl + F browser to search for non-visible text

Can the browser feature of Ctrl+F to find text be integrated with text in popup windows. I'd like to have some scientific reference information given when someone hovers over a species name in a web page. Generating the popup, tooltip style text is n

Google Chrome drop-down option setup looks wrong

I am using the following code for rendering a select box in one of my form and when i inspects i can see the following code in Firefox <select name="make"> <option value="13501">Jeep</option> <option value="26

Determine which Javascript OS

Is there a way to determine which OS is the browser being run on? I have an NPAPI plugin which, at the moment, can only function on Linux and I would like to alert users if they try using the plugin on !Linux machines.PPK has a script over at quirksm

Determination of the loaded flash component

I have an HTML page containing a flash file, I need to write code in javascript that would execute once the flash file is loaded. (its actually the code to overide the __flash__removeCallback to solve the famous line:52 bug refer: https://bugs.adobe.

Save me from IE6

I'm getting ready to start work on a new web project for a fairly large corporation. For all their users, something like 17,000 people, they are all stuck with IE6. They plan to have everyone transitioned to IE7 by the end of the year, however the IT