Insert in a binary tree (not BST) Python

I'm trying to insert a node in my binary tree. However, I don't know the proper way to do this. I understand that I should run a bfs and insert in the first null position. How do I translate that into a code? I was trying with DFS: The tree looks lik

Binary tree, returns the parent of the node

I try to write a function which return the parent of the value node.The createAB function works,but i don't know to iterate the binary tree elements.How to make recursively call?.Please help me. ifstream f("store.txt");//store.txt:10 7 8 0 0 0 1

Find and return a node in the Java binary tree

Hi I'm trying to find a node equal to a string given by parametres and return that node. My structure is a binary tree of strings. We assume that the string searched exists. The var q is inicializated to the root of the tree. (in the function I calle

How to count the total number of nodes in a binary tree

I need to count the total number of nodes in binary tree. The problem now arise when I execute this code, it's giving garbage value for total number of nodes. The output of my program is like 993814. which should be 7. How to fix this problem? #inclu

Sum of the subset using recursion

My Input is: W[10] = {1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 19, 22, 36, 63} X[10] = {0}; M = 79; I called the function by: findSolution(0,0,177); <br> Note: 177 is sum of all the elements inside W array. void findSolution(int s, int k, int r) { cout << "fn(

Sub-matrices divisible by three on a beach in a segment tree

I have an array consist of decimal digits. Basically, I have to query that in a given range, how many continuous sub-arrays when considered as a decimal number gets divisible by 3. I am using the basic fact that number is divisible by 3 if sum of its

Binary Tree Idiomatic Traversal (Maybe All Tree)

A Doubly Linked List enables idiomatic traversal of a Linked List and I thought why not for a Binary Tree? Traditionally, Binary Trees or Trees ingeneral are unidirectional and that implies, given a large tree with sufficient number of nodes, the run

How to apply SQL LIMIT for three structure data?

I use a famous method for showing the three comment from SQL. How I can display only first three root comment with a all sub-comment? I tried to make something like: SELECT * FROM NAMES ORDER BY pid LIMIT 3 ASC, Id ASC LIMIT 3 But LIMIT is not suppor

Recursive width traversal of the binary tree

I'm trying to find a way to realize binary tree traversal using recursion in C or C++ language. I can implement breath-first traversal (reading each level) with iterative algorithm using queue or smth. else, but i need an algo to do this with recursi

BST with duplicates

I know that, BST does not allow duplicates. For example, if I have a word "RABSAB". The Binary search tree for the above string is: R /\ A S \ B What if we wanted to include the duplicates in the tree. How the tree gonna change? I was asked this

Create a doubleTree () of a binary search tree?

I came across a problem stating For each node in a binary search tree, create a new duplicate node, and insert the duplicate as the left child of the original node. The resulting tree should still be a binary search tree. http://cslibrary.stanford.ed

Find the sum of node height in a binary tree recursively

How to find sum of node's height in a binary tree recursively? Example: public int totalHeight() { return totalHeight(root); } private int totalHeight(BinaryNode<AnyType> n) { int totalHeight = 0; if (n.left == null && n.right == null) retur

Binary search trees and data with Python

I have a binary tree function with 3 pieces of data in each node. They are classified by id numbers. They also hold "Name" and "Mark" A certain function I'm having problem with is a name searching function, it looks like this: def find

JAVA: Problems Creating a Binary Tree

Ok, here is my code. I am trying to practice with Binary Trees. Why can't my size() method access the root node of my binary tree? Also my root.left, and root.right assignments do not work. import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.ActionEvent; import

The isEmpty method for a binary tree problem

I am trying to write myself the isEmpty method for a binary tree but I am having a problem. So this is the method that I am using. public boolean isEmpty(){ if(root == null) return true; else return false; } When I add only one element, and then remo

Insert in the binary tree without input sort

how can you build binary tree without sorting it, I.E if i have a input 5 4 9 8 1 2 7 how can you insert that into a reference based binary tree. I know this can be easily implemented with Array, but is it possible with reference base? Tree buildTree

Code a nice basic printer for trees in Java

I need help in understanding how to code a pretty printer for any given binary tree. I know the first step is to do preorder to get all of the nodes. I know that during the preorder traversal, that's where all of the prettyness will be implemented. J

Implementing a balanced binary search tree?

I have implemented a binary search tree and I want to add more functionality in its insertion function to make it a self-balancing tree. I am coding in C#. Can anybody please suggest me good tutorials or links on this? I did some searches and found s

Cross a binary tree in Python

I am almost finished with a project that has us creating a dictionary class that utilizes a binary tree structure. I am however stuck on how to implement a method that prints out all the elements in the tree, I just don't have much experience with bi

Find a binary tree and print valuable children

So I have spent many sleepless nights the last two weeks trying to work on what I thought would be a simple program: I am trying to create a Binary Tree from a list of integers in a specific file. The numbers are inserted into a binary tree. I then p

Crossing order of level of a binary tree

void traverse(Node* root) { queue<Node*> q; Node* temp_node= root; while(temp_node) { cout<<temp_node->value<<endl; if(temp_node->left) q.push(temp_node->left); if(temp_node->right) q.push(temp_node->right); if(!q.empty())

How to create a c / c ++ tree script?

How to create a script to : compare two trees, in c/c++ in a non recursive mode? also, How to create a script in c/c++ to verify if a tree is binary, in a non recursive mode? thanks in advance.First of all, in C/C++ you don't write scripts. you write

Efficient berry storage for the binary tree

We have to write the nodes of a binary tree to a file. What is the most space efficient way of writing a binary tree . We can store it in array format with parent in position i and its children in 2i, 2i+1. But this will waste lot of space in case of

List implemented using an inorder binary tree

For the new computer science assignment we are to implement a list/array using an inorder binary tree. I would just like a suggestion rather than a solution. The idea is having a binary tree that has its nodes accessible via indexes, e.g. t = ListTre