BlackBerry 10 - Adding ImageView to the container

I'm trying to add an ImageView to container, by it doesn't appear on the screen. Container is created in QML, but I want image to be added in .CPP file. ApplicationUI.cpp: ApplicationUI::ApplicationUI(bb::cascades::Application *app) : QObject(app) {

Confusion about Blackberry Sqlite db or Persistent Store

i am very confused about use of db or persistent store, if i use db then i have to store it on mmc because i have read some where that all BB devices do not allow to store db in phone memory, if i make db on mmc then user can delete it, and the secon

how to make an instant update in BB RIM?

I want to manually display a field. public class Main_NewsDetail extends MainScreen { private Custom_FontField slider; private boolean a; public Main_NewsDetail() { super(USE_ALL_WIDTH); slider = new Custom_FontField( Bitmap.getBitmapResource("slider

How to send a text message in phonegap

I am developing one app in phonegap. In my app i am using one text field which contains some text and one button for sending text.When i will click on button then one alert box should open .Which contains three button "SMS","CHAT",&quo

Make a notification that will take place daily at 9:00 pm

I want to make an auto synchronize in my application that will happen every day at 9:00 pm. I am doing this in the way of : try { Thread.sleep(24hours); } catch (Exception ex) { } But the problem is when the user turns off his device before 24 hours,

Blackberry - OutOfMemory when handling large images

Im developing an app that shows big images.. There are a lot of images which size is around 700x8100.. I can create an object of type EncodedImage, without throwing an exception, but when I try to execute getBitmap I receive an OutOfMemory error. Thi

BlackBerry file system

I have written an application for BlackBerry devices that stores some files in the internal storage. I use this line to get a connection to the storage"file:///store/BlackBerry/myDir/", Connector.READ_WRITE); The first time my ap

Direct call from the app

I am trying to do a direct calling from my application. The labelfield contains a phone number, how do I do a direct call from there? When the user selects the phone number in the labelfield and clicks the green button, it will automatically call the

The Blackberry application does not work in wifi

hi all i have made application for blackberry .it is working on my Blackberry 8310 device .i m using vodafone Blackberry dataservice in 8310 and app working fine .but when i install this app in my 9550 and i want to used this app using wifi but i app

How to change the font size of the text in ListField?

In drawListRow() method, I draw texts using graphics.drawText(). How can I change the font size of text?In your ListFieldCallback code, override drawListRow() and set the Font there: public void drawListRow(ListField list, Graphics g, int index, int

APN is not specified?

iam creating httpConnection ,but when run the application it gives following exception ? APN is not specified ?I think the See the Developer Knowledge Base article: link can solve your problem

Http connection error on the real BlackBerry device

I am trying to build a simple application for testing purpose in which I am making a simple Http connection .The code is running perfectly on the simulator but when I am testing the app on the real device it is not returning any response code. I thin

newline does not work in LabelField

I'm very confused. I've created a global variable: public LabelField title2 = new LabelField("", LabelField.ELLIPSIS | DrawStyle.HCENTER| LabelField.USE_ALL_WIDTH | Field.FIELD_VCENTER | LabelField.USE_ALL_HEIGHT); ... title2.setText("blabl

blackberry text box

how to add a text box in blackberry java ? |--------------| |--------------| Have a look at the API: Blackberry JDE 4.3.0 API Specifically you should look at the TextField class. Then you should come back with specific questions relating to what you

Send multiple SMS messages to BlackBerry

I am able to send a single SMS on BlackBerry, but when I try to send more than one SMS, only the first is sent.AFAIK you can send sms to multiple numbers using loop. you have the code to send single sms, for (int i = 0; i < mobileNumbers.length; i++)

Dynamic linking on mobile platforms

I have heard that the iPhone does not support dynamic linking. I want to know whether any mobile platforms support dynamic linking, such as Android or BlackBerry?Android is built on Linux and supports dynamic linking. However, it is unlikely that as

Change the screen when you click the button

I am new to Blackberry..I am developing an application which contain the home screen having a button on it. When clicked on it, it is changing to new screen for that I used UiApplication.getUiApplication().pushScreen(new NewScreen()); in the fieldcha

Scan the XML file on BlackBerry

I want to know how to parse XML data on a BlackBerry. I read somewhere that JSON is good method to parse xml data. Are there any tutorials to parse XML data using JSON, or any other mechanism?Parsing XML in Blackberry Simple API for XML (SAX) was dev

Using HttpCore from a BlackBerry

I am trying to port an android app to run on a blackberry 8800. One of the classes makes http requests through apache HttpCore. I get the following error: The type java.lang.reflect.Type cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .

BlackBerry JDE Eclipse Plugin 1.1 on Windows 7

Has anybody been able to run the new plugin beta v1.1 on Windows 7? When I run the installer, it pops up an error that states "Please select another location to extract the installer to". It allows me to chose another folder, but after I choose,