How to change the scope of a jQuery binding to an onClick?

This question might seem trivial but I really need to get the hang of it. Any help regarding this is greatly appreciated. <span class="first">This thing</span> $(.first).click(function() {}); Until now I have been using this. But due

The Java Binding abstract class is not generated

Error CS0234: The type or namespace name IBitmap' does not exist in the namespaceCom.Sushi.Hangover'. Are you missing an assembly reference? I have an Android binding project which has classes that are inheriting from multiple interfaces but these in

When to use StringProperty on String?

I am developing an application in JavaFX where I want to represent information of a Person in a single Person class. I came across a tutorial where a Person's name was being represented as a StringProperty instead of String. I have searched for the d

Editable ComboBox link and update source trigger

Requirement I want to have ComboBox where user may enter some text or choose text from drop-down list. Binding source should be updated when user press Enter after typing or when item is simply selected from drop-down list (best View behavior in my c

Datagrid linking several properties of an object to the column

I have an object with several properties. However some of these properties contain information of the same group so to say. I would like to show these properties in a table in a way that in the same column i could put the properties of the same group

How can I attach two combos in wpf

I have 2 combo boxes, one that contains a list of 'Items' and another that contains a list of 'Subitems'. The list of Subitems depends on the currently selected Item. I've got most of this working (by binding the ItemSource of the Subitems to a Possi

Link a [] character in WPF

I have a char[] propertie. I would like to bind it, but i display "system.char[]" instead of the char[]value. Here is my XAML : <DataGridTextColumn Binding="{ Binding Path= strEvtNumero}" Header=" N° évènement " Width=&quo

Link binding method in xaml

In Windows 8, C# + xaml i have some class Class ABC { public string a {get; set;} public void someMethod() { **some code, changing a** } } and binding in xaml <ListBox x:Name="playlistBox"> <ListBox.ItemTemplate> <DataTemplate>

The AngularJS directive transcludes scope = false?

How to prevent directive with transclude to create new scopes? This jsfiddle I cant bind anything due to the new scopes illustrated with red borders. Html: <div ng-app="components"> <input ng-model="var"> <block> 123

List of WPF Link Enums (or similar) to the list of checkboxes

I would like to bind a checkbox list to a collection of enum values in WPF. The enum is not [Flags]. Context: It is for filtering a datagrid, in which each item has a instance of my enum. It doesn't necessarily need to bind to an List, a fixed size c

Link to the chain of self-control

I have a custom converter that I want to make use of in xaml. The converter just places Admin if value is equal to 0, Cashier if it is equal to 2 etc.. Anyways this is what I am looking for. <ComboBoxItem Content="{Binding 'I want to place the val

Linking custom data structures to DataGrid ItemsSource in WPF

I'm trying to bind a custom class to the itemssource member of a WPF DataGrid from c#. I implemented IList, but for some reason I can't get the list to show any members. I'm setting the ItemsSource property in C# by calling dataGridObject.ItemsSource

The ES5 hold for binding functions is Javascript

Below is a ES5 shim for JS binding.I dont understand self.apply in the bound function. I know how to use apply method, but where is self pointing to in this case ? It it supposed to be a function, but here self looks like an object. if ( !

How to locate the source of a link error?

How can I figure out what line of xaml contains the troublesome binding When my debug output is full of lines like the following: System.Windows.Data Error: 5 : Value produced by BindingExpression is not valid for target property.; Value='UW.Entities

GWT deferred link problem

I am running into an issue with GWT : The exception stack looks like : Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: Deferred binding failed for 'com.cme.reg.fltrs.common.service.AnnouncementService' (did you forget to inherit a required module?) at

SL4. Binding by ElementName Does Not Work in DataTemplate

There is an another headache with DataTemplate. Description: Using Silverlight 4, Mvvm, etc. (standart set of developer tools for Silverlight LOB applications). List of entities is succesfully binded to DataGrid. One property (nullable bool BoolValue

Delphi (VCL) Generic and Data Link?

Does anyone know if Delphi XE (I'm talking VCL here) has any Generic Collection classes that work with data-aware controls? In other words, are there any Generic classes, like TObjectList<> that can be assigned to TDataSource.DataSet, or something s

Linking with ElementName in Nested UserControls

I have the following simple code: <Window x:Class="WpfApplication3.MainWindow" x:Name="WindowInst" -> <local:UserControl1/> </Window> <UserControl x:Class="WpfApplication3.UserControl1" -> <Button C

WPF Binding - StringFormat - No formatting

I have a ToolTip with a value set as: Value="{Binding Path=DataItem.EquitySold, StringFormat=Reserved (Equity Share: \{0\}%)}" The toolip is displaying as: 72 But I expect it to be: Reserved (Equity Share: 72%) What is wrong with my binding?Have

Is a variable linked to a collection element possible?

I'm trying to bind to an item inside a collection but the index for that item needs to be "variable". Take the following pseudo syntax for example: <TextBlock Text="{Binding Fields[{Binding Pos}]}" /> Is something like this possi

Linking a generic list & lt; string & gt; to a ComboBox

I have a ComboBox and I want to bind a generic List to it. Can anyone see why the code below won't work? The binding source has data in it, but it won't fill the ComboBox data source. FillCbxProject(DownloadData Down) { BindingSource bindingSource =

Adding Web Reference on the Client When Using Net.TCP

I am trying to using Net.TCP in my WCF Service, which is self hosted, when i try to add this service reference through web reference to my client, i am not able access the classes and methods of that service, can any have any idea to achieve this...

Link question WPF Listbox Image (again)!

This is killing me, I can't get an image to display as a list box item: here is my code: WPF: // listbox called lstWidgets <ListBox.ItemTemplate> <DataTemplate> <StackPanel> <TextBlock Name="txtTitle" Margin="2,5,5,2&qu