WPF binding properties such as IsEnabled to dictionary

I'm looking for a way to compress a lot of superfluous Bindings in my code into a single dictionary. In my ViewModel I have a dictionary: private Dictionary<string, bool> _myDict; public Dictionary<string, bool> MyDictionary { get { return _my

KO single link does not work

I am trying a simple example for binding an objects' attribute to a UI. My example is here http://jsfiddle.net/arendu/m14mohda/17/ I have the following HTML: The name is <span data-bind="text: personName"></span> <button type=&quo

Best way to edit multiple properties with WPF bindings

I have a user control containing a text box and a label, the label display the length of the input text (with some formatting). I want to change the background color of the text box if the text is longer than 160 characters. I was thinking of achievi

Link the object collection to a tooltip

Can someone tell me how to bind the tooltip of a StackPanel with its children? Here's some code I used: <StackPanel> ... (some UI like grid, textblock, border, ...) <StackPanel.ToolTip> <ToolTip Placement="RelativePoint" Padding=&

NSString external link in Monotouch

I am currently working on a MobClix binding and I have come across this line: extern NSString* const MCAdsErrorDomain; That line appears outside any class or interface and I am not sure how to bind it in c#. Any help would be greatly appreciated!Your

Checkbox linked to boolean twoway

I got a "settings" class (in a ownmade subfolder "etc" (in Visual studio)) it has a Boolean propertie named "boobackcolorred"(value = TRUE in the first form it puts it to true). Now I am making a WPF window for my settings an

Caliburn: How to Link Hosted Controls to ViewModel Properties

I created a control which is hosting two content controls. I would like Caliburn to resolve the View/ViewModel for me but Caliburn ignores the hosted/inner ContentControls with the name SignalGenerator (see below). Any idea how to get around that pro

Skip a C # string to the XAML button

This is a very simple question: I have a string defined in my C# class and I would like it to be the content of a XAML button. That's it. What can I put in the ????. I know this is basic WPF... I will keep looking for an answer. Thanks in advance. My

WPF ScrollViewer display the border when ScrollBar is visible

i want to add a border to my scrollviewer. This order should only be shown when the ScrollBar of the ScrollViewer is Visible (VerticalScrollBarVisibility set to "Auto") Thanky you!Use Binding and Converter. public sealed class VisibilityToBorder

wcf binding properties

What happens when WCF binding properties like MaxReceivedMessageSize, OpenTimeout, ReceiveTimeout, SendTimeout and Security on the client program have different values than server program ones? Thanks.Security settings: you will not be able to connec

How to link a UIButton property to another property?

UIButton eventually inherits from NSObject, and NSObject implements NSKeyValueBindingCreation Protocol. So why can't I bind a UIButton's property to another class' property? [myUIButton bind:@"enabled" toObject:myOtherObject withKeyPath:@"o

Attaching jQuery event handlers to fire first

Is there a way to attach a jQuery event handler such that the handler is triggered before any previously-attached event handlers? I came across this article, but the code didn't work because event handlers are no-longer stored in an array, which is w

Where can I find Python bindings for GSocket from GIO?

Where are the Python bindings, or what is the current status of the Python bindings for GIO's GSocket and other lowlevel network support?The Gnome documentation is known to be somewhat not up to date. One may endlessly say words like community, manpo

Why does this WPF link not work?

I'm having trouble getting a binding to work. I have created a completely fruitless example to demonstrate my problem. It goes like this... I have a collection of widgets that I want to be able to define in XAML. This collection will be associated wi

Reusing XAML Code (Boolean to Image Link)

I'd like to be able to reuse this XAML rather than making a copy and changing the binding path. What's the solution for this? I'm want to display a tick or cross for a boolean column in a data grid. <Image> <Image.Style> <Style TargetType=&

How to link the list of objects to the infragistics data grid?

Pretty simple task, but the source code doesn't do required job... Please advise. There is Products collection in the class (approach is based on the MVVm pattern, but that is not influe on the current issue): public class ProductWindowViewModel : Wo

WPF: Binding ContextMenu to Visual Parent

I know ContextMenus aren't part of the visual tree, but I've been trying to bind the Visibility property of a ContextMenu to a property on its parent UserControl. So far I've tried ancestor binding and experimented with a converted, but the only way

WPF binding user control with data in C # code

I've create user control like this: public partial class View { public View() { InitializeComponent(); } public static DependencyProperty NameProperty = DependencyProperty.Register("Name", typeof(string), typeof(TeaserView) ); public string Name

Liaison of JQuery events

JQuery events are annoying me. The thing is that I very often use javascript (after ajax requests, etc.) to draw up new elements (buttons, divs, etc.). I've got a list of elements which you can press on an edit button so you can manipulate the one li

Link redirects

Where is the best place to find information on binding redirects? or maybe just a basic explanation of where you put these redirects within a project?Where you put it can only be configuration. Find details here.

ASP.NET 3.5 links to the XML string

With ASP.NET 3.5 I can easily bind to an XML file by using an XmlDataSource. How can I bind to an XML string instead of a file?Use the XmlDataSource.Data property. XmlDataSource dataSource = new XmlDataSource(); dataSource.Data = "<root><ele