How to call the method with bind (this) in a websocket event

I am using React and Websocket to test communication: class Class extends React.Component { constructor(props) { super(props); this.state = {...}; this.generateMsg= this.generateMsg.bind(this); this.sendMsg = this.sendMsg.bind(this); } //generate a r

Javascript array filter () with bind ()

I'm using the filter() array helper going through some objects in an array. My idea is to create a dynamic filtering function to go through the objects in the array using bind(), but the arguments in bind are being used in a different way that I expe

Javascript binding functions that operate in the global context

I've been driving myself a bit mad trying to figure out how to make this code work. My goal is to produce the output larry eats pie, larry eats candy, larry eats cake by binding the function eats within the alice object to the larry object. My hope w

Simple submission form using Angular

I'm new to Angular, but very old with google. I cannot find out how to submit this form using Angular, like how we do in jQuery. <form> <input type="text" /> <button type="button" class="saveDraft">Save Draf

Socket programming: bind () - invalid argument

I am trying to bind my local IPv6 address to a socket. But always get "invalid argument". The reason I want to bind the specific IP address to socket is that if I don't bind the error "No route to host" came up. When I tried to ping an

How to link two properties of two classes together

How to define a mirror property to separate class with equal value? I have a class like this: public abstract class Car { public Point3D Location { get; set; } } And another class like this: class Motion { public Point3D Location {get; set;} public M

Emerge problem in Gentoo

I have an issue with my gentoo. I tried to install BIND into my gentoo but everytime i want to install it, i will get an error message. Here is whats happen in my Konsole : emerge --ask net-dns/bind * IMPORTANT: 3 config files in '/etc/portage' need

JQuery multiple click event

I'm forced to use a script loaded from an external server. This script basically adds an element <div class="myClass"> and bind a click method to it. The thing is, in the click function associated to the element, they have a return false s

Linking an ObservableCollection.Count to Label with WPF

I have a simple Label that should include the bound .Count value of a Property of an ObservableCollection. The thing is, that the result is always 0 (zero). The same Property is bound to a DataGrid, which works perfectly and even updates if something

Function specific to onblur of several elements

I have a function that checks the input and it works well. function checkInputNumber() { var inputNumber = $(this).val(), dotsCount = 0, i; for(i = 0; i < inputNumber.length; i++) { if( (inputNumber[i].charCodeAt() >= 48 && inputNumber[i].ch

Equivalent of std :: bind of C ++ in Java?

Is there a way to bind parameters parameters to function pointers in Java like you can with std::bind in C++? What would the Java equivalent of something like this be? void PrintStringInt(const char * s, int n) { std::cout << s << ", &quo

Link the Click event to the dynamically generated div

So im trying to create a dynamic image gallery. And each image created would have a div on top for users to click on. Im unable to bind a click event to the div The Code $(document).ready(function() { if() { } else { var divImgContainer = '<div id=&quo

Tkinter international bind

Is there a way in Tkinter to bind a combination of keys that will work in all keyboard layouts? (bind by scancode) For example, I need 'Control-Z' binding that will work with the same physical key in the lower left corner of the keyboard in all layou

Bind Key for Paperfold CSS

I have a problem. I downloaded the Paperfold CSS MDN by mrflix and looked into the code. I came across this passage: // bind buttons'.seeMore').click( $.proxy(this, 'toggle') ); $('#go').click( $.proxy(this, 'toggle') ); I tried to

Error 49 bad binding variable oracle forms

I would like to ask regarding this error... Error 49 at line 5, column 6 bad bind variable 'S_ORD.payment_type' Here is the code: DECLARE N NUMBER; v_credit S_CUSTOMER.credit_rating%type; BEGIN IF :S_ORD.payment_type = 'CREDIT' THEN SELECT credit_rat

Try submitting a form with live (), delegate, and bind ()

Incase a form is not valid, I want to print a message in the browser console. Folling code with bind works: jQuery(document).ready(function () { $('form').bind('submit', function () { if ($j(this).valid() == false) { console.log("Warning: form not va

bind () with SO_REUSEADDR fails

My task is to implement a two player game played between two computers connected via TCP. One of the requirement is that only the winner is given the choice play again or not. In case the server wins and decides not to play further, the client should

c ++ 0x std :: function as method argument

I'm attempting to pass a std::function via a method like so: class dispatch { public: deliver( std::function<void ( void )> task ); } This works as expected. However i wish to pass arguments to some of the methods supplied as the task but would pref

jQuery: dynamically linking events to dom objects

Several related questions already exist on this site and elsewhere, but none of the answers seems to apply to my situation. I have a bunch of radio buttons in HTML. <input type="radio" name="b1" value="aa"> aa<br>

Boost :: bind and std :: copy

I'm trying to use Boost::bind and std::copy to print out the values in a list of lists. Obviously, I could use loops, and I may end up doing so for clarity, but I'd still like to know what I'm doing wrong here. Here is the distilled version of my cod