ReactiveUI BindAt not updating the ReactiveList

I have a ReactiveObject class named GroupedIssueTypeSearchFilter: public class GroupedIssueTypeSearchFilter : ReactiveObject { public int CategoryID { get; set; } public string CategoryTitle { get; set; } int selectionCode; public int SelectionCode {

WPF Link Image Source

maybe stupid question, but I don't know anymore... I have ViewModel class like this: public class MainWindowsViewModel : INotifyPropertyChanged { private ImageSource _img; public ImageSource StatusImage { get { return _img; } set { _img = value; Noti

WPF: MvvmLight, Usercontrol, Liaison

I have a simple usercontrol (DoubleRadioControl2), composed of 2 radio buttons. I have a Dep Prop on this UC : (bool?)IsOuiChecked : true - 'yes' radio checked false - 'no' radio checked null - both radios unchecked Pretty simple. private static read

How to link visibility to the controller in JavaFX

I am trying to create a menu for my game using JavaFX. I want to have a "Continue" button that I only want to be visible when a game is running. I'm trying to bind the button's visibility property to a controller, but it doesn't appear to be wor

Xamarin Linking Objective-C Library to C # Delegates and Events

This is a follow up from my last question about binding objective-c library to xamarin project. So I figured that I will create the api definition my self, but I cannot figure out how to rewrite objective-c delegates to C# delegates/events. I've come

WPF Usercontrol Items Not Displayed

I have a bar chart which is built in wpf. The user specifies the items inside the bar. BarChart.xaml.cs public partial class BarChart : UserControl { List<BarItem> BarItems = new List<BarItem>(); List<Bar> Bars = new List<Bar>(); p

how to make a combobox wpf with the resource of a double array?

my Window has an array of double as a field : double[] sizes = new double[] {1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0}; and also a combo box which I want it to have exact Items as the array above. can anyone help me with xaml binding this array as a resource for the combo

How to create a MonoTouch link for a block (^ Something)?

Basically, I'm trying to create a binding for a property that is a block. It shows how to do this in the MonoTouch Documentation, but not for this specific case. Here's the property Im trying to bind @property (copy) CouchDocumentPathMap documentPath

Access to items in a list & lt; & gt; structures

A little background, this began in the question: Custom data type (Structures) vs arrays. I have managed to create struct State, and the List<State> to go along with it. Originally this was a multidimensional array, the purpose of which was for the

Assembly.LoadFile can not find the file at design time

My resource files are in another project. In App.xaml.cs in MainwindowProject, I write code as below to load the resource file. static ResourceBundle CreateResourceBundle() { string dllPath = System.IO.Directory.GetCurrentDirectory() + "\\Trade.Resou

WPF, Linking MVVM Data Lines

I am wandering if anyone could help me work out the binding issues I am having? Snippets of Code: <DataGrid AutoGenerateColumns="False" Grid.Column="1" Grid.Row="1" SelectionMode="Single" HorizontalAlignment=&quo

wpf how to link to existence DataContext?

I set the datacontext dynamically in code. I would like a button on screen to be enabled/disabled depending if DataContext == null or not. I can do it in code when I assign the DataContext but it would be better if I can bind like that :)You should b

WPF Binding Overhead

I am learning about WPF. I have now come to binding. Does the binding rely on reflection when using INotifyPropertyChanged and is so, what is the price? I am considering using WPF for displaying data being streaming via UDP, but I fear that the overh

the data is not displayed in Text = {Binding}?

Im quite new to silverlight and windows 7 phone development. And I'm not sure what I missed but apparantly I missed something because it's not working as intended. My goal, is to show a list of creatures, with only their name and hitpoints. But the w

WPF View-ModelView Binding Need help please

I have been playing around and looking around on how to Bind a modelview to a view, but i cant seem to work it out. I have a view called Search and I want to bind it to SearchModelView. View has one button and one textbox and looks: <Grid HorizontalA

Datacontext lost with dynamic xaml in WPF

I have a window with a simple frame element within it (we'll call it "myFrame"). Within the Window.Loaded I am parsing a string variable (loaded from an external source) with XamlReader.Parse(string) and the result is a Page object (local var is

Link to 'To' in Storyboard

I'll try to make this as simple as I can. I want to do this: <Storyboard x:Name="MoveToLocation"> <DoubleAnimation Duration="0:0:0.5" To="{Binding X}" Storyboard.TargetProperty="(UIElement.RenderTransform).(Comp