Android linear layout with gradient transparency background

How can I give a linear layout in android transparent gradient background, the layout currently has a blurred image as its background however i need the blurred image to be slightly transparent at the top of the layout and then go to opaque at the bo

Add a blurred background to a SKSpriteNode (or SKScene)

I have an OverlayPanel SKScene on a SCNScene. This panel contains colors as SKSpriteNode. I don't know how to add a background blur effect to the panel. Another question: I use this method to add the panel: colorPanelScene = SKScene(fileNamed: "art.s

How to make the video blurry after seeing it once?

On HTML page the video is put, I want to make such kind of task that shows seen videos blur and if we refresh page it will get normal without any overlay i wan to put css or java script for that.Using JS, add a class to the video once its been watche

Superimpose a blur effect while keeping the highlight text

So I have two elements inside of my webisite. What I want to do is have a blur effect on the page and overlapping my text, but only the outside. I want the text to still be editable, highlightable, and whatnot. At the moment I have two classes, a mai

Blur in real time for UIImage by sliding on iOS

How to achieve the real time blurring for UIImage on sliderValueChanged(_:)? @IBOutlet weak var imageView: UIImageView! @IBAction func sliderValueChanged(sender: UISlider) { let blurRadius = sender.value var img = imageView.image // some image proces

How to blur part of an image with JAVA

How to blur a portion of an image, to hide some privates parts like credit card informations. I try to use ConvolveOp.class like : float[] matrix = new float[400]; for (int i = 0; i < 400; i++) matrix[i] = 1.0f/500.0f; BufferedImage sourceImage = (Bu

Round UIVisualEffectView

I have a map. On the map, I'd like to draw small, blurred circle. I've implemented something like this: UIVisualEffect *visualEffect = [UIBlurEffect effectWithStyle:UIBlurEffectStyleLight]; self.visualEffectView = [[UIVisualEffectView alloc] initWith

How to get a text on an image if the mouse is on it?

I want my picture to get blurry with text on it when my mouse is on the image, i got it blurry already now i want to get text on the image at the moment the picture is getting blurry. This is what i have now but now i dont have a idea to get text on

CSS mixes all the edges of a & lt; div & gt;

Can I blend a div the way I am wanting to? I understand I can use body { box-shadow: 10px 10px 10px 10px white; } to get close, but what I'd like it to do is blend all edges (top, bottom, left, right) equally. The box-shadow seems to really only blen

How can I blur like a profile site on Twitter?

I am wondering how I can make a blur effect when I drag to the top of a UIScrollview like on twitter and in tweetbot. I have been looking around but I did not find it out anywhere. I know I have to use gaussian blur, but I don't know how I am going t

CSS blurred on the clutter but not on the content

I did this example : I'm trying to blur the background image, but the main content is blurred too (the <span>) How can I blur the background without blurring the content?You could overlay one element above the blurred eleme

android programmatic blur imageview drawable

I want to programmatically blur and unblur images in Android. I hear that android flag "blur" is no longer supported after API 14 , but I wanted to use Java methods anyway. My main problem is manipulating the bitmap from an Imageview drawable. H

image blur in android (error)

hi i m trying to implement image blur in android i fond so many example for it but i m trying with this code private Bitmap getBlurBitmap(Bitmap bitmap, int radius) { int w,h,total; if(bitmap == null){ System.err.println(" <== BitMap is Null ==>

jQuery blur on hover effect problems

i have a problem with jQuery again, I hope someone can help me out. please view the Portfolio section here (there should be two items) I'm redesigning my portfolio website and I want to list last 6 portfolio items with a blur hover

blur event does not fire on iOS Mobile Safari in Sencha Touch

I'm using iOS 5.0.1, and Sencha Touch 2-rc1. I have a search input field where the focus event is getting triggered, as well as the submit event when I press 'Search' on the on-screen keyboard. The blur event doesn't get triggered when I expect it to

Equivalent of blue for non-formal elements

Here's my non-working example to demonstrate the kind of thing i'm looking for. Any suggestions?You need to add a tabindex to the div. <div style="height: 100px; width: 100px; background: red;" tabindex=0></

Jquery: Hover / unhover combined with blur / focus

I've been looking through the questions, but i can't find exactly what i'm looking for.. I want to know how to make a function that does the following: If you hover an element the element changes to blue for example If you unhover it changes back to

Gaussian blur

I'm writing a gaussian filter, and my goal is to match the gaussian blur filter in photoshop as closely as possible. This is my first image processing endeavor. Some problems/questions I have are... Further blurring an image with my filter darkens it

The blur feature calls when the window is dimmed

I have text box in page on which I have written blur function in jQuery. I don't want it to be called when the user minimizes the window and that time focus is in that box.The only way I can think to do this is probably more work than simply making i

Android draw with blur

I need do draw on Android's Canvas using Blur effect, it is a very simple feature, I need to draw a circular area, which is blurred (the foreground) and the background transparent, I can do everything with manipulating the colour alpha to do it with

jQuery blur with an exception

I have set a focus event on an input element. When there is a focus, jQuery searches for a div and displays it. That works. Wit the blur event on the same input element I make the div hide, which also works. But when I click on a link or want to sele

Stopping the jQuery blur event in the blur feature

I have a textbox that I am using the blur event to validate the text with a regular expression. If it fails I want the textbox to keep the focus. I know in regular javascript you can say return functionName(); in the onblur event within the actual ht

How to hide jQuery UI Slider on the blur?

I have an image that opens the jQuery UI Slider div on click and allows users to set a value by dragging the handle. What I'm trying to do now is hide that handle when the user clicks anywhere else on the page, but the regular .blur event doesn't see