iOS Background audio recording

I know that if I start an audio recording session in foreground, with Audio, Airplay, and Picture in Picture activated in Capabilities -> Background Modes; I am able to continue to record even in background, but only if I start the recording session

The connection to the Bluetooth device fails

I have a listView of paired device and upon click on the selected index I will connect to it. listView_pairedDevices.setOnItemClickListener(new AdapterView.OnItemClickListener() { @Override public void onItemClick(AdapterView<?> adapterView, View vi

Retrieve paired devices that are connected via bluetooth in iOS

I have connected Barcode Scanner device Barcode Scanner Information I want to know the paired status of it. Whether it is connected with device or not. - (void) centralManager:(CBCentralManager *)central didDiscoverPeripheral:(CBPeripheral *)peripher

Bluetooth low latency energy / latency on OS X 10.11 El Capitan

I've been developing a Mac OS X application that sends commands continuously over Bluetooth Low Energy to a hardware device. Under Yosemite, the app worked well, with a measured roundtrip latency of 7-12 ms for a command transmission. The command is

Bluefruit LE connect signin issue

I dowloaded the Bluefruit LE Connect Xcode form Adafruit ( However when I want to run the program on mu iPad, I have two issues : No provisioning profiles with a valid signing identity (i.e. certifica

I continue to receive 0 in the output, no matter what I send

I am working on a project where I have to establish a communication between my microprocessor and a Bluetooth device. I established a communication, but no matter what I send, I only get 0 when I print it. Thanks for the help ! #include <asf.h> #inc

Example of subscription for BLE indicate in android

I have connected to a bluetooth device. I am able to read charectristic using mGatt.readCharacteristic(getMiliService().getCharacteristic(uuid)); But I am not able to register indicate for a characteristic. What I tried boolean flag1 = m_Gatt.setChar

iOS search tags

I have two Beacons. I'm able to find it using the default app available in the AppStore. But when I use the SDK and try to find it in my custom app, the app requests Bluetooth, which means it does something with it, but no beaco

Connecting to another Bluetooth device through the BeeTee app

I need to implement a self bluetooth app to connect with all bluetooth devices to iPhone. I know it is not possible with CoreBluetooth framework. I use private API and added header files of DeviceManager and BluetoothManager to private frameworks and

Print from your Android app with the Bluetooth printer

I am developing an android billing application for Android devices.In my application i had to print the receipts in the Bluetooth printer in the specific format as the activity displays ,which i showned below.i have to print the whole screen as i sho

Using hcitool to define ad packages

There is a well known blog post going around on how to set a usb bluetooth 4 dongle to be an iBeacon. It boils down to this magical command: sudo hcitool -i hci0 cmd 0x08 0x0008 1e 02 01 1a 1a ff 4c 00 02 15 e2 c5 6d b5 df fb 48 d2 b0 60 d0 f5 a7 10

Android KitKat Bluetooth connect

Am i the only one having problems connecting to the bluetooth with startBluetoothSco? This works fine in all versions of Android except 4.4.2 (kitkat). Any suggestions? And yes, I have verified that I am connected to Bluetooth before I call this. Did

Is it possible on Android to transmit broadcast mode in BLE?

Is it possible in Android to transmit broadcast mode in BLE ? And to add my own data on the transmission. I know that BLE has a mode of transmiting in broadcast (not to a certain UUID). This way it has very short connection time, which is what I need

How can two machines be detected when their ips keep changing?

Let me describe what I want to achieve and where I am stuck. It is okay to suggest an entirely different alternative. I have an Android phone with NFC feature. I have a macbook pro. A wifi network. Whenever I tap my phone on a certain NFC tag I want

Arduino + RN-42 HID Bluetooth Module

I am trying to make a "keyboard" with my Arduino Mini Pro and a RN-42 HID Bluetooth module. I can connect to it with my MacBook and it shows up as a Bluetooth keyboard. Also, I can press buttons and it sends commands. Perfect right? Unfortunatel

iOS - check if bluetooth is enabled without system alert

This code allows to determine current bluetooth status: CBCentralManager* testBluetooth = [[CBCentralManager alloc] initWithDelegate:nil queue: nil]; switch ([testBluetooth state]) {....} But, when [[CBCentralManager alloc] init...] happens, system p

C files get an error using NDK

I have been given a program written in C, and have been asked to use the functions from the program in a new Android application. I have been following the tutorials of the NDK, but have hit a wall. I think all that is left is compiling or linking my

Stop irrelevant Bluetooth GKSession log?

How to stop the following code when GKSession starts search? BTM: posting notification BluetoothAvailabilityChangedNotification 2011-05-17 20:25:05.666 BLUConnect[2120:307] BTM: Adding new device 0x110db0 Jahangir Nawaz's iPhone 00:23:DF:3C:BC:5B 0xf

IPhone Bluetooth app to connect to a Bluetooth printer

Has anybody succeeded in developing a bluetooth application on the iPhone that prints to a Bluetooth printer? I have been investigating the feasibility of developing an iPhone application that could print to a Bluetooth-enabled printer. I've gone thr

Shell command to send a file via Bluetooth on Mac OS X

Is there any way to use a shell script under Mac OS X to send a file via Bluetooth ? PS: Anyone having a solution under Windows is welcome too...Well, you could use cp once you mount the device using the FUSE-based OpenOBEX filesystem. OBEX is a prot

Python and Bluetooth / OBEX

Is there any Python libraries that will let me send files with OBEX (OBject EXchange) and that works cross-platform (Windows, OS X, Linux)? I have found Lightblue, which works for Linux and OS X, but not for Windows. If none such lib exists, are ther