Why & ldquo; if-else-break & rdquo; break in python?

I am trying to use if-else expression which is supposed to break the loop if the if condition fails, but getting an invalid syntax error. Sample code: a = 5 while True: print(a) if a > 0 else break a-=1 Of course, if I write in the traditional way (n

Can we have the label inside the java switch box

This question already has an answer here: Break label in switch 3 answers I have below pseudocode code with switch block with 4 cases. In 4th case I have if else conditions and when some condition satisfies, I am reducing list size by 1 and it has to

Stop the arduino loop when a condition is active

I need my code to stop in the loop, i have tried to put in a break but the method sendToGCM() continues. I only want the method to be executed once, the stop while the condition void loop() { // Other code here giving temp a value if (temp > 22) { st

Java connection and loopback (pause and continue)

Hi I am trying to write a code that gives an output similar to Enter time in 24-hour notation: 13:07 That is the same as 1:07 PM Again? (y/n) y Enter time in 24-hour notation: 10:15 That is the same as 10:15 AM Again? (y/n) y Enter time in 24-hour no

How to stop a forEach loop in Typescript - can I use .some ()?

I've seen this question about stopping a ES5 forEach loop, which pretty much suggests to use .every() or .some() instead of forEach. I believe I remember typescript uses shims for old browsers to support for example forEach. Is this correct and if so

Jump from trying to use except python

I searching the way to break the try and go into the except (This example has an syntaxerror in the break line) fool(): return 0 try: var = fool() if var == 0: break #from here jump to except except: fool2() Another way i thought is: var = fool() if

How to stop a loop with a condition in the goal-c

I Have this code : - (IBAction)go:(id)sender { int bienPlace = 0; int charIndex; unichar testChar1, testChar2; for (charIndex = 0; charIndex < 3; charIndex++) { if (charIndex < 3) { resultats.text = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@", @"

Why stopifnot does not work as expected?

I want to output number of the fruits user inputs and if it is <0 or if it is greater than number I want it to break. Not sure why it is not working?! how.many<-function(fruit, number){ string<-paste("How many",fruit,"?",sep=&

Break the entries in Bash

This question already has an answer here: How to perform a for loop on each character in a string in Bash? 9 answers I would like to be able to break up an input into multiple characters. For example, I want to be able to break up "Hello World"

Python: Neither, nor anywhere else

The strangest thing happened. Its pretty self-explanatory; here it is. for sublist in uses: print("for sublist in uses") print(uses) if (sublist[1] == 2): print("sublist[1] = 2") count = 1 break else: turtle.exitonclick() print("s

PHP break, continue in 2 loop

I'm a little confused about breaking out and continuing out of loops etc. I have 2 SQL queries that match user priveleges against the user's actual priveleges with the new ones put it. However, if some of the new priveleges match the one the user has

How to kill a while loop with a keystroke?

I am reading serial data and writing to a csv file using a while loop. I want the user to be able to kill the while loop once they feel they have collected enough data. while True: #do a bunch of serial stuff #if the user presses the 'esc' or 'return

Break and restart during the Windows C ++ loop

I'm a rookie programmer, so please be polite. Well i'm trying to write a simple Terminal Backgammon game, just for fun, but i have a problem. The entire game runs in a while loop which keeps re running as long as nobody moved all their bricks to the

TCL: While no key is pressed in a loop

I would like to run a while loop until the stdin is filled with a character. puts "Press x + <enter> to stop." while {[gets stdin] != "x"} { puts "lalal" } The problem with the code above that it will wait for stdin and

Is this a valid (ab) use of lambda expressions?

Like we all know, it's not that easy to break from a nested loop out of an outer loop without either: a goto (Example code.) another condition check in the outer loop (Example code.) putting both loops in an extra function and returning instead of br

While loop - break loop based on ID value

I'd like to loop through and output all the records in my table but if the $id were to equal 4 or 6 I need it to append a string to the ID value. My current code: $sql = "SELECT * FROM publications"; $sqlres = mysql_query($sql); while ($row = my

Line break Javascript after 5 increments!

I'm stuck.... Yet again. I need to add a line break after every 5 increments using javaScript. For example img1 img2 img3 img4 img5 img6 img7 img8 img9 img10 Here is what i was thinking of. for (i = 0; i < blah.length; i++) { imgholder.innerHTML += i

C ++: breaks the main loop

I am preparing some code: for(int a = 1; a <= 100; a++) //loop a (main loop) { for(int b = 1000; b <= 2000; b++) //loop b { if(b == 1555) break; } for(int c = 2001; c <= 3000; c++) //loop c { . . . } } I want to break the main loop (loop variable

Exit forloop but in the php switch statement

When I normally want to break out of a foreach loop before all of the iterations have completed I simply use a break; statement. e.g. foreach($nodelist as $node) { if($metCriteria) { break; } } But my next example has a switch statement in it. And if

Grails / GSP: get out of & lt; g: each & gt;

Is there a way to break out of a <g:each>? I have a page wherein I'm iterating through a list and I have to make sure that a checkbox is checked if that was the value stored in DB. To make it a little clearer, please consider something like: <g:e

Advanced switch declaration in the while loop?

I just started C++ but have some prior knowledge to other languages (vb awhile back unfortunately), but have an odd predicament. I disliked using so many IF statements and wanted to use switch/cases as it seemed cleaner, and I wanted to get in the pr

C # / pause switch

It appears I need to use a break in each case block in my switch statement using C#. I can see the reason for this in other languages where you can fall through to the next case statement. Is it possible for case blocks to fall through to other case